America’s Vaccine Addiction and the Government/Pharma Cartels

One of the big problems in today’s society is addiction. People can be addicted to many things; alcohol, drugs, food, even sex. At least, that’s what we are told. I’m not sure all of those are addictions, but I’m not a specialist in that area, so I’ll reserve judgement.

Today I heard about a new addiction. Vaccine addiction. It was a phrase used by Dr. Marty Makary. If you want to hear an interesting take on this whole Covid mess and Dr. Fauci, look up his interview on FOX. He injects pointed questions into the ever changing opinions of Saint Fauci.

His point is that our society has moved from being sensible about vaccines to being obsessed with them, addicted, per se.

Remember, an addiction is something people feel compelled to do regardless of what it may do to them, their health, or their families. It is a physical and/or psychological need for something that is so strong that people cannot resist it.

If you think about it, we have a segment of the population that is addicted to vaccines. Not only do they feel compelled to have the vaccine themselves, but they want everyone to have it. They want a vaccine to protect them from every possible illness, variant of a virus, etc.

They didn’t get there by accident. They were pushed in that direction by the forces of government, media, and the big pharmaceutical companies. Or, as I like to call them, the vaccine cartel.

We all have heard the word cartel before. If you have ever watched the “Narcos” shows on Netflix, you know that there have been cartels in existence since the 70’s and 80’s. The top 5 are Sinaloa, out of Mexico, Medillin from Colombia, the Gulf Cartel operating out of Mexico with chapters in many other countries across the globe, the Zeta Cartel, Mexico again, and the Juarez Cartel, Mexico. These cartels make money through the production, smuggling, and sale of addictive substances from alcohol, narcotics, and synthetic marijuana to anything new on the horizon, even human trafficking. They make BILLIONS of dollars and are brutal in their violence against anyone who competes with them or stands in their way.

Their business model is simple. Get people addicted to substances and then produce, smuggle and sell those substances to the addicts through a multi-level organization that goes from the top to the low level dealer. They actively work to addict people by a variety of methods. The demand for loyalty is absolute and no one, NO ONE, dares talk about them, their product, or their methods in a negative way. At least if they want to keep their heads.

So, let’s see how this model works with the Covid Vaccine.

First, a need had to be established. By design or accident, the Covid 19 virus appeared on the horizon. Looking back, we can say that it was no more deadly than any previous flu strain. In fact, there are some who say the Swine Flu in 2009 was more dangerous. But, suddenly, the fear porn started. It was the news media first. Like the Weather Channel whenever there is a tropical low in the Atlantic, the news media talking heads talked about a pandemic ” the like of which” the world had never seen. ( A bit over the top, wouldn’t you say? Me too.) But, it being an election year and having a man they hated in the White House, the media jumped on this in collusion with the Democrats, to create a health crisis. Other countries jumped in with both feet, touting infection rates through the roof. And, of course, the drug companies created “test kits” to test for Covid 19. Nevermind that they set the sensitivity so high that anyone who had ever read the word “Covid” would test positive, they showed that this virus was spreading faster than lies in Congress.

Governors, either duped or complicit, closed down their states and mandated wearing masks everywhere, even in the shower. We were told that hospital emergency rooms were packed to the roof with patients. There weren’t enough respirators, health workers, masks, etc. At one point, Saint Anthony Fauci of the Perpetually Changing Admonitions, told everyone NOT to wear masks if they had no symptoms. The economy tanked, schools were closed, people lost jobs, and fear reigned supreme.

Some of the addicts were created then. The fear energized them, made them feel righteous and powerful, so they roamed the stores that were open and the streets, accosting and screeching at those who weren’t wearing masks or weren’t wearing them properly. They set up “Mask Offender” hotlines to report their neighbors, their friends, even their family.

And then, miraculously, the Government and Pharmaceutical Cartels jumped into action. Like any good cartel, they saw an opportunity. If they could just create a vaccine, promise it would bring things back to normal if everyone got it, and then rush it out before actually testing it, millions would buy into it, and billions, even trillions of dollars could be made.

They picked various spokespeople and convinced an addled, newly selected resident of the White House to whisper menacingly into a microphone for his citizens to “get the vaccine.” They mobilized the mask police to turn their attention to the vax deniers. And they made damn sure that anyone who went against their cartel in the news or on social media would suffer an instant and painful online removal, thereby shutting the opposition down by symbolically cutting out their tongues.

And they made darn sure they, the cartel, would not be held responsible for any deaths or harm from their vaccines. In fact, they even discounted all the problems by not acknowledging that there were any problems at all.

The government set a goal, 70% compliance by July 4th and all could return to their normal celebrations. When that didn’t happen, the cartel was not pleased. Yes, they were making huge profits, but as with many filty rich people, it is never enough.

So, the cartel upped the ante. A variant, wait, more than one variant was rumored. The government arm of the cartel sent out “Community Health Workers” ( see “pushers”) to convince people that this vaccine was the best thing since hard lemonade. They focused on the younger folk, hoping to create a lifetime dependence on vaccines to assuage their health fears. No matter if it killed, sterilized, or maimed them, there would be plenty of others who would continuously buy into the product.

The addled fool in the White House and his ginge spokesperson added subtle threats of segregation for those who didn’t participate. They told their social media office to “flag” posts that spread “misinformation” ( actual facts) about their vaccine. Many other cartel generals ran out and told everyone who didn’t get the vaccine that their lives would get harder. The CDC ( Center for Delusional Crap ) staffer cried in her interview about the horrors that would happen without the vaccine. And, of course, Saint Anthony of the Perpetually Changing Admonitions, spread the fallacies of dangers to children if they didn’t get the vaccine and told Americans who didn’t want the vaccine to “get over it.”

And Americans suddenly were vaccine addicted. Surely, they would need a vaccine for EVERY single illness, virus, germ, bacteria, bad feeling. They had to have them. They needed them. And their children needed them. Some even said their pets needed them. And those who didn’t feel that way must be stupid backwoods hicks who didn’t even have Xerox machines or Kinkos. Or just selfish. Or Trump supporters.

The Pharmacuetical Cartel leaders smiled. They had created so many new billionaires in the last year. And there were many more to come.

I remember watching the first Narcos show about Pablo Escobar. I’m sure Pablo would be extremely impressed and jealous about this joint venture between the Government and Phamaceutical Cartels. He had the government fighting him. These cartels are the government. If only he had known that sharing his profits with them would keep things going.

One other thing to note. In the drug cartels, the heads/generals of the cartel rarely use their products. Based on the fact that less than half of the CDC staff are vaccinated, neither do the Vaccine Cartel Members.

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