Urgent Defense of Our Children, Parental Rights, Our Religious Freedom, and Freedom of Speech

As usual, Leftists in D.C. are trying to pass a law by naming it by a name that is in direct opposition to what it is. It is HR 5- the Equality Act. It has NOTHING to do with equality, in fact, just the opposite.

HR 5 proposes profound changes to the Civil Rights law of 1964. That law addressed actual discrimination because of race, nationality, skin color or gender. It was rightfully passed and has been in place since then. But, this new “version” of civil rights will actually remove many of the rights guaranteed us under the Constitution. Here are some of the provisions:

  1. Redefine gender ( male and female) to include “Sexual Orientation” and “Gender Identity.” This means eliminating the actual biological reality of being male and female and replace it with an artificially created and constructed definition. In other words, whatever you feel you are, you are. More on that later.
  2. Require owners of ALL ESTABLISHMENTS open to the public to comply. You can look up how those establishments are defined, but I’ll just tell you it means pretty much any business. That means that no business will be able to tell someone which bathroom or services they can use, regardless of their biological sex. Want a bathroom or locker room just for biological females? Too bad. Anyone who says they are female will be in there with you. Too bad if you get assaulted by a guy who just wants to get a quick rape in while declaring himself a woman.
  3. Threaten Religious freedom and free speech by forcing religious organizations to hire employees who do not share their faith. While this doesn’t apply to the hiring of ministers, it applies to all other staff. Imagine having that devil worshipping receptionist at the front desk of your church. That should be fun, huh? Or even better, teaching in your religious school. Oh, and you know how sometimes churches rent out their halls and facilities to other groups? They could not deny a group based on the beliefs of that group.
  4. Undermine Parental Rights and Instruction. If you want your child to believe there are two sexes, well, you will just have to give that up because little Jane and little Johnny will be in the girls bathroom together because Johnny wants to be a girl today. And, this will more than likely lead to educational programs about sex and gender fluidity for children as young as pre-k. There will be no opting out.
  5. Force Health Care Organizations to provide abortions and gender transition treatments, regardless that those violate the provider’s religious beliefts.
  6. Demolish Girls’ and Women’s sports and educational opportunities by allowing biological men claiming to be women to compete with actual biological women. We know the advantage physically that men have over women. Now, a man who can’t win against other men can be a champion by competing against biologically disadvantaged women. And, imagine the college coach of a women’s team deciding whether they will give a scholarship to an actual woman who is top tier as a woman OR an even better biological man who has “transitioned” to a female. So much for Title IX. And we haven’t even talked about the safety of women competing against much stronger and bigger men.
  7. Tax exemptions for religious organizations will probably be denied to those who fail to comply with these laws. This is in addition to the fines they will incur.

What can we do? First of all, talk to people about this. I really feel that most people find this a horrible bill when they understand it. Even Democrats can’t be happy with some of the provisions.

Call and email your Senators. Yes, I know many of us are tired of calling and emailing Senators who don’t seem to care about our opinions or even listen to us. But, I can’t sleep at night thinking I didn’t do all I could to prevent this. Info is provided below.

We have to act on this. Dutch Sheets, a preacher I listen to every day, has provided an excellent resource via the Child and Parental Rights Campaign. Here is the link to a page that has these resources available. You have to use this link, as it is specifically for religious organizations as well as concerned citizens. https://childparentrights.org/private-page/ Once there, they will ask for your name and email and will send you resources for writing letters, understanding the bill, and even presenting a Powerpoint to groups and congregations.

If you need a way to contact our senators, go to senate.gov and find their phone numbers and email addresses.

Please, prevent the inequality this bill promotes!

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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