The Fourth Branch of Government: How to Fight Back

So many things right now seem impossible. Not in the physical, scientific meaning of impossible but in the human, society, and political meaning of impossible.

Aside from the fact that the Democrats seem determined to support a man they know is incapacitated, there are other things going on that are more likely to be in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

The government sends out an “army” of Community Health Workers to knock on doors and find out if people want a vaccine that does not keep one from getting a virus and doesn’t assure they won’t spread the virus to others. But, it is experimental and has killed people and left some with debilitating side effects.

The Biden Regime tells private social media companies to “flag” posts about the virus that the government deems misinformation or contrary to their mission to get people vaccinated, thus violating freedom of speech.

The same Biden Regime conspires with wireless companies to monitor people’s text messages without a warrant.

Millions of people are bullied and called “killers” because they won’t get a vaccine they don’t trust while millions of other people are let in at the southern border without vaccines or even Covid testing.

People in Cuba, Hong Kong and China protest against their tyrannical Communist governments while waving American flags while citizens of this country praise those countries and condemn ours.

The Secretary of State asks the United Nations to come in and investigate human rights abuses in the United States while ignoring the genocide in China, South Africa and other countries.

Black Americans promote teaching children that some of them are oppressors, evil and racist because of their skin color while the other children in the classroom are labled as helpless victims.

Mayors of major cities in the U.S. defund the police as murders and crime increase exponentially.

The Surgeon General of the United States promotes the villafication and segregation of some American citizens based on their vaccine status. He promotes censorship of information the government disagrees with.

A social media channel, YouTube, edits the number of likes and dislikes on White House videos to make sure no one knows how many people disapprove of what they are doing. ( You can find how they make the changes on

People who burned cities, were violent, and looted are not prosecuted.

The Democrat party proposes election reform that would render national elections useless because they will be fraudulent as 2020.

The once great athletic event, The Olympic Games, devolves into an event conducted in front of no one while a man is allowed to compete in weightlifting against women. Major sponsors pull out of the event after people in the host country protest.

A 12 year old appears with the 80 year old Dr. Fauci and fawns all over him in order to get people to take the vaccine. Pedo much?

The head of the military focuses more on transgender rights and critical race theory than on actually protecting this country.

And all the while, the senile President shuffles, stares blankly into space, and exhibits advanced dementia. And his party is fine with that. In fact, they seem pleased with it.

Why all this? Why is this country and the freedom of its citizens being demolished in order to install a Marxist regime?

Before we go on, read the article and/or watch the video at this link:

If you think this is merely a “conspiracy theory” please stop reading. If you want to think about it a bit, continue.

What is the ultimate goal of the people running Blackrock and Vanguard? It’s not hidden. They, in the guise of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, hope to create a manageable population for the New World Order. The fundamental principles of our country will keep them from achieving that goal, which is why they want to destroy it. Can’t have independent, freedom loving people running around gumming up the works.

So, why use Marxists to tear this country down? The answer is simple. Marxists have the destruction of societies and countries down to a science. Think of all the countries that have fallen to Marxism in the 20th century. The techniques, while altered for our country and our time, are time tested.

Once people are indoctrinated into Marxism, they are locked in for a long time. The psychological techniques are extremely successful, especially when introduced at a young age. Think about it, have you argued with a Marxist? Do they ever give you a straight, honest answer? No. They give you their rehearsed talking points over and over.

They also look at those of us who disagree as “evil” so if we must be removed or killed, it’s in the service of the bigger cause, the greater good.

And, they are not afraid to destroy anything in their way. Which is what the elites need, destruction without getting their hands or property dirty.

And, finally, Marxists are stupid. Yes, I said it. Not stupid in the way that they can’t read and do math, but stupid in that they cannot analyze or critique anything that is in opposition to their indoctrination. They believe that when this whole thing is “over” they will sit atop a world that is all rainbows and unicorn farts.

Which is not only stupid but delusional. Why would the elite billionaires give a crap about a bunch of dirty, stupid Marxists who will eventually turn on them? No, the Elites will manipulate the Marxists into some silly scenario where they will, like lemmings, walk off the cliff to their own demise. They will have fulfilled their calling as the “useful idiots.” I wonder, is that the REAL reason the Black Lives Matter Organizer bought all those homes? Is she preparing herself to sit and watch her followers die while she is safe in her fortress? Something to think about.

What will be left will be a huge underclass of controlled workers who will gladly accept the “universal income,” “free” health care, and carefully planned lives the billionaires will allow them to live.

So, the elites sit by now as the world self destructs and watch. Once it is all over, they will reform it into the world they want and they WILL sit atop it.

We can stop it. But it is going to be so hard. There is nothing so frightening to these elitists than the truth and people who are willing to stand for freedom.

In his book, American Marxism, Mark Levin spends a chapter on what we need to do NOW. If you can get a copy of this book, get is ASAP. Here are some highlights of his suggestions:

  1. Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions – While these are self explanatory, the best info are these two links: and
  2. Education: Get involved in local education. Go to EVERY school board meeting or be part of a like minded group that goes to EVERY school board meeting. Get involved in examining instructional materials, teacher training materials, etc. These are paid for by public funds and therefore are public information. Get people to run for school board. Demand competition in education. If you can, take your kids out of government schools and either go to appropriate private schools or teach them yourself. There are SO many online resources available.
  3. Higher Education: Stop sending your kids to expensive schools to get indoctrinated and to come out with no skills for careers. A great website to see what is being taught on college campuses is:
  4. Become an informed patriotic consumer. Stop supporting corporations who cave to political pressures or who support causes you don’t. How do you know? Use these websites: and
  5. Stop watching the main stream media and support conservative media. A list can be found here:
  6. Support law enforcement. There are many ways to do this. One way is to help policemen defend themselves from unfair lawsuits. These sites, or

There’s so much more we need to do. But, the most important thing is that we get off our comfortable asses and do something. Find groups to align with and support. In the past few months, I have found so many like minded people in our area and we are not going down without a fight!

Mark Levin includes this quote from General George Patton at the end of his book: ” Never tell people how to do things and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” What a great statement.

Certainly go buy Levin’s book and listen to his podcasts on Sirius Channel Patriot 125 and on other platforms. He is an amazing patriot and he will inspire you!!!!

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