Job Security and Being a Celebrity are the Root of Prolonging the Covid Panic

In the public schools, as in most government agencies, there are positions that are added to serve a particular population or solve a current problem. The general idea is that they are temporary until that population is reduced or the problem is solved.

Funny thing is, the positions never go away. The problem never gets solved. Why is that? Usually it is because the need hasn’t gone away. Just as frequently, it’s because the people in those new positions figure out a way to have job security.

For example, the Maryland General Assembly just provided funding for mental health professionals in the schools to identify and help students with mental health issues. They are using the Covid 19 pandemic as the reason for the problems.

I’m not discounting that what we have done to our young people during this mess. We have frightened them, stolen their education, robbed them of being with friends, and denied them participation in so many sports/activities. The suicide and depression rates are surging among our young people who have expressed the feeling that “there is nothing to look forward to or live for” during this time of isolation. Certainly the need for counseling is there.

But, I’ll make a wager. Once this pandemic is over and the need for the mental counseling may not be there, these counselors will stay on. Why, if there is no need?

There will be need. They will create it either by over identifying students needing services or reducing the criteria needed to qualify for services. They will ensure their job security. It happens all the time.

Other professions do this as well. Even doctors like Dr. Fauci.

Did you know that Dr. Fauci is the highest paid employee in the Federal Government at over $400,000 a year? Yet, for all that salary, never has an official had so many conflicting statements about policy supposedly based on science. In March 2020, he says masks are ineffective and follows that up with the dangers of unintended consequences of wearing masks. He later encouraged mask wearing and most recently suggested two masks.

With vaccines, Fauci first said we needed 60% of the population to have the vaccine to establish herd immunity and then immediately revised it to 80% and even 85%. HIs excuse? He saw that the polls indicated that only 50% of the population would take the vaccine so he ramped up his number to get them on board.

Of course, he forgot to mention that he didn’t know how effective the vaccines would be and if they weren’t that effective Americans would have to continue to wear masks until 2022. His inconsistencies also included whether or not we could be around friends after a vaccine, eat out, etc. He has gone back and forth so many times, it’s hard to determine which opinion he has.

Why is that?

My theory is that Anthony Fauci loves two things. First, he loves his salary. He wants to keep making that salary. In order to make that salary, Covid can’t ever go away. His job depends on it being here as long as possible.

The second thing, the most important motivation in my opinion, is that Little Anthony loves the publicity, the limelight. He loves being interviewed, sucked up to, and celebrated as this great doctor. By the way, he is not a great doctor. He is a bureaucrat. A data pusher. In general, he’s a “health official” which means he is more about policy and trends, and not actual medicine.

He celebrated Andrew Cuomo’s approach to Covid in New York State, for goodness sake. He celebrated it for over SIX MONTHS. I guess he didn’t hear about that whole killing the elderly nursing home patients issue.

So, while he is not a competent health official, the allure of fame and power must be such an attraction to him. How can he give it up?

He can’t. He will work as hard as he can to prolong this situation, regardless of the severe consequences for everyone else but him. Eventually, it will have to end, but I’m sure that another health crisis will take it’s place and Fauci will be there to step up to grab that brass ring of money and fame.

And, I’m sure he will write a book about all of this.

Just like his “hero” Cuomo did.

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