The Art of Scapegoating

Look at any totalitarian government and you will see the many strategies used to condition populations to complete subjugation. Many people think it is just violence perpetrated by one group on another. While this can certainly be part of it, violence in itself is only temporarily successful as it often assures that the conquered will eventually turn against their conquerors.

One very successful technique for installing tyranny over a population is scapegoating. Look at the following statements:

“”If ever there was a cause and effect issue with a loud blinking red light, it’s the disastrous way FOX News has been relentlessy attacking the CDC, Dr. Fauci, viable Covid treatments and the effectiveness of safety protocols.” The article, published by “Crooks and Liars,” then goes on to complain about the “alarming” numbers of Republican men and Trump Supporters who won’t get the vaccine.

In “Psychology Today” an article by D. C. cognitive neuroscientist Bobby Azarian lists the “5 key traits” of Trump supporters. In this article he lists these traits; authoritarianism, social dominance orientation. prejudice, relative deprivation, and lack of intergroup contact. In other words, he calls Trump supporters bossy racists who segregate themselves from other groups and feel they are owed something. ( Special note. Do you notice there is NOT ONE positive trait in this list? Does it also strike you odd that many of these traits could be applied to those who support Socialism/Communism?)

Perhaps the most obvious example of how Trump Supporters are scapegoated is if you run a search for articles on Trump Supporters being scapegoated. It’s amazing that of all the search findings except for ONE, have something to do with Trump or Trump Supporters scapegoating other groups OR general articles about how horrible all Trump supporters are, particularly those who are white men. Only one article dealt with how Trump and his supporters were being treated unfairly. It was from the Niagara Gazette and it cited all the times that Trump supporters were threatened, insulted, and treated with hatred.

This strategy of choosing one group or one person to blame for all the ills and problems of society. Throughout its modern history, the Communist Party in China has scapegoated several groups, but the two that stand out are the followers of Falun Dong and the Uyghurs. With the former, it originally was supported by the government of China in 1992. It is a practice based on Buddhism and Taoist elements. It involves meditation, exercises and regulated breathing. At one time, even leaders of China practiced it. But, when the leader of Falun Dong refused to formalize ties with the Communist Party, the tide turned. The over 1 million followers were ridiculed, blamed for violence, and generally looked at as the cause of many problems in China. Eventually, they were killed and arrested, and are still arrested and tortured today.

The Uyghurs, a popuation that follows Islam, are targeted for their religious beliefs and are blamed for the fact that China has been unable to take advantage of vast coal and natural gas findings in Xiangziang. The Chinese say the Uyghurs are destabilizing their efforts to use those resources to create the “new Silk Road.” Again, scapegoating has led to the genocide of the Uyghurs. The average Chinese citizen sees these people as getting what they deserve.

Of course, the Nazis were masters at scapegoating, targeting Jews as the cause of the economic ills of Germany after World War I .We know this all led to the Holocaust, one of the most vile examples of genocide and human hatred in history.

And now our country is experiencing a very similar form of this practice. While many populations are cited as victims of oppression and hatred, the Leftist Socialists have found a way to identify one group of people, Trump supporters, as the cause of all the ills befalling minorities in America. More specifically, white men are named as the population that is most responsible for problems in our country. Of course, liberal, leftist, white men are exempted from targeting, perhaps because they are willing to perform apologetic groveling.

This scapegoating is more than just a verbal way to shame people. It is also a way to rationalize gun confiscation, denial of rule of law, and freedoms under the Constitution. Once the general population is led to believe one group is the problem, they will turn on that group. Don’t believe me? Look at the videos of Mask Nazis who have been led to believe that Covid 19 is the fault of those who won’t wear masks.

Once that group is gone, though, there will be other groups, depending on who is in and out of favor with the Leftist tyrants. It happens every time.

Who is next in the scapegoat lottery?

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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