You Are Dismissed…The Way They Treat the Public

What do all these things have in common?

  • Presidents
  • Senators
  • Representatives
  • Governors
  • Mayors
  • City/County Councils
  • School Superintendents
  • School Board Members
  • School/District Administrators
  • Health Department Staff

If you said “they are all people I don’t trust,” or “liars,” I can completely understand. You are not wrong. Many of them are in those groups. But, I have something different in mind.


Yes, that is correct. They work for us. Somehow, some of them have forgotten that and seem to see us as a nuisance. I saw that first hand last night.

I went to a local school board meeting with a group who will be fighting against the indoctrination of our children in our schools. It is the beginning of what will be a HUGE task for us here and for many of us nationally.

We have amazing, talented people in our group. They are well educated, accomplished, and passionate about saving our children from hate.

These are some of the actions that people who are paid by taxpayer dollars took prior to and during the meeting:

  1. A Superintendent called a constituent a liar based on the statement regarding meeting attendance from the local Health Department which conflicted with what the district was saying. The Health Department official, who I guess was trying to cover her butt and the Superintendent’s, lied about what she said. Has Covid made them better liars?
  2. The local Teacher’s Union President, who is a teacher, paid by taxpayers and whose salary as Union President is paid for through teacher’s salaries which are paid for by taxpayers, dismissed a constituent who was trying to discuss Critical Race Theory. Instead of being a normal human being and stating his points, he smirked and dismissed her with ” have a nice day.” ( Which was his way of saying “F**k you” to her.) What are you afraid of Mr. Big time Union guy?
  3. A parent spoke in the meeting to advocate for her child. As she spoke, she was rudely interrupted by the Board’s attorney, who is paid through taxpayer funds to provide legal advice to the board. God bless the parent, she kept on going and got her point across.
  4. The rest of the meeting was fairly calm, although I was a bit concerned that the system will be getting 8 million dollars from the government to do something with. Oh, excuse me, from the TAXPAYERS.
  5. Oh, and what’s the deal with the “rule” that Board members may not enter into discussion with the public during public comment? They can with employees, why not with their bosses, us?

Folks, the examples from this meeting are just tiny indicators of how our public servants view us. In their opinions, we are supposed to sit down, shut up, and let them make all the decisions. We are supposed to let them indoctrinate our children, decide what is best for our children, and stay out of it. Covid 19 has proven that they don’t even want us to make our own medical decisions.

As long as we keep footing the bill, they will do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whoever they want, and to an extent that they want.

And it seems it gets worse every day.

In all fairness, there are some public servants who get it. They respect the public. I just wish there were more of them. There are just too many who feel we are here to do their bidding.

I’ve had just about enough of that attitude. It’s all up and down the line from the feds and now into the local governments. So, I have made a decision. Whenever one of these so called ” public servants” tries to shut me down, I’m going to do what that mom did and just keep talking. I’m going to keep asking questions they don’t want asked, making points they don’t want made, and pointing out the flaws in their logic.

And at some point in the discussion I’m going to say, ” Don’t dismiss me. I pay your salary. You work for ME.”

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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