Now Joe is Getting Creepy

I have been alive through the terms of 11 Presidents. Some I liked, some I really didn’t like. Never, ever have I felt so frightened about the mental instability of a President as I do now.

At first, it was clear Biden was mentally in decline. We all watched as he lost his train of thought, couldn’t read, couldn’t remember, and couldn’t climb steps. We watched Jill lead him around, his aids yell at him and lead him away from reporters, and foreign leaders laugh at him. We knew he was incapacitated.

Wednesday and yesterday we saw something different. Wednesday, while rambling on about the Second Amendment, Biden implied that our government could attack protesters with F-15’s and nukes. He was trying to tell us that it was useless to have guns to fight the government because they would just annihilate us with weapons of war. I guess he and his little minions thought this was a great argument for gun control. Yeah, about that.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Thursday he came out to announce a deal for an infrastructure funding bill that is well over 1 billion dollars. During this announcement was when we saw something that crossed the sanity line.

If you read the article and then watch the video, you will see Biden lean forward and whisper about the bill in a creepy, stalkerish, rapist, pedophile sounding voice that is beyond just inappropriate. It is a voice that no rational person would use in public.

After hearing this, if you still think Joe has all his marbles and is able to do this job, you might want to get your head checked.

I don’t care if you love or hate Trump, you must admit that he never displayed the kind of bizarre behavior Joe is currently showing. Is he cracking under the pressure of the failures of his administration? Does he think this if funny or cool? Is someone telling him to do this?

I don’t think so.

I think we are seeing the complete deterioration of a man who should never have been put in this position when he was young, much less now. He is losing it right before our eyes. Problem is, the rest of the world has seen this for a long time while our news media has ignored it. And if you don’t think our enemies won’t take advantage of this, think again.

We have gone past the point that a man who can’t think, remember or speak is merely an embarrassment. Now he is a danger to our country. Is this why he is never alone? Are his handlers there to keep him from starting World War III?

It’s frightening and something needs to be done. Immediately.

*** As a side note, there are actually people on Twitter who are saying what a great job Joe is doing. He got them money. WTF

*** Second side note. I read an article that stated that if Joe doesn’t get the 70% compliance with vaccines, he is ” out.” I don’t know if that is true or what it means. However, it does seem that Joe is desperately trying to claim success with something, anything.

Desperation in a leader is terrifying. It’s when they start doing the biggest damage.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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