Are the Unvaccinated Like the Jews Under Hitler?

Note: Yes, I know this is extreme. Yes, I know that we are nowhere near what happened during the Holocaust. Yes, I know that the Jews had no choice about who they were. But I think this country might be on our way to doing the same to people who make an informed choice.

How many of you knew as soon as the “Covid 19 Pandemic” that there was something terribly wrong, and it wasn’t that people were getting sick right and left? I remember saying to my son that the panic was like the panic on The Weather Channel every time there was a tropical depression in the Atlantic.

And it was engineered and scripted by those who wish to control this country, our people, and ultimately, the world.

For those of you who don’t know history, Hitler rose to power because Germany, after World War I, was in economic and political shambles due to sanctions on them under the Treaty of Versailles. He rose quickly in the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, later known as the NAZI party. He then formed the SS and the Hitler Youth and promoted blaming Jews for the country’s problems. After a five year stint in jail, he came out having written Mein Kampf and continued to rally the party. When the crash occurred in 1929, the NAZI party gained strength. They used the crash to promote hatred of the Jews, as they were cited as the main cause of the problems in Germany. We all know where things went from there. Using censorship, Hitler Youth indoctrination, and the SS who executed political rivals and opponents, he gained full power, and the rest is history. Seventy-five million died because of Hitler. Many were the Jews, homosexuals, Polish, etc. that he marked for elimination.

The motto for remembrance of the Holocaust is “Never Again.”

Apparently, many have forgotten the lesson, because we are racing headlong into the same kind of scapegoating here in our country and throughout the world. I think many of us have known that for over a year now.

Things have never added up. They called it a pandemic, yet we did not see people dying left and right. Some hospitals and nursing homes were filled with patients, but others were empty. We saw lockdowns being implemented for a virus that had a mortality rate of under 2%, even less among younger, healthy populations. We saw Governors, some Republican, impose ridiculous, arbitrary closings with no actual authority. Wal-Mart could open, your local bistro could not. Schools were closed, based on nothing more than the off chance that a child could bring the disease home to grandma, even though the WHO and the CDC said OVER AND OVER that asymptomatic people could not spread the virus. People’s lives were ruined as they were bankrupted, their lives’ work destroyed. And yet, people complied.

As time went on, things made less sense than ever. Riots and racial protests were okay. Weddings, funerals, and holiday gatherings were not.

Possible treatments were not only discounted, they were forbidden to be mentioned, even when they worked. Doctors were threatened with being charged with crimes if they allowed their patients to use them. Officials asked for resperators and then decided they didn’t work and left millions in a landfill in New Jersey. And, even though masks were said to be ineffective, millions were bullied into wearing them, uselessly.

States that reopened were chided, even though their infection and death rates were the same as those that were locked down.

And then the election. Last minute changes put the integrity of the election into question.

Then, there was a hint of a vaccine. But not really a vaccine, a gene therapy that had not been thouroughly tested on animals, much less people. Both Joe Biden and his running mate said they would not take this “vaccine” because Trump was in office. They gave no rationale other than ” we don’t like Trump.”

Trump, under advisement from Fauci and other medical “experts” fast tracked the therapy which was given experimental use authorization. Drug companies went into high gear pumping out the “vaccine” even to the point where some of them did it wrong. Frontline health workers were given the treatment. Yet, there was no full court press to get it to the general public.

After the election, the tone changed. All of a sudden, Biden and Harris liked the vaccine, promoted that vaccine, got the vaccine. They gave Trump no credit for the vaccine, but acted like it just appeared when they were Fauxnaugurated. Fauci, now free to be the dictatorial ass that he is, started promoting masks, one, no two. And, he loved the vaccine. He appeared on every T.V. show, every podcast, and with every fawning teenager he could to promote it. Commercials were suddenly all over the channels with famous athletes telling people it was their duty to get the vaccine for God and country, even though most of them hate the country. Biden whispered threateningly at us in that voice a rapist would use with his victim.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of untested, unvaccinated illegals poured over the border. No problem.

But, don’t look over there, look where the Regime wants you to look. Don’t use common sense, just shut up and get the vaccine. We all see the ratcheting up of the pressure every single day. All of a sudden, there’s a variant. And of course, it’s all the fault of the unvaccinated. When you point out to them that tens of thousands of people have had adverse reactions to the vaccine since it has been out, reactions ranging from severe allergic reactions to death, they can’t hear you. Even when the British tell you that out of 140 patients in a hospital who have come in with Covid, 139 were fully vaccinated, they blame it on the unvaccinated. Not sure how that happens unless the vaccine is USELESS. It’s almost like when you tell a member of a cult that the Kool Aid has poison in it and they get mad at your for not drinking it.

But, if you say any of this online you get censored, banned, or hidden. You are accused of spreading “misinformation.”

Every day it gets worse. If you are vaccinated, why are you worried about the unvaccinated?

What is the end game? When you hear someone like Dr. Fauci, Leana Wen ( killer of millions of babies who sold their parts while with Planned Parenthood, Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, etc. propose discriminating against unvaccinated by restricting their freedoms, when you hear Commie Bill DiBlasio tell people they can earn their freedoms by taking the vaccine, and when you hear the White House say they are sending people around to your home to talk to you about the vaccine, you know there is something more at play here. It is not about Covid. And none of it is Constitutional or legal.

Then, what is it about? Well, first let’s look at the sham trial being run by Pelosi and her Democrat goons along with several “Republican” collaborators. As the testimony began this morning, we had a ” moment of silence” for DC cop Brian Sictnick, who died three days after the “siege” from unrelated illness. We had none for Ashli Babbit who was an unarmed White woman shot by a Capitol Cop. In fact, we were told the Black cop, unlike White cops who have shot armed Black men, had no choice. In fact, a Republican Congressman gave him a hug. Did he hug Ashli’s family or console them?

We have a Capitol Policeman’s voice waiver as he talks about how awful the terrorists were, how violent, how terrifying. Was that before or after he motioned them in and told them they were allowed in as long as they behaved themselves? He makes a point of telling us they were White Supremacists and violent extreme terrorists. Does that include the FBI and CIA plants? You can see where this ridiculous theater is going.

Why, I’ll bet most of those horrible terrorists aren’t even vaccinated. Is it a coincidence that we have the vaccine fear porn reaching its highest pitch at the same time? I don’t think so.

You see, Hitler did the same thing. He accused Jews of causing all of Germany’s problems while he concocted fake scenarios of violence they perpetrated against the German people. He made sure the children learned that lesson also.

And he made the Jews wear the Star of David. He put them in ghettos. He stole their property, restricted their movement, and turned the German people against them. They did finally get medical “treatment” in a great big building filled with poison gas.

Don’t think it will happen here? Then you are not paying attention. Things aren’t right in the world. This has been going on much too long. Every day is a new step in that direction.

And no one seems to want to stop it.

Pray. Often.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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