Democrats, Your Stupidity and Dishonesty is Showing

You effed up. Now own it.

Sometimes the STUPID gets to be too much for me. It may be some moron “Influencer” making a fool of himself with the approval of the White House Press Secretatry. Sometimes it’s Arnold Schwartzenegger telling me, “Screw your freedom.”

But, today, some Democrats have exceeded my most extreme boundaries.

We watch our military, led by woke but incompetent General Milley and the mediocre Secretary of Defense Austin, bolt out of Afghanistan leaving billions of dollars of infrastructure and equipment to the Taliban as well as hundreds of Americans and Afghanies who helped us. At the same time Biden eats ice cream and shows his leg hair to his grandkids as he takes a “vacation” and refuses to address the American people because he is either disinterested or unable to form sentences. We see videos that are even worse than the abandonment of Saigon in the 70’s. People who try to contact Jen Psaki get an ” out of office” message.

Even the most fervent of Biden supporters ( other than deranged Pelosi) admit that his latest act is a monumental tragedy.

But, never fear, there are Biden voters out there saying, “This isn’t Joe’s fault, this was Trump’s plan.” Seriously. At least try to make sense, try to think for yourself, can you?

First of all, if you elected such a great President, why did he follow Trump’s plan? Didn’t he realize it wouldn’t work and it would put people in danger? After going through Vietnam, surely he knew the way forward? Oh, but that’s right, Biden was one of the reasons we had to evacuate people off the rooftops in Saigon. He voted against a plan to help civilians there. And, if he didn’t know couldn’t he have asked his second in command, Harris? She did so well at the border, right?

Thing is, Trump had a plan. And, it was a plan developed with the military in place, Afghanistan, etc. Yes, there was a timeline, but Trump didn’t telegraph every move we would make. And, we certainly planned on taking care of the citizens of Afghanistan that helped us. Was it a perfect plan? We will never know.

See, as partisan as they are, Biden’s military advisors TOLD HIM not to tear up Trump’s plan which had a process in place to get troops, civilians, and equipment out of Afghanistan. But like Obama said, “If anyone can fuck it up, Joe can.” He wanted so much to go against ANYTHING Trump did, to massage his dementia infected ego, he just threw the plan out and flew by the seat of his Depends covered ass. And here we are. Disaster. The loss of billions of dollars in infrastructure. The dishonoring of the sacrifice of so many. The return to Sharia law in Afghanistan, assuring that women will lose all of their rights. The proliferation of dangerous weapons left behind.

Just like the Border. And the plan to not be dependent on Middle Eastern Oil. And the economy. And every other major decision Biden has made. One big FUBAR. Admit it. You elected the worst, most imcompetent President in the history of our country, a man who is such a heinous coward that he won’t even talk to the country about this. A man who so mentally and morally incompetent. He probably couldn’t get the message out even if he tried. Not only would his brain misfire but his Depends might catch on fire from the lie.

But you. You fucked up. And even though you know it, deep inside you, you can’t admit it. You want to pretend that poor old Joe was just a victim of circumstances. To do otherwise my expose you to the derision and ridicule from the rest of us. Kharma.

You have an out, though. Since Mike Lindell proved to us that the election was fraudulent, you can now say that even though you voted for him, you didn’t elect Biden because he wasn’t really elected.

Or maybe a kind Trump supporter somewhere will sell you his MAGA hat so you can wear it everywhere. I’d be careful with that one. Most of us know what you did.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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