We are a Huge Inconvenience to Them: And Maybe a Threat?

I didn’t rob a bank. I didn’t commit murder. I didn’t threaten anyone. I sent an email regarding possible infringements on individual freedoms due to proposed Covid regulations to many state officials including my local State’s Attorney. It was an email written by a group I participate in; a group against Covid inspired mandates. I got many responses.

Some of the responses were the typical ” out of office” replies. Some stated their agreement with me. But one stood out because the response from this person was rude and confrontational. It also contained a directive and a threat at the end. If I contacted this person again, he would consider it “harassment and it would be dealt with accordingly”. Did I say this was the State’s Attorney of the county where I live? It was.

I was shocked, not that he auto-replied with such anger and hatred, but that he would tell a citizen of the county he works in to “never contact him again” or face being “dealt with accordingly.” I responded sharing my shock that he would react so.

He didn’t like THAT email either and went on to tell me that he was angry that he got an e-mail blast from citizens, that many were from another part of the state. Then, he basically called me stupid and told me this wasn’t his problem and he would like me to move along. He did say if I had a complaint about he handled this, I should contact the state’s office that handles complaints. His extreme arrogance was astounding.

I have a written response. I haven’t sent it yet.

What this shows me is something I think many of us are beginning to fully understand. It’s interesting that this quote by Charles Barkley came out yesterday:

“Man, I think most white people and Black people are great people,” Barkley said.

“I really believe that in my heart, but I think our system is set up where our politicians, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, are designed to make us not like each other so they can keep their grasp of money and power.”

“They divide and conquer,” he said.

“I truly believe in my heart most white people and Black people are awesome people, but we’re so stupid following our politicians, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, and their only job is, ‘Hey, let’s make these people not like each other. We don’t live in their neighborhoods, we all got money, let’s make the whites and Blacks not like each other, let’s make rich people and poor people not like each other, let’s scramble the middle class,'” Barkley went on.

While his quote seems to be about a different topic from this post, it really isn’t. His comments highlight what our government is about right now, division so they can keep power and money. We, as shown by the reaction of our local State’s Attorney, are merely an inconveinence in their busy lives. We exist on a tier way below them.

Think about it. Our politicians at every level, feel that we serve THEM, not the other way around. We need to sit down, shut up and let them do whatever they want. They feel they are better than us, smarter than us, and separate from us. They use us whenever they want to promote themselves or get re-elected. We are merely pawns in their long range plans. Need evidence?

  • Congress passes a Covid relief bill of 1.9 TRILLION dollars, of which only 9% goes to citizens of the U.S. The rest is divided among foreign countries, federal workers, illegals, states and cities, etc. Huge payoffs to unions while the average citizen gets a pittance.
  • Biden White House and Congress fight against voter I.D. even though 70% of the population are in favor of it.
  • Executive Orders from the White House promote transgender men competing in women’s sports even though a majority of Americans oppose this, the destruction of the XL Pipeline, thus causing thousands of Americans to lose jobs and gas prices to soar, and the re-opening of the southern border to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, allowing Cartels to re-gain a foothold in our country while releasing illegals into our country who have not been tested for Covid and other diseases. These illegals will have all the benefits Americans pay for without having paid into the system.
  • They promote extensive voter fraud in national elections, thus allowing illegals and convicts to vote as well eliminating the ability to certify votes as valid. This nullifies the impact of the legal votes of American citizens.
  • The Governors and National politicians totally disregard the impact of Draconian and useless Covid lockdowns and mandates. Meanwhile, they still collect their salaries and take care of their cronies’ businesses and families. Some offer up the elderly in nursing homes as sacrifices to save others.
  • They unevenly prosecute the law when it comes to members of the political class and their children, i.e. Hunter Biden, Maxine Waters, and many others, while making sure the everyday citizen pays heavily for not wearing a mask or for making a mistake on their taxes.
  • They target sections of the population that express different political views than that of the ruling class.

There are so many more examples.

It’s clear that we have created royalty in our country. How? We didn’t pay attention. We voted for “our guys” even though they were equally bad. We permitted them to be bought by other countries, big corporations, social media, the news media, special interests and did nothing. We allowed them to openly lie to us about a “pandemic” and to bully us into measures that are useless in preventing the spread of a normal, yearly flu. And we turned against each other to enforce them.

We didn’t get involved because we thought voting was enough. We thought our Constitution and our laws would protect us against us against their overreach, when clearly they have thrown those documents out and changed the laws to benefit themselves.

And now, they don’t need us or care about us. They are a large cartel who will not just ignore us, but get rid of us if need be. They were able to create fake charges against a sitting President, do we honestly believe they won’t do it to us? Yes, even locally. That guy you elected to the country council, the state’s attorney’s office, etc.? He doesn’t need you either.

This man, this State’s Attorney, a man whose salary is supported by my taxes every year, who has an office and staff supported by my tax dollars, who is supposed to protect the citizens of my county from criminals, doesn’t ever want to hear from me again or I will be “dealt” with. Sound like a county public servant? Not to me.

It almost seems like he isn’t just angry because my email was an inconveinience, but that maybe he is a little scared of it. Not me, of course, I’m just one person.

If you think about it, maybe he is like Congress in D.C., surrounded by fences and National Guard for ONE incident in January that really doesn’t rise to that kind of reaction. I’ve said it before, but it is almost like THEY KNOW that something big is going to happen and it is scaring the hell out of them.

