All Hail Our All Powerful New Leader Rochelle/GOP is MIA

I don’t know if you heard, but Biden is no longer the leader of our country. Neither is Harris, or Trump, or Obama, or anyone in Congress. We have a new and all powerful leader who can make decisions ALL ON HER OWN and with COMPLETE AUTHORITY.

Her name is Rochelle Walensky. You can call her “Oh Most Wonderful and Generous Leader” if you want.

What? You don’t remember this happening? Well, you could be a victim of the Mandela Effect ( look it up) where you are remember something differently than others OR you might be right. Because I don’t remember who died and left her in charge.

How do I know she is all powerful? Well, Rochelle, who was appointed by the acting “President” Biden, is head of the CDC. And in that position she gets to tell us all what to do. And we are supposed to do what she says.

During the scamdemic, landlords were prohibted from evicting people who couldn’t pay their rent under any circumstances. So, if you are a millionaire with a huge bank account and you are renting a fancy Manhattan apartment and you just don’t want to pay your rent, you don’t have to. And you landlord? Well, sucks for them. If they have mortgages, property tax, etc. to pay, they just have to deal with it. Or, they can sell their property, which brings up another scenario. More on that later.

This moratorium on evictions was put into place at the beginning of the scamdemic by Trump. It expired on Sunday evening when Congress did not extend it. The Supreme Court had previously ruled that the moratorium could only be extended by Congressional vote.

But, good old Rochelle, she didn’t care. After all, what does she need the President, the Congress or the Supreme Court. She, who has major experience sitting at a desk and pushing papers, knew what she had to do. So, she took over. It was a bloodless coup, for sure, but a coup just the same. She extended the moratorium and nationalized rental properties, much like they did in the USSR, China, and Venezuala.

Biden said the order was “most likely unconstitutional.” Then he shuffled off to his blankie, chair and pudding. After all, who was he to question Queen Rochelle, the All Knowing.

So, what about those landlords? Will their bills and mortgages be put on hold? No. And despite what many people think, many landlords are not wealthy people. Some of them invested in these properties to support their families. Some of them are retired and rely on these properties for income.

Screw them. Greedy Capitalist PIGS!

So, what will happen when their banks foreclose on those properties? Will any individual wish to purchase these properties not knowing if they can rent them or not? Doubtful. Especially when they properties are inhabited by people who won’t or can’t pay rent.

I’ll bet there are white knights out there. They are wonderful corporations called Vanguard, Blackrock and Homes 4 Rent which are buying up single family homes in record numbers. Sometimes they buy entire neighborhoods at well over market price and often pay cash, no mortgages required, thus shutting out the individual buyer who may have been interested.

Don’t believe me? Look it up. A young couple I know who are in the market have discovered that the area homes they are interested in are often on the market for mere minutes before multiple offers are made, many well over the asking price. And, while they make decent money as a young couple, they refuse to pay ridiculous prices for properties that are simply not worth it. Relatives in Texas tell me it is happening all over the state.

It seems they may never get that opportunity in the future. We are being told by publications such as BLOOMBERG, the ATLANTIC, FORBES, and BUSINESS INSIDER, that renting is “better than buying.” This fits nicely with the GREAT RESET idea of “owning nothing and being happy.” In some publications like the left wingnut publication VOX, home ownership is a symbol of imperialism and racism. So, the Marxist media is pushing the desired narrative that home ownership is BAD.

Funny that Congress, who has adjourned to their million dollar properties and summer homes, didn’t bother to act on this at all. They could have said “no more” and taken a stand towards getting everyone back to normal in the economy, even landlords. But, they didn’t. They didn’t take a stand either way, which makes them as useful as a post turtle. ( Yes, Mitch, I’m looking at you.)

And, with their non-action, they have ceded, once again, control and power to turf marking bureaucrats like Rochelle who has now marked her territory with the urine of her mandates. She who must be obeyed.

Is that fair to her? I’m not sure. Honestly, when she speaks she looks like a hostage being held by a terrorist group. All we are missing is the black and white terrorist flag behind her and a gun pointed at her head. She is clearly being told what to do and is either being coerced or paid off. Why else would she cry during announcements? ( That seems to happen a lot with these folks, even Capitol policemen, when “testify” or proclaiming. Do they know they are doing something wrong but are so afraid they do it anyway?)

At least in her case, she is a low level bureaucrat being manipulated. What excuse does the GOP have? Why aren’t they out there shouting to the high heavens about any of this? Why are we only hearing from a few of them about ANY of the tyranny of the last seven months? Why are they MIA?

Because while they are missing and silent, we, the citizens of this country are having our Constitutional rights stripped by the Bureaucratic Dictators like Rochelle.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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