What Happens When the Blind Squirrel Never Finds a Nut?

I know everyone knows the old saying, “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.” The saying refers to the fact that even a person who is totally incompetent and usually does the wrong thing will get a decision right here and there.

As bad as Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were, every blue moon they would do something that was right and good for the country. I remember Conservatives using that saying in reference to those decisions. It really isn’t a compliment. ( By the way, their right decisions were usually about things that didn’t really make an impact and were for “show.”They were things like designating a day as ” American Peanut Day, ” or issuing a proclamation regarding the historic contributions of interns.)

Along comes Joe Biden, the incorrectly installed person sitting in the office of the President. He’s definitely a blind squirrel because he can’t find his ass with his hands.

Can you think of ONE SINGLE TIME Joe has made a decision that was right? I’ll give you some time. Take all you need. Sleep on it.

Let me try.

Shutting down XL Pipeline? No. Spending trillions on useless “green” projects, recovery projects? Open the borders? HELL NO and HELL No. Allowing trans men to compete against women in sports and using women’s bathrooms? Nope. Appointing diverse but mediocre cabinet members? No way. Covid measures? Nah. Allowing trans personnel in the military? Nope. Directing the military to purge Conservatives? Not hardly.

I haven’t even addressed his stoking of racial tensions and his bumbling of international relations. THERE is not a single decision or action that he has made or taken that can even remotely be called harmless, much less good. Maybe Joe should designate his birthday as “Prevent Dementia Day” or “Pee Paw Goofs Again Day.” ( Sandra, that’s for you!)

So what happens when the blind squirrel can’t ever find a nut? Usually the squirrel dies either by starvation OR he gets hunted down by predators and eaten. Unfortunately for us, someone will still feed Joe so he won’t starve. Even worse for us, since he represents our country in the world, the predators, the CCP, Islamic extremists, the Russians, and many other enemies, are closing in.

Some of our enemies are taking this opportunity to join together to fight us. China and Russia are now talking about a partnership while Iran is now taking the unheard of action of working with Al Queada to promote terrorism and the destruction of Israel and us. All three of them are benefiting from the compromised and incapacitated Biden. In our own country, Marxists are attempting to turn our country into a Socialist hell.

A bigger problem is that this regime is in chaos. Former Press Secretary for President Trump, Kayleigh Macenany, commented the other day that when a Press Secretary cannot answer questions with more than “I’ll circle back to that,” it means that the President is “out of the loop” and members of the regime are doing their own thing with no guidance and on their own agenda. How many times has Jen Psaki used the circle back phrase?

Chaos reigns and we are seeing the result. I imagine the deep state is in heaven. They can do whatever they want to whoever they want, as long as they stay away from the blind squirrel and his nut job son.

And while Biden is doing stupid things, it doesn’t stop there.

My mother used to say this all the time, ” Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. ” I think she borrowed that from Abraham Lincoln.

I don’t think Biden has ever followed or even heard this advice. No wonder they hid this guy all summer. Every single time he opens his mouth he says something more stupid, more offensive. Even members of his staff acknowledge that they prevent him from answering questions or speaking off the cuff. No wonder he is always worried about getting in trouble.

Today’s big hit has to do with his address at the graduation at the Coast Guard Academy. I happen to have a Coast Guard Station down the street from me and the people there are amazing. So, for him to make a fool of himself at their graduation ticks me off. Here’s the link to the story and video:


The first irony is that Joe would call ANYONE else dull. This is a man whose words caused members of the House and Senate to fall asleep during his “State of the Union.” Literally.

And why in the world would he quote Mao, who slaughtered millions of his own people? Who will he quote next? Ted Bundy?

It’s clear that Joe is a fool. Worse yet, he is a fool that doesn’t know he’s a fool and thinks he is clever. What did Obama say about him? “If anyone can f*** it up, Joe can.” Another nut that Obama found, because Joe is really f***ing it up.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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