I wonder if they are worried that we, the people, will catch on to them and say “enough is enough.” When you think about what Charles Barkley said and you think of how many of us have had it with these mask mandates and the Washington corruption, they might be afraid that their divisive tactics aren’t going to work any more. They hear a Black man, one of many, speaking out against them. They see many of us joining together without regard to race or nationality to point out their lies.

They try bringing in replacements at the border, hoping they will recreate the Black voting block they once had a lock on. They create claims of Asian racism without realizing that they have locked Asians out of merit based scholarships for years in order to court Blacks. They hope the Hispanic vote will go their way, not realizing that the Hispanic population in this country liked the jobs that the Trump Administration created and they, too, are tired of being assumed to be in the pocket of big government.

I think they forgot that ,universally, people really crave freedom and independence. No one wants someone else deciding their life path for them.

We don’t realize the power we have. And it’s not just voting, it’s more than that. All of us in the “non-ruling” class should realize that if we stop playing their division game, get together despite our differences, and act to get rid of those in our government that serve only themselves, we will have more power than we ever thought.

It’s not about violence. It’s about bugging the crap out of them. It’s about going to their political events and their meetings, getting on the agenda, and speaking out en masse, arm in arm. It’s about letting them know every day that we are here. ( It’s funny, because the email I sent said something about the people ” not going away.” Is that what set him off?)

It’s about sending a clear message to them that we won’t be used any more for their political power and money schemes. We need to get candidates to run who REALLY want to help Americans, and not just their bank accounts. We have to do this if we want to break their hold on the country.

Will it be hard? Yes. We have built up a lot of dislike and resentment over the past years. We have said some nasty things to and about each other. We’re going to have to get over that need to “be correct” all the time and listen, really listen to each other. When something bad happens, we’ll have to drop the assumptions and find out the facts, whether we like them or not.

We’re going to have to pray together, even if our religions are different. And every time these Lords and Ladies of the Political Royal Families try to break us apart, we have to stop, think, and go talk to each other about it.

And when people like this state’s attorney responds to any one of us like this, we need to call them out publically. That won’t be easy either. I’m not going to lie, it is a little scary. Who knows what someone in a position like his will do when he is made to look bad. Currently, all the power is in his office. But, I hope that if he does something to hurt me or mine, I will have people there who will have my back.

We need to do that for each other, or the country is gone for ALL of us.

SPECIAL NOTE: The email that was sent from this group was rather long. It detailed how the members of this group do not feel safe in ” Joe Biden’s America.” It stated that we consider mask mandates, lockdowns, forced vaccination and health passports as violations of our Constitutional Rights. These rights were detailed in the email. The end of the email expressed that we expected our public officials to protect these rights. It was sent to many state and county officials:

Copies of the Email Responses from our State’s Attorney:

Name withheld 3:07 PM (26 minutes ago)Sir or Madam, if you know of a single incident that I have done as contained in your rambling diatribe, please specify what it is; otherwise do not contact me again. Any further emails from you without said specifics shall be considered harassment and dealt with accordingly.Sent from my iPad

My Response to This:

I was a bit shocked at your response to my email, which was one of many from constituents, regarding our concerns about Covid regulations and our rights. 
Do you respond to all emails from constituents with threats? Seems extreme, especially since I am a taxpayer in your county. I’d like to know how contacting officials in my state, whose salaries I help pay, is harassment. Sorry you didn’t like the email. I didn’t write it, but I agree with it. 
Again, threatening “actions” against your constituents seems a bit extreme. A simple auto response would have sufficed if you didn’t want to say anything. 
I have a copy of your response. 
Jan Greenhawk

Citizen of _______ County. 

His Second Response to Me, Not an “Out of Office” reply. ( Please note the extreme arrogance, irritation, and name calling he used. Apparently he finds me childish. Oh, and denial of civil rights is not a criminal act. Is everyone listening?)

First, let me start by restating a part of my previous response to you: “If you know os a single incident that I have done”…”please specify what it is.”
Second, as a taxpayer, you should but apparently do not know what we do: we prosecute criminals for committing crimes. We are not “responsible for ensuring consumer rights for all Marylanders.” There is a division of the Office of the Maryland Attorney General which does that.
Third, my response to you was the same that went to the countless other individuals [mostly from the western shore counties] that thought it a good idea to email bomb me about whatever issue this is. I do agree that discrimination of any sort is unlawful, but that does not make it necessarily criminally unlawful.
Next, you should probably direct your concerns to Attorney General Frosh, Senator Ekhardt, Delegate Mautz, council president Callahan, etc. to name a few.
And lastly, you did receive an “auto response,” the same one that all the others in whatever group you belong that felt it necessary to blow-up my inbox with your rants, which like you they no doubt did not write but decided to jump on the email spam train.
If you as a constituent would like to call our office, make an appointment, come in to discuss your concerns like an adult, please feel free so to do. But in the interim, at the risk of redundancy [which is sometimes necessary when the original statement is not heard, misunderstood. or more likely ignored]: If you know of a single incident that I have done to discriminate against anyone’s employment medical rights please specify what it is.
And by all means, keep my previous response to you as well at this one.
Scott G. PattersonState’s Attorney

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