They Want to Replace Us; ALL of Us!

And they will do it by destroying our country first.

If you are a current citizen of the United States, upper middle class, middle class, lower socio economic class, white, black, hispanic, male, female, old, young, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Liberal, Conservative, union, non-union, gay, straight, whatever…

The current regime wants to replace you. Yes, that’s what I said. They want to replace you and me.

Wait a minute. Can that be?

Let’s take a walk through history for a moment. Whenever a dictator, tyrant, or authoritarian comes to power in a nation, he/she wants a certain kind of people for each phase of the take over.

Phase One: Gullible people who are in denial. These people are the ones who believe what the dictator says. In pre-WWII Austria, the population voted Hitler into office with 98% of the vote. Their economy was in shambles and he promised them jobs, good wages, and an economic boom. He used Germany as an example of what he could do for Austria, leaving out all the bad parts about his targeting of the Jews. So, this gullible population was thrilled to have him in power.

Phase Two: The Useful Idiots. The useful idiots are those members of the population who will do the dictator’s dirty work for him by spreading propaganda, following oppressive rules and mandates, marching in protests, participating in mob violence, and snitching on those who don’t buy in. It’s a term that was coined by either Lenin or Stalin during the Bolshevik Revolution. It was used to describe the young devotees of the Revolution, the wide eyed followers who believed in Communism and all it was supposed to be.

In our country, you could call the young people such as the college students who whine and protest over everything, useful idiots.

Phase 3- The collaborators and enforcers- This group is the group that helps the tyrant implement and maintain their tyranny. In Nazi Germany, they were called “brown shirts.” In Italy, they were the “black shirts.” They were a para-military group of thugs who were disillusioned former military and therefore ready to help Hitler and Mussolini by committing viscious violence and murder of those who didn’t go along with their takeover. They would march the streets unchecked targeting certain populations. This group also included all the members of the upper rung of the dictatorships. They were a sick, mentally unbalanced, bitter, and hateful group of people.

Phase four – The Compliant – This group are the people who just decide to “go along to get along” in order to survive. They do whatever the dictator says in order to stay alive. At some point after many generations, they actually start to believe that the dictator is benevolent when he allows them the most basic necessities of life because they “behave.”

So, let’s get back to the premise of this entry. These tyrants in the Democrat/Socialist/Communist Party of the United States, want to get rid of most of the people who are currently here. Why?

We are educated.

We know our rights.

We want something better for ourselves and our children

We don’t like cheaters

We use our free speech

We have worked hard for our homes, our possessions, our savings

We Expect a fair wage

Are independent

We ask questions.

We protect ourselves and our families

We take care of our friends and neighbors

We believe in God.

And they don’t like that. They prefer the following. The group of people who have the attributes above are hard to control. They cause problems. They overthrow dictators. It doesn’t matter what race they are, they will always be a problem for the dictatorship.

Instead of us, the Socialists/Democrats/Communists would rather have people who are:

  • Uneducated
  • Dont know their rights
  • Want something better than what they have in their crappy countries
  • Have never had free speech and will stay quiet.
  • Don’t ask questions
  • Will complete slave labor for a slave wage
  • See themselves as part of the crowd, common good
  • Will let the government take care of them and run their lives.
  • Will put the government ahead of family and neighbors
  • Believe in government as God
  • Act on emotion, not rational thought

There might be some people in our country that fit that description, but most people I know might be going along right now, but will eventually fight back when they see what they will lose.

The people described in the second list above are those that are currently flooding across the border. These are the people the Democrats/Socialists/Communists hope to install in our country in our place. Don’t believe me? They let in over 100,000 of them in three months. At that pace, they can bring in 1,485,000 people by the end of the Biden Regime’s term. These people will not only suck dry the resources of this country and drive the economy into the dirt, but they will begin to squeeze out the population currently here. If they form a unified voting block, they can elect a government that will eliminate the Constitution, any law enforcement, property rights, and freedoms we have. And, all the Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Women’s Rights, groups etc, will see their place in the power structure eroded.

The gullible will be the first to go as they cry out, “we didn’t see what was happening.” This is what happened in Austria as the people who finally woke up were slaughtered or sent to concentration camps. The useful idiots will be next. Stalin executed some of his most loyal followers because he didn’t want any of them to challenge his power. The collaborators and enforcers will also be elminated. Hitler did this by having his SS soldiers carry out a “blood purge” of the brown shirts. This was during ” The Night of the Long Knives.” Hitler gathered his thugs in one place, pretending they were going to a fancy dinner, and then sent them all to be executed. Any collaborator who lost value to Hitler were also killed. So much for loyalty among dictators.

The compliant faced a different, but no less disastrous end. It was a slow painful death of hopeless starvation and oppression. The ruling elite will live lifes of luxury and power, while millions die.

This is why they had to get the Biden Harris regime installed. Joe will act as “front man” for his old boss, Obama, who will use Biden to implement and get blamed for Obama’s Communist programs. Harris will be there as the back up should Joe die or fail. But, she won’t be in charge either. Congress will work to “fundamentally” change the laws and freedoms of this country so that we will be worse than a socialist country. This has already started as they are proposing the following:

  1. Packing the Supreme Court to assure they are no longer impartial.
  2. Defunding Police and in some cases, abolishing them.
  3. Removing those with different political views from the military and the police.
  4. Demanding reparations for certain groups as a means of redistributing wealth.
  5. Proposing to eliminate the Electoral College
  6. Undoing the election process
  7. Allowing Big Tech to form monopolies that voice only ONE message, one viewpoint.
  8. Buying off Big Media to spread their propaganda.

Not only that, but they are intent of taking all of the truths we believe, and turning them upside down. Satanism, pedophilia and transgenderism are put forward as acceptable. And they are letting in over two million illegals over the next three years.

The Socialists/Communists/Democrats will use groups like BLM, Antifa, Women’s Rights Groups, etc. to achieve their goals until such time, they, the collaborators and the enforcers, have outlived their usefulness. The college students who have carried their message, the useful idiots, will also be pushed aside.

You see, in the current “acceptable” sub-group hierarchy, white Conservative Christian Men and Women are at the bottom. But, one thing you need to remember is that once the bottom group is eliminated, there will be another taking its place. And when they are gone, there will be another. And another. And so on. Will your sub-group survive till the end? Not likely. Marxists don’t take care of people, they take care of themselves just like Hitler, Stalin and Mao did.

It’s like a great big game of “King of the Mountain” and only the ones they choose get to be near the top.

Chances are you are not in their group and never will be.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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