The Lies of CNN and the Hypocrisy of the White House

This is about two topics regarding the major media that prove what many of us have been saying all along.

Thanks to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas and the White House, today we have proof of two things many Conservatives have been saying all along. The Major News Outlets, Broadcast Companies, and the Democrats have been colluding to unfairly influence political results and the behavior of Americans.

You many not remember the “Fairness Doctrine.” I do. It was a policy of the FCC ( Federal Communications Commission) that was put into place in 1949 and was maintained until 1987. The policy stated that radio and television broadcast stations were a form of public trust and as such, should provide fair and balanced coverage of controversial issues. The policy went through many Supreme Court challenges on the basis of being a violation of free speech, but survived until the age of deregulation and proliferation of broadcast channels via cable T.V. and satellite radio. Congress attempted to reinstate it twice, but twice the bills were vetoed by first Reagan and George H.W. Bush. *Gill, Kathy,” What is the Fairness Doctrine?” ThoughtCo, February 16,2021.

I think many of us understand the Constitutional issues surrounding the doctrine, but I also wonder if we realized that the undoing of the policy would lead to such rampant partainship among major news and broadcast outlets. I was brought up under the idea that a NEWS journalist would present the facts without opinion so that the people could make a decision. I was always taught that they would verify facts before releasing them. The famous broadcasters that my father watched every night seemed to follow that policy.

For years, Conservatives have stated that the current inaccurately labeled “news outlets” such as CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and even FOX lately, have been overwhelmingly biased towards liberals and Democrats. Their harsh and scathing treatment of President Trump contrasted with the kid gloves approach for Biden were evidence. Along with that, the constant use of unverified quotes, facts, and outright lies by these outlets have been almost comic if they weren’t so awful.

Of course the left, as they always do, called us idiots, said it wasn’t true, said we were conspiracy theorists, and so on. Even when it was shown to be true, they just didn’t care. While stopping just short of calling it propaganda, the Left said it was just ” politics” and in their minds, it was true.

Today, as we watch the video of CNN Director Charlie Chester ADMIT that his network actively focused on getting Trump out of office by lying and creating false stories AND also drummed up propaganda ( yes, he used that word) about Trump and Republican Matt Gaetz, we are vindicated. Not only that, we see that CNN actually performed acts that could open them up to huge liable AND slander lawsuits from Trump, Gaetz and, I think, the American voter. The last one may be a stretch, but wouldn’t it be fun to sue CNN for lying enough about the election that they convinced stupid people to vote for Biden? ( Better yet, wouldn’t you just love to sue the Biden voters for stupidity? I guess that’s not a thing.)

And now they are working to spread propaganda about climate change IF they can get their propaganda about Covid out of the way first. Do you wonder if the White House is colluding with them? I don’t. I’m sure of it. There is no way CNN works independently to spread the lies the White House lives off of.

Going into my SECOND topic, the collusion of the White House with other broadcast channels, I will share quotes from Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary and all around “know nothing,” stating that they are “looking for creative ways to encourage white conservatives to take COVID-19 vaccines, such as using public service announcements (PSAs) through different popular channels.”

It’s funny because first of all I thought we were Domestic Terrorists and therefore should be allowed to die a horrible death from Covid, second, I thought as White People we shouldn’t be given the vaccine because of our overwhelming advantage due to ” white privilege.” But, I digress.

But wait, here’s the kicker. “We’ve run PSAs on’ The Deadliest Catch’. We’re engaged with NASCAR and Country Music TV. We’re looking for a range of creative ways to get directly connected to white conservative communities,” Psaki said on Monday at the press conference.

WHOA WHOA WHOA. You awful racists! You assume that all White people watch “The Deadliest Catch.” NASCAR, and Country Music TV? What a horrible stereoptye! I am HORRIBLY OFFENDED and think you, like Dr. Seuss, should be BANNED.

You should also be charged with absolute horrible production. The PSA’s you show are pathetic, schmaltzy, and whiney. And then you go so far as to tell me it’s my patriotic duty to get an untested, possibly harmful vaccine? One that your very own garden gnome Fauci tells me won’t keep me from getting Covid? Or wearing a mask? YOU? Forget it.

I also wonder about something. It seems you are working WAY TOO HARD to get everyone to buy in. If Covid was that deadly, that horrific; if bodies were filling the streets, you wouldn’t have to convince people to take the vaccine.

See, you and your lying lapdogs like CNN have lied SO MUCH, that we don’t believe or trust you anymore. So, show commercials on any WHITEY WHITE channel you want. We ain’t buying it, or taking it.

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