The Many Reasons I Won’t Take the Vaccine

You can’t escape it. No matter what channel you watch, the time you watch, etc. the media is presenting us with all kinds of appeals to get this Covid vaccine. There are the Hollywood stars, the sports stars, the politicians, the appeal to your patriotism, the appeal to your caring for mankind, and on and on and on. And of course, if you are white and Conservative, they innundate The Deadliest Catch, Nascar and Country Music T.V. to get your attention, because apparently that is where we White folk hang out. They even use the Sam Adams Beer guy, who is a total idiot, and try to make getting the vaccine funny. It’s not working. Not with me at least.

What they don’t understand about me and thousands of other people is that we think for ourselves and their commercials don’t work. I have many reasons why I won’t get it. If you don’t want to know what they are or if you think I am a conspiracy crazed Anti-Vaxxer, you can stop reading now.

One of the first reasons I won’t take this vaccine is SCIENCE. Yes, I said that word. Science has told us for years that vaccines, medications, etc. need to be FULLY tested before they are released to the public. And by fully tested, I mean over time with a large sampling of subjects of all ages, races, etc. Most trials take more than a year, simply because we can’t see the effects of a drug or vaccine right away. But, this one has been implemented in under a year and is not fully approved by the FDA. This is the FDA that won’t let people try cancer treatments unless they are approved, even if those treatments might be that person’s last chance. They fine and send people to jail for that. So, until you can assure me that the cure isn’t worse than the disease, nope. Science.

I’m not sick. And, since I am not sick and not a person who is in a high risk situation, I’m not going to take a vaccine. In 2009, I had to bring my daughter home from college for a week because she had Swine flu. I never got it. I never got the flu shot for it. In fact, I haven’t had a flu shot. Ever. As a former teacher, I suppose I have a strong immune system. I have had the flu. It sucked. I recovered. Funny, as big a deal as Swine Flu was, we didn’t have all this arm twisting, mask wearing, social distancing, and freedom stealing. Maybe that’s why it didn’t hang around long.

Drug companies can’t be sued if I die or have serious side effects from their vaccine. Neither can the FDA. The drug companies are protected from lawsuits until 2024. There are provisions under the PREP act that will allow benefits to people who have been injured by vaccines with only emergency use authorization. And, even then, the limits on those suits are substantial, around $370,000 if you DIE. And that’s only for damages. If your family needs to hire a lawyer or a medical expert, that’s on their dime. And, out of 400 cases, only 10% won.By the way, by 2024, that maximum amount may be worth less than a third of what it is now. Here’s my question. If the vaccine is so safe, why do the drug companies need the protection?

This brings up another question. Every drug I see advertised ends with a list of possible side effects. But, the vaccine commercials don’t have those listed at the end. Why is that? Why not be up front with everyone about the side effects? That’s a question you can probably answer for yourself, but it may have something to do with the protection from lawsuits. Or maybe they are so worried that if you know the side effects you won’t take the vaccine. Seems kind of dishonest to me.

It also seems stupid since we see stories about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine being halted and AstraZeneca’s vaccine use being stopped in Europe and Canada. The internet is filled with people having adverse reactions, getting Covid, and dying. It’s not like we can’t read for ourselves, well except on Facebook and Twitter and other lapdog social media sites.

Which leads to the fact that they seem to be trying TOO hard to get us vaccinated. Why? Because, regardless of what they say, the recovery rate from Covid is above 90% with most age groups, 98% in some. Yes, I have had friends who have been sick and even died. But, the casualties are MUCH lower than they predicted. Because of that, they are going over the top to get us vaccinated. And that causes red flags in my mind.

While we are talking about casualties, the CDC has stated that hospitals have been attributing deaths to Covid that had other primary causes. This has meant that over 96% of the deaths were from comorbidities. This makes the vaccine promoters really angry when you say that, because they want you to think that without Covid, these people would all be alive. My father died from Pancreatic cancer. Guess what they put on his death certificate as the official cause of death? Smoking. Thing is, my father hadn’t smoked for over 15 years. Yes, by smoking he increased his chances of cancer of any kind. But, in the end he didn’t die from smoking. The doctor put that on the certificate for political reasons. When data was collected, smoking got another tally in the victim column. It’s the same thing they are doing with Covid. Except the hospitals get money for each Covid patient. ( By the way, this story about the CDC lowering the death count considerably gets fact checked by Facebook EVERY TIME.)

On that note, check out the CNN Executive Director who admits on vide that CNN wants the Covid death rate as high as possible. It helps their ratings. So, hospitals getting money, CDC death rates falsely inflated, and CNN promoting hyped danger, and you get one big scam.

My biggest reason for not getting the vaccine is that I don’t trust the government. Any of them from the White House down to the local health department head. I don’t trust what they have been telling us for over a year. I have watched them flip and flop their advice from no mask, mask, two masks; six feet, three feet; lockdown, open up, etc. They have made decisions that made no logical sense regarding which businesses are essential and which aren’t, when you have to wear a mask and when you don’t, which events are super spreaders and which are not ( like Trump rallies are, BLM riots are not.)

I’ve seen states that stayed open have no increase in cases while those locked down have seen major increases. I’ve seen data that shows masks are not only useless but dangerous to those who wear them.

And yet, every government official, social media site, news media outlet, won’t even entertain the debate. What are they afraid of? The truth, maybe? Maybe Dr. Fauci, highest paid employee in the Federal government, might get fired because he is a liar AND incompetent? Are they afraid people will wake up to the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the world? Or perhaps the greatest CRIME?

I respect a person’s right to make their own health decisions. My decision may have consequences for me, but I’m willing to risk them. If that bothers you, so be it.

SIDE NOTE: A very nice person I know in my town mentioned to me that he had gotten the vaccine. I told him “God bless you.” Then I told him I wouldn’t be getting it. He seemed surprised and asked why. I told him I have my reasons. Quite frankly he seemed to be a little pissed at me. If he is, oh well. I won’t put my body at risk to change anyone’s opinion of me.



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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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