An Open Letter to Our Military Who Served in Afghanistan

Dear Brave Men and Women of our Military,

I am an Air Force brat. My Dad was career military and so I have a special place in my heart for you.

First, I want to apologize to you. I apologize for the actions of feckless and greedy politicians, defense contractors, and upper level military that sent you to that country to put your life on the line. While I am angry about the money that was spent and wasted there, I am incensed at the human lives who have been damaged or ruined because of this war of over 20 years. And I am furious about how they dishonored your service with the way our troops left.

My father had to go to various locations during my childhood for weeks at a time on what is called TDY. He missed events in my and my brother’s lives, but nothing like what you have missed during deployment. All the births, birthdays, children’s sporting events, anniversaries, time with elderly parents, weddings and other important life events are overwhelming to you I am sure.

And he was never seriously injured like many of you were. Again, I cannot imagine giving up a limb, sight, hearing, and mental health for a twenty year war in a country so far away. The sacrifice is horrific.

For parents who lost their precious child, Gold Star Families, my heart and prayers go out to you. I can never thank you enough or honor your child enough. I imagine what it would be like to lose one of my children.

I know you must be questioning why. Many of us are. Remember this, regardless of the dishonesty and ulterior motives of the people who sent you there, your hearts were pure. You did it for us, to protect us from terrorism. You did it for the people of Afghanistan, especially women, to help them throw off the chains of the Taliban.

You did not fail. Your sacrifice means something. It means something to us, the American people. I am sure that if the people of Afghanistan could be heard, they would thank you too. Maybe not all of them, but many.

You did us proud. My father and all the generations of soldiers who came before you are proud of you. You are their brothers and sisters.

As you come home, please hold your heads up. If you are already home, be proud of what you have done for your country. We will always be here for you and never will forget your courage and sacrifice.

We love you. We thank you. And we apologize to you for the way you have been treated. We will never forgive any of the members of this fraudulent for what they have done and are continuing to do to this country and this world. And what they have done to you.

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