Fighting Critical Race Theory at the Local Level

This is in response to a request made by people who read my entry about Critical Race Theory.

Definition: Critical Race Theory was developed by academics in higher education as an adaptation of Marxist tactics to divide the population into two warring groups; those seen as victims and those seen as the victimizers. Lenin and Stalin did this by using socio-economic status. When that didn’t work in the United States, Marxists tried to use race. Unfortunately for them in the 60’s, Civil Rights activists actually wanted America to uphold the values of freedom and equality and not destruction of the country. So, the front shifted the focus to “equity” not “equality”, “social justice” rather than “equal justice,” and “reparations via the suspension of private property rights,” instead of “opportunity to achieve ownership and independence.” The target is the destruction of capitalism and this country.

So, these theories made their way through college campuses, indoctrinating students. There are a variety of premises they use, all of them naming the White person, even one who is not overtly racist, as the oppressor. Many agencies in the government are infected. Now they want to inject these ideas into the public school system.

So, what can YOU as the average person, do to fight this? We have to take the fight OUT of the theoretical world and into the ground level real world. We need to address it at EVERY political level by questioning the CRT theorists so they must show the true outcomes they want. Here are the questions WE must ask every government official at the local, state, and national level. That includes every school board member, school superintendent, and administrator in the system.

  • Should public schools divide first graders into groups of “oppressors and oppressed?”
  • Do you support mandatory curricula that teaches that ALL white people play a part in perpetuating system racism?
  • Do you support white children being told they and their parents are inherently evil because of their skin color?
  • Do you support telling white children that everything they and their parents have or have achieved is because of racism?
  • Should schools tell children that white teachers are guilty of “spirit murdering” black children?
  • Should black children be taught that they are helpless to achieve because of “white privilege” and their only recourse is to take what others have?

I’m sure you can think of other questions. You must be brave enough to ask these questions and you must insist that the person answers in clear answers. Don’t accept word salad. Record the answer if you can.

We can also stop using the terms they set forth for us. Instead of chanting the positives of “diversity,” focus on talking about the “excellence” of everyone achieving their potential. Refer back to the fundamental values of truth, justice for all, and EQUALITY of opportunity.

Get ready. You will be called vile names. You will be threatened. Get ready to lose friends. But, they can’t get rid of all of us if we band together.

(Credit Ideas to Christopher F. Rufo, founder of BATTLEFRONT and contributing editor of CITY JOURNAL, where he addresses topics such as Critical Race Theory, homelessness, crime, etc. Also credit to IMPRIMUS, a publication of HIllsdale College, which published “Critical Ract Theory;What is It and How to Fight It,” by Rufo)

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