Dear Democrat Supporters, Stop Being So Stupid!

***** WARNING***** This is an extremely angry, no compromising, unforgiving and nasty post. Reader discretion is advised.

Hey you. Yes, you. The person down the street from me who had a Biden sign in his yard. Who still has a Biden bumper sticker on your car. Who has a “Thanks Doctor Fauci” sign in your yard.

Your stupid is showing. Actually it has been for a while now, but after the first five months of the regime of the mentally incapacitated Biden, you look even worse. Because somehow, you still want to support him.

Why is that?

I remember that I knew you before this disaster. At the time, you didn’t seem so dumb. You actually seemed to care about this country. We used to talk and you seemed reasonable. You wanted jobs for Americans and a strong economy. You liked the price of gas going down. You appreciated that the Stock Market was strong. You didn’t wear a face diaper and you didn’t care what my vaccine record was.

You called riots, riots. You called looting, looting. You thought that Americans had a right to protest peacefully without the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. investigating them and jailing them for months for trespassing on government property and disorderly conduct, while allowing violent protesters out of jail almost immediately. You believed that police had a tough job and needed to be supported. You also believed that all children should be treated equally and not judged by skin color. Oh, and you didn’t believe in white guilt or privilege.

Something happened to you. You couldn’t see past your hatred of a man for his personality and see the good he was doing. You believed lies from the mainstream media and thought that he should be impeached, mainly because he tweeted mean things and was brash and outspoken. And honest. You started to see the world as black versus white, masked vs. unmasked, vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.

All of a sudden, censorship was okay with you, if what was censored wasn’t what you believed. If a bakery turned away a gay couple who wanted a wedding cake, that baker had to be shut down because he was a bigot. If a social media company banned people with different opinions from their platform, well, it was their right.

Shooting a Republican Senator or Congressman was okay. Being let into the Capitol to protest with NO weapons was not. Oh, and let’s not forget purging our military and turning it into a transexual freak show. I think you used to believe there are only two sexes.

You used to want honest elections. Now you don’t care as long as the guy you backed won. Even with proof, you turn your head away.

And what a guy he is. Selling our country out to China, Russia, Iran, the French Climate Accords and anyone else who would give you and little Hunter the meth head money. Putting tens of thousands out of work by shutting down a pipeline that is more environmentally safe than other oil transport methods. And then allowing a Russian owned pipeline to be one of our main sources of oil. Allowing a half million illegal non-Covid tested people into the country in just four months, in some cases sneaking them into counties in order to turn red counties blue. Trying to force citizens to take a vaccine that is not tested, not approved, and probably not safe. All for a disease that has a 99% recovery rate. Making sure we don’t mine the rare earth minerals we have here so that China can control the world market and drive prices through the roof.

He has now asked Congress to let ELEVEN MILLION illegals have legal citizenship after they broke our laws and got here. That’s a huge “screw you” to the citizens of this country and the immigrants who came here legally. He wants a permanent economic underclass that will suck all of us down in the undertow.

Don’t even get me started on how he and his Vice Ho dishonored our War dead on Memorial Day.

And he can’t even put two thoughts together, walk up steps, or think a cogent thought. He is clearly demented and that’s just fine with you. It’s fine with his old boss too, who bragged arrogantly today that “Joe” was implementing the third term of his presidency. This same guy once called Joe a “fuck up.” I guess it’s okay if the “fuck up” does what Obama tells him.

But, you just keep on defending him, no matter what. Although, you haven’t told me ONE THING he has done that you like. So, as I said, you have to be stupid.

Otherwise the alternative is just horrible to think about. That alternative is that you hate me, hate this country and really want it destroyed. Here’s the problem though. When it goes down, you get sucked down with it. If it happens, I hope I am here to watch you get dragged to your destruction.

Because you are stupid and you deserve it.

BTW- Here is a copy of the email I sent to the fraud Biden today:

Dear Mr. Biden, Please stop lying. Please stop pretending. You don’t care about this country, you don’t care about our citizens, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, none of us.

All you care about is getting more illegals into red counties to turn the vote blue. Although, if you really think you won legally in 2020, why would you have to do that?

We know you work for Obama. He says it himself. You want to carry out his plans to make this a Socialist country.

My father worked at the Pentagon in his career in the Air Force. He had to work with you from time to time. You are the ONLY person he ever had anything derogatory to say about. He called you a lying snake. He was right. And this was a man who fought for this country in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War. He, unlike you, was a true patriot.

I am so disgusted at how you and your regime are trying to destroy this country. It is shameful.

But guess what, there are millions of us out here who won’t let that happen. Especially with someone occupying the White House who is an imposter. You.

God Bless and Protect our Country from people like you.

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