What Happened to You, Mark? Why Facebook Became Facist

Imagine this for a minute. When the Founders wrote the Constitution, most particularly the first amendment, what if this had been how they had written it: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech except if somebody says something mean to a person, bullies them, criticizes the government, or presents different views of scientific information or something the presenter of that speech doesn’t like, of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I don’t think a First Amendment that said that would have gotten much, if any support, from the Founders and the Colonists. We probably would still be British citizens with a Royal Family and all that. No ones going to go to war over censored free speech.

Yet, here we are. I got booted off Facebook today. It was sudden because I really didn’t think I posted or said anything that was mean to a person, bullied someone, etc. All that I posted were some mask studies that showed masks to be unsafe and ineffective, some posts making fun of Joe Biden, and a statement that I would not get vaccinated. It pissed me off. So, here’s my letter to Mark Suckerturd.

Dear Mark,

What happened to you? I remember when Facebook first came out you seemed like a pretty decent person. I even showed an interview with you to my students in order to inspire them to be an innovator. The person I remember from that interview is NOT the person I see in front of Congress, the person running Facebook today. Here is a link to a video of a 19 year old Mark explaining Facebook: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2019/03/06/watch-19-year-old-mark-zuckerberg-explain-facebook.html

Wow. You talked about helping people communicate with each other, maintain friendships, creating a service to help others. Why, I even saw you smiling, laughing, being friendly. You don’t even look the same. What happened?

I realize that this was a long time ago and that no one looks exactly the same after so many years. We get older, we put on a little weight, we dress differently.

But what gets me is that you seem to have forgotten why you created Facebook in the first place. You actually wanted it to be HELPFUL to people so they could communicate and share ideas. Where did that go? When did you turn the corner from THAT to making it a arbiter of what freedom of speech is, what can be allowed and what can’t? When did you decide that punishing people for speaking freely about ideas without even telling them which ideas, which posts, got them punishedn was the way to go?

I decided to do some research on you, Mark. Guess what I found out? For all that fresh faced baby boy look you had, you were always an asshole. You blatantly screwed one partner out of his shares in the company and fired him. Luckily for him, he was able to sue and make money off Facebook. But what is really condemning is how open you were about tricking and ruining a partner. And, of course there was those two brothers who said you stole their original idea when you started Facebook.

It doesn’t end there. In an article in Vanity Fair, you are described as the person who “f***ed Silicon Valley. Apparently, you don’t treat employees well, don’t care about data security or privacy of users, and don’t mind making a deal with Cambridge Analytica to influence an election. You can’t decide if you are a tech company or a media company, using each when you think it best suits you. Oh, and let’s not forget how you monetize the people who use Facebook daily.

And, to top it all off, you squelch any innovations that others create by either buying them or copying them and shutting the original down.

Amazing huh? From what I researched, you are one of the most hated people in the country and specifically in social media. The way your company is run shows why.

Let’s take my circumstance. I have been on Facebook since 2009, doing what everyone does, posting pictures, finding friends, dabbling in politics, etc. That’s TWELVE years!

Regardless, during the last year, the “service” you said you wanted to give me and others has seriously declined. At first, it was with “fact checking” every post you didn’t like. And those fact checkers? What a bunch of losers they are. CNN retreads, some guy with his girlfriend, some French elitist asses, and a seriously left leaning group of misfits. Then, not only did you decide to fact check posts, you hid them from view because it would be “dangerous” for people to read them. Yeah. I guess letting people know that Hunter Biden is a pedophile is dangerous. Well, at least to Hunter.

Then we started getting banned. For a day, three days, two weeks, one month and even more. For what? One friend of mine got banned for three days because she called a liberal idiot an idiot. Another got banned for weeks because of a funny cartoon about Biden. I got banned once for calling someone a “bitch” after she called me a psycopathic nut job and a c***. ( I reported her, but what she said was okay in your opinion.)My biggest suspension was when I called LIndsay Graham a p-word. Seriously. And, when I got one of those bans, I was asked if I wanted to delete the comment. I answered “yes” and went to delete it and BOOM, I was gone.

I’ve reported liberals for threatening me, calling me vile names, and threatening the life of President Trump. NONE of those got them in trouble. One guy even had a picture of himself with heavy artillery in hand saying he would be coming through my door. Nada.

This last time, I don’t know why I was banned and had my page removed. I was even asked for an I.D. in order to get an appeal. This seemed odd since I.D.’s are inherently racist in your liberal ideology. I was told by Facebook that I would not be able to access my information until they addressed my situation and that might be a while since they were understaffed because of Covid. Funny, because they are probably teleworkers. I can’t access anything, not even to download it and leave Facebook forever.

I have never seen a company that so blatantly offends every single precept of decency, much less customer service. I can’t email anyone to complain. I can’t get on the website to get a complaint form because I AM BANNED. This time I even tried to call, only to get a message that no one can call your company about anything. I wasn’t given a time frame for getting my pictures off the site. Some of those were family pictures, but I guess that doesn’t matter to someone who will screw anyone to get what he wants.

Simply because I posted something that pissed off some little Facebook nerd in Palo Alto.

I am on other social media platforms like Telegram, Me We, Clouthub, Band, etc. Not quite the same but they will keep me entertained. And I won’t have to worry about censorship of political ideas.

But, what bothers me the most is that I think I was banned merely because I am Conservative and you and your Government handlers are scared of Conservatives right now. It could be that Pedo Joe is going to give a speech to Congress this week. I heard that Congress is quaking in its boots that there will be violence. I guess they don’t want us old Conservative ladies conspiring to trip Joe as he goes up the steps. By the way, we have seen he is capable of doing that himself.

Another sad thought is that if you and the other Social Media giants were the visionaries you all want us to think you are, you could have made free speech in this country such a positive influence. You could have shown the WORLD how free speech and freedom really works. Yes, you would have to allow speech you didn’t agree with. The snowflakes of the country might have to retreat to their safe spaces for a bit, but maybe they need to learn how to handle people with different opinions.

Instead, you adopted the philosophy of the Chinese Communist Party. You have opted for tyrannical Door #1, violating rights, shutting people down, and punishing people for speaking. I am sure President Xi is pleased.

Which makes me wonder, Mark, who influenced you to go down this road? I can’t imagine it was a bribe, you have way too much money as it is. Couldn’t have been your in-laws who escaped Communist rule. Peer pressure from Jack and Sergei? Soros reminding you of your possible place in the ” New World Order?” ( By the way, if that is a thing do you really think you are going to be allowed to keep all that money and influence under world tyranny? Not likely. Too many others in line ahead of you. )

Demonic possession? I’ve heard that. I’ve also heard that a lizard person has taking over your body. Are you an AI? ( Got to say the way you act, you look like an AI. You might want to work on that to dispel that theory. )

I guess in the end it doesn’t matter why you are doing what you are doing. You may not even know what is going on and you have given all the everyday workings of your business to a bunch of pasty faced geeks. All that matters is that is wrong.

Here’s a warning though. Sooner or later, everything and everyone cycles through. As Tyra Banks used to say on Project Runway, “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” Facebook may be the shit today, but one day it will go the way of My Space and Blockbuster. Gone and barely remembered.

Oh, and by the way, word on the street says that younger people don’t think Facebook is the shit, just shitty. The end will come when you lose the generation that has stayed.

Well, lookie there:


And look how good Facebook’s Rating in Customer Service is:

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