The Threats They Will Use to Force You to Get Vaccinated

Trust me, they are preparing for the “Health Passport.”

It always amazes me how the Democrats and other liars work. They let an idea “leak” from their administration. Then after they hear the reaction they say it’s not true. Then they say they are doing something LIKE the lie but not quite the lie, which lets you know the lie is true. That is how the Biden regime is handling the “Health Passport.” It leaked that they were investigating it, they said they weren’t, then they said they were but just to help private companies develop them if they want. What the heck?

(And then today they said they were considering a health passport)

They are either totally schizophrenic ( which is possible) and just can’t make up their minds or they are distracting us AGAIN. Let’s deal with the former.

I said a few months ago that the Covid Cult would not be successful pawning their unapproved and untested vaccines off on all Americans. But, I also knew that they were intent on making us all take the shot regardless of whether we should or shouldn’t or whether it works or not.

Regardless of the fact that you can’t find opposition to vaccines on Youtube, Facebook, etc. without some “fact checker” labeling them as untrue, there are doctors out there who have stated an undeniable case against the vaccines. They describe the negative side effects for individuals and the world population and it is quite scary. Death, sterility, blood clots, you name it. And to top it off, Fauci himself had said the vaccine is only about 65% effective. I don’t know about you, but that’s too close for me to jump right in and take the risk. After all, I have a 99.7 % chance of surviving Covid if I get it. I think my chance of an adverse reaction to the vaccine is much higher. *

The government has a problem. The intent of the Covid scam was to test the waters of human cooperation and obedience to the elite rulers. It was a preface to the “Great Reset” where we would all give up our independence, our property, our right to think for ourselves for the promise of a guaranteed paltry income and tofu burgers with a side order of bugs for life.

So far, the face diaper experiment seems to have worked as large sections of the population have been convinced that masks help, even though most research says they don’t. They have also been convinced of the six feet social distance…oh wait, that’s three now. Some people are SO convinced that they have been willing to become “mask and distance monitors” and report those of us who violate illegal mandates.

But the vaccines are more of an issue. The big drug companies have been compelled to develop these vaccines with the promise of big bucks as country after country buys millions of them. Big name actors and politicians have appeared in commercials telling us it is “patriotic” to get the vaccine. ( Quite frankly, when I hear Barack and MIcheIle say something is patriotic, I laugh. As if. ) Congress has protected the drug companies from lawsuits from those damaged by the vaccines. The bottom line is, if we don’t all take them, someone is going to look really stupid and lose a lot of money. Sort of like what happned when Larry Hogan of Maryland wasted 50 million dollars on useless Korean Covid test kits. To this day, they are stored in some secret location.

So, they have to do something. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough people dying in the street to scare us to go for the jab. So now, it becomes a matter of force. But it won’t be easy to force many of us. You see, we believe in self determination and the rights of the individual. In order for us to take it, they are going to have to make it so miserable for us that we will beg to take the shot. Some ideas floated?

  • restrict travel on airplanes
  • exclude you from sporting and entertainment events
  • take your children into protective custody
  • keep your children out of school
  • keep you from visiting relatives in hospitals or nursing homes
  • charging you a fee on your taxes like the Obama care fee
  • non-renewal of your driver’s license
  • removal from your job, especially if you are in the public sector
  • removal of entitlement payments
  • denial of travel on cruise ships or public transportation
  • denial of a business license
  • keep you from attending church services
  • keep you from attending weddings and funerals

I can name many others. Some might say, “That’s ridiculous, they won’t do that to someone because they won’t take the vaccine. ” I want you to remember the lengths this government has gone to in order to force people to do what they want. How many people have had their lives threatened and ruined because they stated an opinion or backed a certain political candidate? They don’t seem to care what they have to do to force you to do what they want. Did you EVER think that in America someone’s opinion would ruin or even end their life?

But….there’s hope.

We have this thing in our country called the Civil Rights Act. Under Title II, there are clear explanations of what our rights are when it pertains to the “full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, etc. of any place of public accommodation.” ( edited ). And, while this act is regarding discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, or national origin, its meaning can be extended to the right of the person who for stated reason, has not had the vaccine. Reference can also be made to the Americans with Disabilities Act as well.

It would be wise as we go through this fiasco that we all get acquainted with these Acts. It would also be wise to have an attorney on your speed dial! You need to be prepared!!!!

For references, these two pages are valuable:

Read them. Study them. Print them. Carry them with you. Post them above your desk. Do whatever you need to do to understand them. There will come a time you may need them.

Also, have some points ready for your Senators, Representatives and State Officials for example:

  • Will other deadly communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis, Measles, etc. be included as part of the Passport? If so, how will treat the older population who may not have access to vaccine records from their childhood?
  • How will you address the inherent systemic racism and ageism in the Passport system? Many ethnic groups may not have access to vaccines or technology. Other groups, such as Orthodox Jews, Muslims and Catholics have religious objections to the ingredients of the vaccines or the vaccine themselves. #vaccinepassportsareracist
  • There are different “levels” of access built in to New York’s system, this is both racist and elitist. How will you deal with this issue? #vaccinepassportsareracist

I am open to any and all other objections anyone can think of.

With all the waffling back and forth of the Biden Regime, who knows what they will do with this intrusion and violation of our Constitutional Rights. Unfortunately, the State of New York, under the direction of the murderer Cuomo, are now implementing this “passport.” This might give other states and the feds the idea that this can work.

I can tell you that for ME, I will not comply. If I have to give up the activities listed, I will. If I have to go to court, I will. For me, this is a line in the sand I will not cross.

#mybodymychoice #mbmc #notopoisonshots

*Astra Zeneca has suspended the distribution of their vaccine to people under 55 in Canada due to concerns about adverse effects. ( I guess it’s okay if the geezers have the bad side effects.) In Europe, too many recipients have had blood clots as a result.

But wait, they told us it was safe????

(Parts of this article were written on November 23, 2020. I saw this coming. )

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