An Appeal to Heaven

I took my Trump flag down on Easter Sunday. It’s not because I don’t support him anymore, I still have a sign in my yard for him. It’s because I felt I needed to put up a different flag, one more representative of what we need to do in this country right now.

I heard about this flag from Dutch Sheets, whose “Give Him 15” daily podcasts I listen to everyday. It’s a flag that George Washington flew over his fleet of six ships and is sometimes called the “Washington Cruisers’ Flag.” On it is a green tree and the words, “An Appeal to Heaven.” Washington’s fleet was created before the Continental Navy, and some say this flag was the first flag of the U.S. Navy.

The phrase “An Appeal to Heaven” appeared in a letter written by Dr. Joseph Warren shortly after the Battles of Lexington and Concord on behalf of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress to the citizens of Great Britain informing them of the atrocities the British army had just performed on their own people. The letter states in part:

“…to the persecution and tyranny of his cruel ministry, we will not tamely submit; appealing to Heaven for the justice of our cause, “we determine to die, or be free.” ( Info. from : )

The design of the original flag could be different from the one I have flying based on drawings and descriptions from historical accounts. But it doesn’t matter. The message is consistent.

We are in a place right now in our country where we are being subjected to the tyranny of the left. It’s not just Joe Biden, it’s the entire leftist, Socialist machine; Deep State, Congress, so called “social justice” movements, the drug companies and the CDC, state governments, the entertainment industry, the Corporate, Education and Government Bureacracy, and on and on. They impose lockdowns, censorship, travel bans, and social ostracization on those who dare to want freedom. Add to that the millions of uninformed, indoctrinated citizens who take their marching orders from late night T.V. and the news media.

Many of us feel we have no way to fight back. We call and write our government officials and get nothing back but an auto-response. We’re sure the person who the message is for never sees it or even hears about it and the thousands of other calls and correspondence. If we try to talk to the leftist cult around us, they shout us down or repeat the taglines they have imprinted in their brains. We feel hopeless and powerless.

That might have been how Dr. Warren and the colonists felt against the vast resources of the British Empire. Surely farmers and merchants armed with old rifles couldn’t defeat a well trained Army and Navy. Certainly Washington felt that way many times. His fleet of ships wreaked havoc on the British Navy, as they attacked with stealth, but they could not overcome the strongest Navy in the world. An appeal to heaven, a prayer, must have seemed like their only hope. They prayed.

They didn’t stop there however. The thing about prayer is that God doesn’t act like a genie in a bottle. He won’t just wave his wand and make it all change. He needs us. I heard this phrase this morning, again from Dutch Sheets, ” You are Him here.” It is a reference to a quote from 16th century nun, Teresa of Avila. She said, “Christ has no hands on earth buy yours. No feet on earth but yours, no eyes of compassion on earth but yours. He has no body on earth but ours.”

I think you could call that a bit of a cosmic kick in the ass. He can’t do it without us.

Washington knew that too. He knew that sitting on his horse praying wasn’t going to defeat the British. He needed to act. While Congress in Philadelphia was nervous about forming a navy ( who wouldn’t be), he knew it needed to be done. So he did it on his own out of his own pocket. ( By the way, can you even imagine ANY President outside of Trump doing anything like that? Me either.) And Washington was just a general at that point.

So, I put that flag up to remind me and maybe others, that we need to pray, but we also need to act. It’s also a reminder to those who think they have won that we aren’t done. Like Washington, we are going to do whatever it takes.

So, even though I get auto-responses, I sent emails to every single state legislator today regarding several bills they are considering in our state. I did the same over the weekend to Senators and Representatives. I hate Twitter, but I reactivated my account on Twitter so I can not only respond to some of the stupidity posted there, but so I can spread MY ideas, MY thoughts. Maybe one person will be influenced! Same for Facebook. I’m going to stop supporting businesses like Coca-Cola, Delta and teams in MLB and the NFL. I’ll be supporting small businesses in my area. I’ll be throwing the crap of the left back into their faces.

And, while I do, I, like Washington, will make an appeal to heaven for help and guidance. I’ll be God’s hands, feet, eyes and voice here on earth. And my flag will remind me of that.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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