Our Governor is SO Mad at Us That He is Targeting Us

My Governor, a so-called Republican who I voted for TWICE, is SO mad at us. It’s not the first time. This jolly old hobbit named Larry can throw quite an impressive tantrum.

Some background. Maryland is a perpetually blue and annoying state. I have lived here since my Dad was stationed at the Pentagon in the 70’s. In that time, we have had TWO Republican Governors. So, when Larry Hogan, alleged Republican, ran and won, I was excited. There was hope.

It was short lived. The first four years he sang the right song and did some good things. He lowered bridge tolls, and, he lowered bridge tolls, and, oh, wait that was basically all he did. It was too hard to do things. Too many Democrats and nothing he did would matter anyway. And besides, he really wanted to get along, to be bi-partisan and blah blah blah.

Then, when Covid hit, Larry saw an opportunity. Since he hated Trump ( I guess he couldn’t get along with a real Republican) and thought that perhaps HE would run for President, he hefted his rather hefty backside on the Democrat bandwagon of lockdowns and mandates. At first, he said it would only be about wearing masks and social distancing for two weeks. But then, using the virus as an opportunity, he realized he could really take control of things in this state. So, in a split second, he shut down all non-essential businesses except grocery stores. He announced it at noon. It went into effect at 5 p.m.

Surprise!!!! Hey, business owners, guess what? Sorry about your losses. Hey, employees ( except state employees who got paid the whole time) sorry you won’t have income for a bit. And of course, the wealthy, his big time donors, like Hogan, they would be fine.

Anyway, all through the summer, Hogan’s tyranny and his ego grew. He was on T.V. everywhere. He was called ” America’s Governor,” and he wrote a book. He was even touted as a presidential candidate and made a commercial and yelled at us to “Wear the damn mask.” His heroic wife flew on a plane to South Korea to buy faulty Covid tests instead of using the ones the evil Trump offered. Hey, it was only millions of taxpayer dollars. ( Where are they now, by the way?)

Eventually, people across the country caught on to what we in Maryland knew. Hogan was a fraud. And a tyrant.

So, back to the present. Yesterday, as part of the Vaccine Coercion Plan, Hogan crawled out of his hobbit hole and made an appearance. He talked about the fact that he would not make mandates EXCEPT for forcing unwanted, untested, and unapproved vaccines on State employees. A mid-speech flip flop Fauci would be proud of.

But, here is where he told me he was mad at me and others like me. He said of the unvaccinated: “You are the ones threatening the freedoms of all of us, the freedom not to wear masks, to keep our businesses open and to get our kids in school,” Hogan said.

You know, he is not only MAD at us he is now targeting us. We are the cause of all the problems. And, if Dear Leader Larry is forced to lock the state down again, it will be our fault. If anyone in the state wants to blame someone, it’s me and all the rest of us who dared to question the safety of the vaccines and refuse to take it. He, like Pontious Pilot, can wash his hands of all the bad things that might happen.

Here’s the problem with that. This is what Larry did in March of 2020. He closed businesses and schools. He caused people to lose their businesses, their livelihoods, their educational development, their life savings, their homes, and even their health as they could not go to their doctors for checkups or therapies. Some died, and not from Covid. Some committed suicide after their lives were ruined by the lockdowns. Others developed severe mental depression. None of these can be blamed on anyone but government officials including Larry who were either too stupid or too cowardly to come up with reasonable solutions that would protect people from both Covid and destruction of their lives. Or maybe they were bribed.

Larry might have forgotten, but the vaccine wasn’t around then. There were other cures and treatments for the virus, but they were ignored because the drug companies wouldn’t profit from them. And, the control thing felt so right for Larry and his ilk.

So, here’s my question and my promise to Larry. Larry, do you remember Hitler? Do you remember how he scapegoated Jews? Do you remember how the German people perpetrated violence on them, culminating with their mass extermination in concentration camps? All because ONE guy decided they were the problem and he had the solution. Is that what you are hoping for? Or are you just interested in forcing people to inject something experimental into their bodies against their will? I’ll wait for your response.

While I am waiting, here’s my promise, Larry. I WON’T COMPLY. I won’t comply with any illegal mandate or order you issue. I will not take a vaccine against my will. And, if someone perpetrates violence, attempts cancellation of rights or licenses I hold, or any other negative actions against me or my loved ones because of that, I will site your recent comments in my lawsuit against you.

I am putting YOU on notice.

( Oh, and for those of you interested, Larry II or “Kellary” as I like to call her, is running for Governor. Her name is Kelly Schulz. ( Any relation to the Sgt of the same name? Old people will know what I am talking about. )

There is an alternative. His name is Dan Cox and he really is a Constitutional Conservative.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. Wow! I did listen to Larrys speach, He said the unvacinated are the problem. Really Mr Hogan I didn’t spread this man made virus how about you go after those ppl that did.

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