The First Virtual, AI President, Without the “I”

In a time when technology has taken over how we are entertained and how we get our news among other things, the lines between virtual reality and reality have not only blurred, but have been obliterated.

With the use of computer generated images and “deep fakes”, it is hard to tell what is real and what is fake. This is fine when you are making movies to entertain, but it is a huge problem when it is portrayed as real in order to fool people.

And it might be what is going on right now in D.C. Many of us have noticed some strange things happening since the end of the election ( as if they election results fraud wasn’t strange enough). Here are just a few that have been noted:

  1. D.C. has been fortified with fencing, razor wire, and National Guard for over two months. This has never been done in the history of our country. The claim that the breaching of the Capitol on January 6th is the reason is ridiculous, since that, although tragic, was not a whole scale insurrection. Those who breached the Capitol didn’t even have weapons. What are our “leaders” afraid of? What don’t they want us to see? A citizen reporter shows the White House every night, and it is completely dark. No one seems to live there. No one is ever seen there.
  2. The 78 year old geezer who has been installed as President, is rarely seen in public. When he is, he is accompanied by “handlers” such as his wife and his Vice President. All “public appearances” including his fake inauguration, were staged and carefully scripted. Many people think they were not even conducted in D.C. Trips out of D.C. are brief and carefully designed so that he gets no impromptu questions that he will be unable to answer.
  3. When Mr. Biden does speak, he is often confused and forgetful, not even remembering the name of people he has appointed to important positions. His words are slurred and almost incomprehensible. Even when he is obviously reading off a teleprompter, he seems unable to be coherent. When he signed all of his Executive Orders, he didn’t know what he was signing. He was told, “just sign it.” In Texas, he forgof the name of legislators there and even asked, “where am I?” He is not steady on his feet.The man is in serious mental and physical decline.
  4. Because he is so incapacitated, he has conducted no speech in front of Congress. He has yet to have a press conference ( although we have been told he will have one on March 26th. That’s a lot of prep time and time to arrange the right questions from the “press.”) Both of his “live” events were taped. The one that was supposed to be live from the Rose Garden at the White House, was not live nor from the White House. The other was clearly a scripted speech that he read.
  5. Important calls to foreign heads of state have been conducted by his Vice President, a woman who has little to no experience in foreign affairs. Our foes and allies across the world have even said they think Biden is not in charge. The North Koreans won’t even take phone calls from him.

But, let’s get back to the “virtual President” deception. In a recent video of Joe Biden supposedly walking down the path from the White House to a group of reporters was a clear fake. Biden’s hand appears to penetrate through a microphone held in front of him. His pants legs are outlined in jagged angles, and at one point the top of his head seems to disappear. There are no Secret Service around him as there should be. When he turns to go to the helicopter, our view of him is blocked by a person who just happens to stand up and block the view. It is clearly a fake.

It’s not the first time people have questioned the validity of video of Biden. In one, it appears he might even be an actor wearing a Biden mask!

You might think that is crazy, but go search “deep fake” videos and CGI on the internet. You’ll find examples of how “reality” can be created through technology. These videos have been out for quite a while. Unless you are an expert, you can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is faked.

As I think about it, I wonder about several things. Is Biden so incapacitated that he cannot perform his duties, that the Democrats have created a “virtual” Joe? Did they decide to cut their losses and use virtual Joe to convince the American people that he’s fine? It’s not like we can go see him in person since D.C. is under what appears to be martial law. And, even if we did, with the mask on his face all the time, it’s hard to tell if it is actually him.

We used to see Trump all the time, traveling, walking with others, speaking off the cuff, doing press conferences, etc. We still see him as he appears before huge crowds. Whether you liked him or not, you knew he was real and was mentally competent, even if you disagreed with him.

Is Biden so incapacitated or worse yet, dead, that the Democrats are “waiting it out” until they feel like they can ease him out with a carefully timed illness or collapse? Or are they just planning to keep the charade going as long as they can so they can continue to destroy this country?

Maybe they are trying to make Americans unsure of what they are seeing so that later, when we see horrible crimes by Hunter Biden shown on video, or someone produces video of Biden, Obama, Harris, etc. committing crimes, no one will believe them?

I know it sounds crazy, but with the way the Democrats have acted over the last five plus years, it seems like something they would do. Add to that the fact that FACEBOOK just came out with a new “rule” for posting on their site. If a video is determined to be “fake” it will be removed. If it is satire or comedy they say it will be fine. It will also be fine if the words someone is saying on the video are edited or changed to alter meaning. What?

Well, it gives them an easy way to once again ban Conservative videos or videos that portray Lefties negatively. However, if someone wants to edit something Trump or another Conservative says to alter meaning ( like say in a trial to see if someone incited violence at the Capitol by their speech, remember that?) that will be fine. So, once again, social media, the main stream media, and the Left will work together to lie to the American public.

Remember also that they are in close alliance with Bill Gates, Hollywood, etc. who are adept in this technology and in “script” writing. Gates is deeply invested in the “Great Reset” and the ” New World Order.” Is all this a way to show us how the old ways didn’t work and that we have been lied to by our government for decades and we need to change things? I know. I sound like Q. Not really.

Another question is, why didn’t they do a better job with the CGI of the walk to the Helicopter or the interview with the so-called “mask?’ Are they just bad at it? I can’t imagine that. Maybe they are just baiting the conspiracy theorists a bit so they can continue to make fun of them?

They say the easiest solution is usually the correct one. For me, the easiest solution is that Biden is incapacitated mentally and they have to make him look otherwise.

What I have learned about Leftists is that they are sneaky, underhanded, and calculated. Nothing they do is by chance. Somehow I think this is all part of a plan they have. For what I am not sure. But it won’t be good for America.

At any rate, it seems we don’t really have a President right now. It reminds me of the old show, ” Max Headroom.” If you don’t remember it, look it up. It was about an electronically generated, artificial intelligence character who hosted a music video program. The character was actually portrayed by an actor, Max Frewer, in a mask.

That sounds strangely familiar to what is going on with our government right now. Well, except, Max Headroom had intelligence, even if it was articifical. And that is something Virtual Joe doesn’t have.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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