Who is Protecting Ashli Babbitt’s Murderer and Why are They Protecting Him?

I saw an interview with Ashli Babbit’s husband, Aaron, the other day. It was horribly sad because it was clear that he was nowhere near coming to terms with what happened. And who would be? Your wife goes to Washington D.C. to participate in a peaceful rally and ends up in the Capitol building shot dead even though she had no weapons and appeared to be no threat to the Capitol Police or anyone else. Yes, she was climbing through a broken window. Yes, she seemed caught up in the melee of emotions of a crowd of people who want someone to listen to their complaints and demands. But, she had no weapons on her.

If you watch the video, which I have many times, it’s clear that the person who shot her was planning on shooting someone, anyone, from behind the door behind which he was hiding. He points his gun almost as if he is saying, “eenie, meenie, miney,mo” and then shooting. What drew him to shoot a small woman barely over 100 lbs. who was in the act of climbing through a window? She wasn’t aiming a gun at him. How could she? She was UNARMED.

He wasn’t the only cop there. It wasn’t a dark night in an alley of a big city. Heck, the cops outnumbered the protesters. Don’t tell me that he was frightened for his life by this Air Force Vet.

Whatever reason he had, we may never know because the Government and the Capitol Police have swept details and his name under the rug. It’s as if it never happened and she never existed. There have been no ” Justice for Ashli” marches or calls to prosecute the shooter, even after the medical examiner called the cause of her death ” murder.”

And if you think the family has gotten any more information than we have, you are wrong. Apparently keeping families in the loop is only necessary when their Black drug dealer, violent son is shot by a White cop. The Capitol Police have gone into information lockdown while telling us that the case has been resolved and there’s nothing more to talk about. It’s closed. Now, let’s move on to building more fence to hide Pelosi and her evil friends.

Thank God the family has decided to file suit against the Capitol Police or else there would be no one paying for this awful homicide. Of course, they won’t get the 27 million dollar prize that George Floyd’s family got. You won’t see a picture of them with the Mayor of D.C. or Nancy Pelosi handing them that big old check with a smile. But maybe through the suit they will get some answers.

I’m really afraid they won’t. Why? Let’s face it, Nancy Pelosi ( who now apparently thinks she OWNS the Capitol Building) is working as hard as she can to create a commission to study the “1/6 Insurrection” by people with no guns or weapons. This commission will do their best to declare the protesters as murdering maniacs. The Democrats are hoping to ride this false narrative all the way through the 2022 and 24 elections. And if you think that many Republicans other than Marjorie Taylor Greene will speak up for Ashli, you haven’t paying attention. Most of them are AWOL right now and hoping that no one will notice. Hey guys, we notice. You ignored the murder of an Air Force vet who served 14 years and was deployed four times to fight the wars you all love to wage.

Will anyone speak up for Ashli? Too many of us want to duck our heads and hide behind our jobs, our businesses, and our fear of being called names to defend her. There will be no extended news coverage and passionate editorials about how her death shows the systemic disregard for the right to protest without fear in our country. No one will call the Capitol Police officer a racist or a murderer. He was the latter. No one will demand his prosecution or even firing.

Yet any one of us could have been her. We would have marched to the Capitol and perhaps breached it, especially when the police let us in. We might have felt like her that nothing bad would happen since we were in the United States and in our country we can protest without getting hurt or killed. Did she think at any point that this was a bad idea? Maybe. She probably was worried about getting put in jail, not shot to death. But she was shot to death, on purpose.

We have to carry on for Ashli and we need to make sure she is not forgotten. We need to let our lawmakers know what a travesty this is and that we hold them personally responsible for it. We need to let her family and the whole world know that all of us who are Patriots who want to be heard, are Ashli. Because we could have been. I know I could have.

Here is a link for a fundraiser for her family:


*A Note to Nancy Pelosi. You can’t even place yourself in the same room as this brave woman. You are a heartless witch who will use her and other freedom loving heroic patriots to maintain your power by demeaning them and those they support. There is a special place in hell for you.

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