Obama is Talking and That is Good News for Conservatives…I’ll Tell You Why

Take A Good Look at This Picture-Creepy Right?

Bear with me while I run down some events of the last five months. I will get to the point after, so if you must scroll down, go ahead.

Colonial Pipeline is shut down by a cyber attack almost right after Biden shuts down the XL Pipeline assuring that domestic oil production will plummet. Unions are furious that the XL Pipeline jobs are gone.

Biden stops construction of the border wall, once again eliminating jobs while bringing in hundreds of thousands of illegals.

Biden signs an Executive Order virtually nullifying Title IX and women’s sports

Biden rescinds Trump’s order to keep the Chinese Communist Party out of our power grid.

A cargo ship named ” Evergreen” gets stuck in the Suez canal, interupting the shipping and supply chain for weeks.

Biden approves buying oil from Russian owned companies who may have a financial connection to his family.

9 New billionaires have been created by the Covid ” pandemic” and the development of the vaccines. They all profited from made up emergency.

Bill Gates promotes the following via the World Economic Forum and their “Great Reset” and “One World Order” initiatives: depopulation, abortion, vaccination of everyone, vaccine passports, elimination of meat as a food product particularly in some wealthier countries, Artificial Intelligence, and using computer software to divulge the origination of any thought, post, document, etc. posted on the internet. ( He offers this to the CIA and NSA.) Biden is a big favorite of the WEF and Gates.

Israel and New York implement electronic vaccine passports.

The BIll and Melinda Gates Foundation supports the World Health Organization and a variety of drug initiatives with massive donations. The WHO shields China from scrutiny regarding the origin of Covid 19.

Bill divorces his wife and it is discovered that he is close friends with Jeffrey Epstein, pedophile and human trafficker. The Biden administration dismantles the Human Trafficking Task Force instituted by Trump.

Commercials for fake meat ramp up. Bill Gates owns many of these companies.

A cyber attack suddenly closes down one fifth of the meat producers in the several countries including the United States. The supply of meat and pork is negatively impacted, making meat more scarce and more expensive.

Fake meat commercials ramp up even more.

Social media like Facebook suppress news story or even individual opinions about the documented dangerous and wide spread effects of the vaccines including Bell’s Palsy, rashes, paralysis, blood clots and even death. Facebook stock prices drop again after a whistleblower exposes a company strategy to ban and shadow ban these stories. It is shown that they are colluding with the Biden regime, Fauci, and the CDC.

VP Harris conducts phone calls with foreign leaders, which is unprecendented. She also meets with them instead of the President, who struggles to remember the names and titles of foreign leaders and his own cabinet. She does nothing at the Border, which is a problem Biden actually gave her.

The Biden regime sends money to families with children, illegals, and even people living in Japan. Social Security recipients don’t get a raise. Veterans continue to live under bridges.

Biden Education Department prioritizes school systems teaching Critical Race Theory for federal funds.

Facebook starts airing commercials encouraging people to join Facebook something they have never done. Congress introduces a bill to limit the power of Social Media and Tech giants.

The recall effort for Governor Newsome is initiated and has enough signatures. Newsome then dispurses money to the population under vague circumstances. The money largely came from Federal dollars, even though California had a surplus. Much of the money is given to illegals.

A teacher in Florida refuses to teach his students that there are more than two sexes and he is suspended. Biden’s HHS Assistant Secretary is a Transsexual and his Secretary of Defense promotes transsexuals in the service.

Governors in Ohio and Maryland offer lottery prizes for those who have had the vaccine. Celebrities make expensive commercials to promote these vaccines. This for a virus with a 99.6% recovery rate.

It is discovered that NIH, led by Anthony Fauci, funded and supported “gain of function” studies in Wuhan, China and hid that fact. Dr. Fauci comes under fire since this is illegal. He decides to write a children’s book. Rand Paul calls for him to be fired.

Biden cancels the Trump initiated investigation into the Wuhan lab regarding the release of the Covid virus and gain of function research funded partially by NIH under the direction of Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci’s guilt in the promotion of the dangerous AZT drug for AIDS and HIV patients in the 80’s causing the death of millions is exposed.

China prepares nuclear weapons for attack in case the U.S. attempts to investigate the Wuhan Lab and threatens Biden.

Iran denies the United Nations access to nuclear sites for inspection.

Hamas attacks Israel and Israel is blamed. Biden sends weapons and money to Hamas.

The elections in Arizona and various other states are being recounted and investigated for fraud.

Congress pushes for election reform that would allow more election fraud.

500,000 illegals are let in at the border and shipped in secret to red states and housed there. They are not Covid tested or vaccinated.

