Why isn’t Joe Funny?

I’ve been waiting, as I am sure you have, to see those great Saturday Night Live skits about Joe Biden. You know, Joe falling down, Joe calling his wife his sister, Joe forgetting where he is, Joe being led everywhere by handlers, and CGI Joe. ( Hey, those of you from the 60’s and 70’s, maybe we could make a C-GI Joe action figure. I wonder what that would look like?)

I’ve been waiting for the rest of the late night comedy people to tell some jokes abou Joe, poke fun at his stupid comments about Corn Pop, leg hair, etc. You would think Jimmy Kimmel would jump on this like white on rice. ( Can we say that anymore?)

But nothing. Nada. Not even a smidge of humor except for those memes and videos created by Conservatives.

Their possible excuses? He’s old and they don’t want to make fun of an old person? Hmmmm. I seem to remember them making fun of Ronald Reagan and Trump, both about the same age as Biden. So, scratch that one.

Do they want to stay away from physical humor that makes fun of a President that falls down all the time? That might work, but then we all remember that Chevy Chase made a career of impersonating Gerald Ford falling down all the time. Cross that off.

I remember a time when comedians used to make fun of Joe. Joe and his hair plugs. Joe and his plagairism, Joe and his mediocrity. That material wasn’t nearly as funny as what joe has given them in the past 15 years or so.

Is it because their main audience will get mad? I don’t think so. Their audience, probably the under 40 crowd, aren’t exactly enamored with Joe. The phrases “he’s an idiot,” and “WTF” are common in their posts and commentary.

Do the comedians think he isn’t funny? Oh, come on. You know when they are talking to each other off air, they are screaming at all the blunders, gaffes, etc. I’m sure many of them are crying with despair that they can’t use them. I envision piles of notes of all the skits and jokes they would use, if only they could.

They think he is fodder for good comedy skits. But I also think they know that having this aging Dementia patient as President is NOT funny because he is severely damaging our country. He is taking our Constitution and shredding it. He is making our border a setting for an invasion. I almost wonder if they are a bit scared of exposing the dangerous fool this man is. They can’t like the idea of a crashed economy where no one, even they, have anything.

The Mainstream Media, comedians and writers want to hide all his mistakes. They want to hold him up like the two main characters of “Weekend at Bernies” did with their boss, partying with his dead body after he had been killed by a hit man. Imagine the Secret Service holding him up in a seat in Marine One and moving his hand up and down like he is waving.

Biden is certainly not dead (not that we have been told anyway), but everyone knows he is not well mentally or physically. Even other countries are mentioning it. But the press and the celebrities want the perks of staying in good favor with the Biden/Harris/Obama/CCP Administration. Payoffs, access, “woke” stature, favors; those are all hard to give up. Like junkies hooked on drugs, they must have it. They are addicted. So they pretend he is just fine.

I think they are a little scared too. After all, with dissenters being openly investigated by the FBI or being canceled from their fame and livelihoods, what’s to say someone making the wrong joke about Biden won’t meet the same fate? It was okay to hold up Trump’s severed head, but to even whisper something bad about Joe’s competency could get you canceled.

So, they avoid any humor about this dried up old corpse of a man fumbling, stumbling and executing the agenda of the far left. And you know what? They are right about one thing.

Joe’s not funny.

He is terrifying. Because he will destroy our country and our freedoms. He is doing things now that no sane human would do, especially when just in office. His actions could turn us into a third world shit hole.

At some point, I believe the Democrats will determine he is no longer useful and remove him, one way or another. By then it might be too late.

Maybe I do understand why the comedians aren’t making jokes about Joe. They know what we know.

Joe is taking us over a very high cliff into disaster. And even the guys who carted Bernie around for a weekend didn’t do that. That was a funny movie. Joe is a horrible reality.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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