Rebranding the Biden Regime: Assuring Plausible Deniability

Recently the White House started requiring any references to the Biden regime be posted as the ” Biden/Harris Administration” in all official letterheads, online etc. This is very unusual since administrations have always been called by the name of the President only. With Biden’s obvious mental and physical decline, people are obviously assuming that this is because Biden won’t be around much longer and the party wants to make sure when they transition to Harris, she will be seen as a competent replacement.

Some have said it is because she is a woman and they want to highlight her presence in the White House. Others have said it’s because ” she works really hard and deserves it.” The second reason doesn’t fly. I’m sure there are plenty of people in the White House that work really hard, but they don’t put their names on the letterhead.

Brad Staggs, co-host of MoJo50 Radio, called it a “rebranding” the other day, much like companies will join to names together when they merge. His example was FedEx/Kinkos Office. When the merger first happened, they kept both names. As it continued, the business just became FedEx. The logical reason for carrying both names initially is so customers will recognize that both companies are still in business. They will also have a comfortable familiarity with both names. That might be the case in the Biden/Harris regime.

I think there is another reason. I have said since day one that Joe is not destined to stay in office long. Whether he resigns for medical reasons or they force him out, I predict that he will not finish the term. But I also think he knows that. I think he made a deal with the powers that be and agreed to start the term and then leave. Thus, Kamala Harris was added to the ticket.

But why would he do that? Aside from him having the title of President for a while, I think the Democrats played to Joe’s personality and perhaps his mental incapacity, to get him to agree.

Biden has long portrayed and prided himself as a blue collar worker and fighter. But aside from the basic facts, Joe has been known to exaggerate and outright lie about his past, making up stories about fighting gang members ( remember Corn Pop?). being arrested in the 1970’s for attempting to visit Nelson Mandela, and his participation in the struggle for civil rights, none of which are true. But, at his advanced age, these stories could easily play into his current situation as we shall see.

Along with that, published psychological analysis has pointed out that Joe is gregarious and accomodating as well as cooperative and ambitious. In his current mental condition, many say that these traits have developed into him being easily manipulated.

So, imagine this. During that little break after New Hampshire, the Socialists develop a plan. They decide that Joe, despite his obvious incapacitation, is their best bet to get what they want. They appeal to Joe’s ambition as well as his desire to be a team player. They convince him to select a woman, Harris, as his running mate, making him the man to break new ground with a female Vice President, and one of “color” to boot.

Knowing that new Presidents often spend months just “making nice” with Congress and the American press and people, the Socialists decide they don’t have time for that. They tell him the agenda has to start from day one and they need someone to take unpopular measures immediately, despite the harm it might do to his approval rating. They appeal to Joe’s self image as a “tough guy” and “fighter.” They convince him to “take one for the team.”

It also makes sense to me that they let him know his tenure as President would be short. With his son Hunter obviously involved in abhorrent pedophilia and Joe himself participating in illegal extortion of a foreign leader in order to create a job for his son in a billion dollar company, it would have been easy to tell Biden that he would leave office when they told him, or he and his son would be prosecuted. What they needed from him was his willingness to take the heat for grossly unpopular executive orders to get them done quickly. Then, when the time was right, he would bow out due to illness or inability to continue in the job.

I can see them telling him that he will be celebrated as a brave martyr for the cause as he leaves; a man willing to do what it took for the people despite his weakened condition. Joe’s ego would love that!!! And they would assure protection for him and his family.

But what does this do for Kamala? Simply, it gives her plausible deniability. When she takes over for Biden, she won’t have to answer for all the crazy, harsh orders he signed. She had nothing to do with them. ( Except, wasn’t it her telling him to,” Just sign it,” when he asked what he was signing?) She can even undo some of the orders that were the most unpopular and radical. Then, she looks like a hero!

Kamala won’t get too cocky though. I’m sure the puppet masters will have her on a short lease. After all, they HAVE to have many incriminating pictures and info on her! And, if it can be proven that she and others knew Joe was mentally incapacitated when selected, that could be criminal fraud.

She will do as she is told.

So, for the Leftists, the goals they wanted have been accomplished, they don’t have to be accountable, and they have another easily influenced President who can be extorted to do what they want.

It will also give them the race and gender card to hide behind whenever she does something that many people don’t like. Like Obama, the press and Congress will handle her with kid gloves.

And Joe? Well, he’ll be back at home ( or a home) enjoying his commemorative White House rocking chair and blanket. He’ll feel like he completed his last heroic deed, destroying the country.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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