Black Lives Matter head resigns amid allegations that she misused donations to buy 5 one million dollar mansions. A BLM activist is arrested for many sexual assaults. Meanwhile, the Biden regime mandates that BLM flags be flown at all US installations, domestic and abroad.

400 plus protestors who have been charged with trespassing on federal property and disorderly conduct are kept in jail, beaten, and placed in solitary confinement without the ability to communicate with family. Anyone professing a belief that the election was fraudulent are targeted online. Meanwhile, those who rioted, burned property and injured people are given ROR’s.

Ashli Babbet’s murderer, a Capitol police officer, is not identified and is cleared all charges for shooting the unarmed woman protester who was a 14 year Air Force vet.

And, of course, the constant bumbling, mumbling, and incompetence of Biden is on display to the world every time he appears in public.

So, all of a sudden the other day, Obama grants the New York Times and interview. Remember, nothing that this man does is by accident. It is always by design and has a purpose beyond the surface.

Barack Obama comes out from his chair hiding him in the bushes:

In a recent interview with Ezra Klein of the New York Times on the legacy of his presidency, former President Barack Obama praised President Biden and his administration for “essentially finishing the job,” adding credence to the critiques of those who’ve argued that the Biden administration seeks to pursue the same policies that led to the Trump backlash in 2016.

During the hour-long interview, Obama admitted the Biden administration is an extension of his own presidency, saying “90 percent of the folks” in his administration are now working for Biden.  ( HOW NICE OF BARACK TO LEAVE PEE PAW JOE 10%)

They are continuing and building on the policies we talked about, whether it’s the Affordable Care Act, or our climate change agenda, and the Paris [climate accord],” Obama said.  https://thefederalist.com/2021/06/02/obama-joe-biden-is-essentially-finishing-the-job-of-the-obama-administration/

So, socialism. When you read this quote, note the Obama Administration members who are on Biden’s cabinet/staff, and the Biden cabinet and staff members who were not.

Indeed, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, and Biden’s top domestic policy adviser Susan Rice all served high-profile positions in the Obama administration.( Federalist)

It’s interesting because the areas Obama’s former staff are in charge of are the ones who can fully implement a socialist and one world government vision while destroying our country. Add a dash of Valerie Jarrett and John Kerry, and you see Obama is really in charge of the important areas. So, part of this comment is to tell everyone that Obama and his crew are REALLY in charge.

(BTW, notice there is NO Hillary Clinton? That’s no accident. One thing Obama knows is not to associate with losers.)

But, as I said in the beginning, there are no such things as coincidences. Republicans are starting to gain traction against these extreme policy decisions. Why, some of them are actually displaying guts and are throwing the Cheney/Bush crowd out. They are auditing elections in important states. People are starting to push back against the crazy decisions being made that are hurting the middle class, children and small businesses. And, today, a nationwide poll said Biden was named the ” weakest President in decades” by 42 percent of those polled.

Obama timed this interview right now for a reason. He is basically saying “Yes, I know Joe is an idiot but he is basically continuing my term and finishing our process to change America.” He is trying to make nervous and disappointed Democrat supporters feel confident about what is going on. Remember, Obama thinks he has the Midas touch.

I’m not sure why they would believe him. He has lied to them so many times in the past. ” If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” and “shovel ready projects” are the first two that come to mind. Then there was the time he promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. There are many more. It’s surprising that he has any pants left with all of them on fire.

And let’s not forget the times he betrayed this country to our enemies. And the time he spied illegally on a political opponent.

The bigger point is that Obama and his cabal must have internal polling that shows that Biden’s regime is going off the cliff faster than a speeding train on the wrong track. They are panicking as he does and says stupid thing after stupid thing. They are appalled at how incapacitated he is. Yes, some of the things he does are directed by them, but there are other things that Joe does independently that must scare the crap out of them. And try as they might, they can’t control the opinions and common sense of over 80 million people. And those people are waking up.

So, Obama climbed out of hiding from his chair in the bushes, and in his own narcissistic, arrogant way, attempted to save Biden and his regime from the disasters they have created.

And I think that is good news for Conservatives. Because what we are doing must be working. If it wasn’t, Obama wouldn’t have to say anything. He could just continue to pull the puppet strings behind the scenes and gloat.

In the next few days, we will see more of this, not only from Obama but from the minions, Jennifer Haberman from the New York Times, the MSNBC crew, CNN talking liars, and possibly even some RINO’s. They are scared. Watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. That guy is peeing his pants!

Nothing scares them more than an engaged and activated population of citizens. Remember, they are in a bunker protected from the people. People who do that are AFRAID. And, they use the January 6th encroachment as an excuse, but seriously, they weren’t this locked up after 9/11.

I actually think we might be turning this mess around.

Thanks for the clue Obama! Now, head back to your bush.

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