I Don’t Want No Trouble

North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson said it all at the North Carolina Republican Convention this past weekend. In a few words, nothing fancy, he pointed out how so many people justify their lack of action during these troubling times in our country. And then he ripped those justifications to shreds. Here’s a link to an excerpt:


I can’t watch this enough times. One of the best quotes out of his speech was this one:

“Trouble is good … Sometimes it’s good to run dead into it. Because when freedom is at hand, when freedom is being threatened, it’s a call. It’s a call to run toward trouble.” #NCGOP #NorthCarolina

I want you to take a moment and reflect on this quote. Let it soak into your mind. Let it stir your heart.

Sunday was the day we celebrated Armed Forces Day. More important, it is the day we reflect on this day in June of 1944, the day thousands of allied soldiers invaded Normandy in a battle to destroy the NAZI’s. Those soldiers on the land, sea and in the air, didn’t worry about the “trouble” they faced on that beach. Yes, they were afraid of dying. But, they put that all aside be they wanted to preserve freedom. As one soldier said, “Let’s get it over and knock their teeth out.” So many were killed, cut down even before they reached the beach.

At the end of May, we celebrated Memorial Day, a day to commemorate those who died in all of the wars our country has engaged in since the Revolutionary War. Those soldiers, men, boys, women, didn’t worry about the “trouble.” They were scared, to be sure, but they overcame their fear to defend us and our freedom. ( And, while we are on this, shame, shame, shame on the “Lincoln Project” for comparing our soldiers in WWII to Antifa in an ad. And to MSNBC’s Brian “My Fictional Life” Williams for touting the ad. They aren’t the only ones. So did failed comedian Patton Oswalt and NPR’s ( National Propaganda Radio) Mara Liasson. Stupid, horrible people.)

But, back to the important people who make a real, positive impact on the world. Our soldiers didn’t didn’t defend a king. Or a President. Or a Congress. They defended US, the people. They defended ideas, equality, freedom, independence, and self determination.

And so now, here we are. We have a President that thinks he is a King. He thinks he is a king as evidenced by his total disregard for the best interest of the people of this country demonstrated by his executive orders that cost people jobs, small businesses, and their rights.

We have a Congress that rules more like a gathering of royalty, giving themselves lifelong jobs, benefits, and wealth via their self-serving votes and accumulation of bribes. They hide behind fences and walls to keep people out while allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals to come across our border to threaten us.

Most of all, those soldiers didn’t fight to allow Marxist groups to continuously divide us, deny us our rights to free speech, or indoctrinate our children to their sick and perverted ideas of hatred and insanity. They fought against tyranny, not to support it. So, no, they weren’t at all like Antifa, who are more like Hitler’s Brown Shirts and SS.

But, our soldiers didn’t fight and then expect the rest of us to sit on our asses and not do our part. They expected us to fight these things as well, to speak up, to call them out. Like the Lt. Governor said, they expected us to run toward the trouble, just like they did.

So, how do we run toward the trouble?

When they spout their stupid Marxist ideas, discount them. Do your research and know what Marxism is and let them here that you know what it is and why it fails. Do it loudly and on every single public forum.

When they call you a racist, fight back. Point out their racism, their prejudice, laugh at them. Do it loudly and on every single public forum.

When they lie, call them liars. Call them out on every social media and public platform, loudly and in capital letters. Challenge all their fact checkers and point out their biases and incorrect information.

If you are challenged about your values and beliefs, call them out on theirs. Don’t be afraid of the names they will call you or the ways they will try to silence you. You are strong.

Like the Lt. Governor said, ” Run toward trouble.” Now. Before all we have is gone because we were too afraid.

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