Your Company Wants to be “Woke?” Then Pay the Price.

Did you know that Airlines, Soda Companies, and Major League Sports are Leftists? Socialists? Maybe even Communists? I didn’t. I thought they were all about American ideals and freedoms. That’s how their companies and leagues grew and prospered.

But, I guess the owners of the MLB teams, including the Angelos Brothers who own the team I have followed for years, forgot that and wanted the All Star Game out of Georgia. All because Georgia’s legislature followed the process of voting for laws they wanted to follow in their state. It’s weird because the Commissioner of Baseball, you know, the guy who let the Astros cheat without consequences and keep a World Series trophy, announced this decision. It must really bother him that Georgia would want to PREVENT people from cheating in an election. The NERVE! It bothered him so much that he moved the All-Star Game out of Atlanta. Was it the fact that he is a racist and thinks that Black people are not capable of getting I.D.’s? Or does he just think that anyone should vote in our elections, citizen or not?

It’s just one more organization or company becoming “woke” and giving in to the Leftist agenda of Socialists and Communists. Add to the list Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and Coca-Cola. They no longer want to do business in Georgia. Hmmmm….

You know what, I’ve had enough of these idiots. How about you? Who the heck do they think they are that they can just extort states to follow a specific political agenda or face the consequences determined by private businesses? Do they fancy themselves the FOURTH branch of Government? Are they now the great moral arbiters of what people vote to do in their states? God help us if they are. Some of the business and sports practices they have a very shady.

I think they need some reminders of who they are and who supports them. First, let’s talk airlines. For some reason, airlines think they are moral entities who can chase people off flights for political beliefs, wearing shirts and hats they don’t like, and not being able to put masks on their babies or disabled relatives. I think Delta and American should remember that they require that EACH passenger has an I.D. to board their flight. Wow. How racist. I think they should also remember that as long as the country gives them subsidies for their businesses when times are hard, that HALF of the taxpayers who fund those subsidies are people who have different political views than the airline does. Maybe they shouldn’t take those subsidies?

Let’s talk Coca Cola. I’m sure that if you work at Coca-Cola, you need to show an ID each day when you come into corporate headquarters. That’s racist. What if one of your workers doesn’t have an I.D.? What if a person who is not one of your workers just wants to come into your offices and see what goes on there and what the formulas are for your drinks? What if they want to vote in a shareholder’s meeting? Why should ANYONE have to show an ID to come into that building? Wow, Coca Cola, you really hate people, don’t you.

Wait a minute, as I recall, isn’t it Coca Cola who was discovered funding medical and health research into the effects of soda on our bodies with grants to the CDC and several univeristies. The caveat was that Coca Cola could review and have control over any data and disclosure of results of those studies in case the data hurt Coca-Cola’s product images. They had the power to prevent publication of research.

Documents released through the FOIA give no conclusions that they exercised those rights, but the documents are HEAVILY redacted. They don’t redact publications that don’t have information someone doesn’t want seen.

It appears that Coca-Cola is not only hypocritical but doesn’t mind perpetuating fraud on their customers. Maybe they, like the Commissioner of Baseball, don’t like that Georgia is actually trying to PREVENT fraud in elections. Makes Coca-Cola look bad in comparison.

When it comes to professional sports, I would think they, of all the companies, would want to play nice with their cities and states since most of the stadiums in both leagues are paid for, at least partially, by taxpayer dollars. I know Camden Yards is. You would think they would be grateful and not want to piss off a hefty portion of those taxpayers. But, like the airlines, I guess they think we are suckers. And I haven’t even mentioned the enormous tax breaks teams get as well as their exemption from anti-trust laws.

I don’t think they really know who we are. Because I think we have had enough of this crap.

But what do we do? Well, the first thing we can do is write to those companies and let them know that we will be flying with different airlines, purchasing different drink products, and canceling our support of their teams. The NFL found out after all the kneeling and turning games into political affairs that losing a substantial number of your fans and viewers is damaging. The Super Bowl viewership this year was the lowest it has been since 1969.

If you must fly, choose another airline. If you have frequent flier miles, donate them to a charity. Yeah, I know that those airlines get credit for donating, but don’t donate without cancelling your frequent flier miles with that airline. Cancel your airline credit card as well if you have one. Also, I suggest that the next time you hear of the Federal Government voting on subsidies for airlines, write your representatives telling them to leave American and Delta out of the subsidies. Again, it probably won’t happen, but at least they will know people disapprove of those two airlines.

If you can and have flown on either airline, go to travel sites and give them negative ratings. Yes, I know it seems like lying, but sometimes you have to achieve your goals through less than stellar methods. And, honestly, I have flown with both Delta and American before and they suck. It wouldn’t be a lie to give them a bad rating.

For pro sports it’s simple. Stop watching. Stop going to games. Honestly, for as much as the players are paid and as much as it costs to go into the stadiums your tax dollars paid for, the games aren’t worth it. If you can, avoid watching on T.V. Go to high school games or collegiate games. They are not only a much better value but much more fun to watch! No overpaid babies prancing around pointing at themselves like gods. I got my baseball fix last summer by watching Korean baseball on T.V. They were cool to watch because their game is not only homeruns and the players aren’t stuck on themselves. It’s much more multi-faceted.

The next time a stadium referendum comes up, vote against it. I used to worry that my beloved Orioles would move out of Baltimore. Right now, I don’t really care. Let them go. Don’t buy their merchandise either.

This trend of companies making these decisions is effectively changing our country into a place where different opinions and freedom don’t matter. Sometimes, the CEO’s make these decisions without even knowing what they are protesting. The CEO of American Airlines said he didn’t even know what the decision in Georgia was about because he hadn’t read it. All he knew was what some lefty spin artist told him. He didn’t even have the integrity to check it out for himself.

It has come time for us to show these companies that their “woke” decisions are going to cost them. Support companies who don’t try to stifle the opinions of others. Give them publicity by sharing their sites on social media.

We have enough problems with government officials and social media trying to shut down free speech. We don’t need these other corporations doing that also.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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