They Don’t Believe in the “Truths Self Evident.”

As I was on my daily run the other day, I was asking myself how we got here, a place where we have two populations in our country diametrically opposed to each other. I mean, don’t we all basically believe the same things, you know, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, etc. ?

And then it dawned on me. The answer is no. Regardless of what they say, the Democrats, the Progressives, the Marxists, don’t find this statement, ” We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” to be true. They actually don’t want these things at all. They DON’T believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. In fact, they view them as impediments to their ultimate goals. Totalitinarian control and tyranny of our country.

All you have to do is look at what they DO and SAY. In the past five years ( or more), they have demanded that we not treat each other as equals, but give some sub groups priority over others in all things, rights, economics, education, etc. Not only that, but they have become intent on subjugating certain races and sexual affiliations which were once mainstream, to second class citizen status. Now, in our schools, the promote teaching one group of children that they are to blame for the oppression of another group of children simply because of their white skin.

They have also promoted an anti-life agenda with support of abortion right up to birth and the belief that the elderly in nursing homes shouldn’t get protection from a virus that can actually kill them. If you live in an inner city and are murdered, your life is not important. The one caveat is if you are someone committing a crime and you get shot and killed by a cop, then they will erect a statue to commemorate your life of crime and prosecute the cop. If you are someone who disagrees with the Marxist agenda, your life can be forfeited as collateral damage as Ashli Babbit’s was. And your murderer will not be identiifed or prosecuted. A life’s meaning, in their belief system, is in how it can be exploited for their political gain.

Liberty has been almost forbidden as the Marxists want to eliminate all free speech, free practice of religion, and the right to make one’s own decisions, especially about taking an untested, unapproved vaccine. They cleverly hide the motives for these denials by telling us they are banning hate speech or speech because it hurts feelings or, in the case of the vaccine, we want to keep people safe.

Of course, if it is one of the Marxists calling Conservatives, Republicans, Trump Supporters, etc. hateful names, free speech should apply. Say the wrong thing about the privileged and protected groups and get banned, fired, or boycotted. If you are a major corporation, expect a huge “fine” to be paid to some politically acceptable victim group. It’s called extortion and blackmail.

As for safety, take the jab, stay at home, wear a mask to protect the collective. But, when it comes to providing funding for police to protect individual citizens from crime, safety takes a back seat to pandering to groups who want to be able to commit crimes without consequence. Cartels in charge, anyone? Go to any large city and see this in action.

Religious belief, unless it fits under the auspices of the cult of Marxism, is ridiculed, demeaned, and in some cases, banned. California tried to pretend banning was for “safety’s sake” during the recent COVID scam, but they have been pushing religion out of the public square for years. No prayer in schools, no nativity scenes on public land, and on and on. Of course, one rare exception to that is Islam, which gets a free pass on the anti-religion front. After all, Muslims are considered part of the protected class, for the time being. So, play that call for prayer everyday.

The biggest revelation that the Marxists don’t believe in the rights listed in the Constitution is the federal overreach that has grown by leaps and bounds in the current regime. The Department of Justice doesn’t even pretend to care about rule of law, equal protection under the law, or innocent until proven guilty. The hundreds of people being detained in jails for the January 6th breach of the Capitol are prime examples. Those who have been indicted for such minor crimes as trespassing on federal property and disorderly conduct have been held without for months in denial of their legal rights. Meanwhile, people who have destroyed cities and looted and burned down businesses in the name of “social justice” are walking the streets and making money off their crimes. The Marxists see no problem here.

We have to understand that we are currently are in more than a power struggle between two groups that want control. We are in a war with two distinct ideologies, one that supports freedom as defined in the Constitution and one that prefers full control over the people by the tyrants in government. This group’s leader even went so far as to remind the people that guns won’t keep the government from eliminating dissent because the government has F-15’s and nukes. Remember the tank running over the protestor in Tianemmen Square in China. Yeah, that.

Face it folks, the second group are not public servants and do not view us, the citizens, as the people they serve. They view us in much the same way the Communist Chinese Party views the people of China, tools to achieve the goals and demands of government as decided by government, not the people. We are means to an end. And, if we don’t fufill that capacity, we are obstacles to be removed.

This is why you see Presidents signing unconstitutional Executive Orders. Why you see Governors shutting down businesses. It’s why you see the FBI working with social media, phone companies, and other sources to arrest people for merely stating their belief in freedom. It’s why school boards can shut off the public comments of parents or totally disregard parental input and continue to teach real institutional, systemic racism against White children.

Their followers are fervent believers who will do whatever is needed to please their Marxist leaders. Threaten others? No problem. Riot and burn? No problem. Blackmail and extort money? No problem. Attack citizens? No, problem. It’s as if the Hitler youth have reincarnated themselves and taken their place on Social media and in the streets.

What do we do if the dichotomy of beliefs continues? Unfortunately, the situation is almost impossible to resolve without violence and loss. Even those who promote seccession of certain states or sections of the country understand that this would only happen after prolonged wars. Southern States that secceeded in the 1860’s were not allowed to go their merry ways by the North. It just doesn’t work that way.

And, while those who believe in freedom are willing to let the Marxists live their lives as long as their actions don’t affect the rest of us, it doesn’t work in the reverse. Marxism IS an ideology of complete and full control of all people. There are no individuals. They will not just “leave the rest of us” alone. Live and let live is not something they agree with. To use a Star Trek analogy, they are the Borg.

It’s not hard to imagine how this ends. One thing we must start doing is to get louder in our views. We can’t sit out local government meetings any more. We can’t merely sit quietly while Marxists scream their views far and wide. We must push back. I’ve said before that it is important to prepare for the fight that is coming. Identify who will support and defend you legally and physically. Become acquainted with your local law enforcement, particularly sheriffs. Know your rights, because as long as there is a chance that they will be protected, you must be able to state and cite them. No one listens to someone who doesn’t have a clue.

Take your children and grandchildren back. If the public and private schools are promoting a Marxist agenda, remove them and homeschool. If you can’t do it, find someone who can. It’s good to see states like Florida banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools. Others are requiring that teachers teach about the evils of Communism.

And finally, PAY ATTENTION. Be informed about current events. Volunteer to monitor elections and be prepared to report problems in them. Don’t allow anyone to violate your rights without speaking up. Research candidates fully before voting for them. Don’t allow the media to do that for you.

We must preserve freedom. We are the world’s last chance.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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