While Joe was Eating Ice Cream on Vacation

Poor Joe Biden, he was so tired from everything he has done over the past seven months. Think about it. Destroying a country is pretty taxing, even when you wake up at 10 a.m., take a nap at 2, and go to bed by 7. So of course he needed a vacation, a break.

So, forgive him if he doesn’t come back to D.C. even if a country we have sent thousands of our military men and women to is suddenly and tragically collapsing and giving way to Islamic terrorists. I mean, after all, it’s so far away. And it really isn’t that big a deal if you think about it. I mean, what does he care?

Except something horrific was happening there while he was on vacation.

While Joe was on vacation eating his ice cream, the Taliban took Kabul. You remember the Taliban, right? Those Islamic Jihadists who like killing non-believers and raping little girls.

While Joe was on vacation, thousands of Afghan citizens, many who helped us while we were there, were running to the airport, onto the runway and trying to escape certain death from the Taliban. While some got into a transport plane, many others were left behind. They tried to get out by hanging off the landing gear and wings of an Air Force plane. Most didn’t last past take off. Those who did plunged to their deaths from the air. Joe was probably seeing his grandchildren, enjoying the outdoors, playing video games while that was happening. Those desperate Afghan citizens will never see their families again.

And the pilots who flew those planes will forever carry the guilt that they couldn’t do anything about it. A lifetime of nightmares.

While Joe was on vacation having a nice dinner and some wine with Jill, Afghan families cowered in their homes hoping the Taliban wouldn’t come to their door knowing they had helped the Americans while they were here. They hid their daughters for fear some Taliban men would come and claim them as their wives. Eventually they were found and their young girls were dragged off screaming. Their parents were killed.

While Joe was on vacation relaxing in a hot tub or in the pool, the Taliban were finding American weapons. They used some of those weapons to shoot and kill Afghan men and women, children and the elderly trying to escape. Or, they trapped them on the streets and kept them there without food and water. Some of them died.

Joe was mad when they asked him to come back to D.C. to talk to the American people about Afghanistan. Jill tried to keep him from having to go. Why couldn’t Kamala speak? Kamala said, ” No way bitches. You did it, you own it. ” So Jill allowed her “brave” husband to get into the comfy Marine One and fly back to the White House. She was amazed at how strong and courageous he was to leave vacation and read a statement. She tweeted about it later.

After he spoke, Joe headed back to his vacation. It had been a hard three hours. Best part was that even though he said “the buck stops here,” he was able to blame a whole bunch of other people. Trump, the CIA, the military, etc.

While Joe went back to his vacation and got another ice cream cone, fifteen thousand Americans who were trapped behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan called the American Embassy. But no one answered. The begged for help when they could get internet connections. But the State Department could only tell them to get to the airport, and that they were on their own. But, it was nice of the State Department to tell them to keep checking Twitter and Facebook for updates. The Americans hoped the Taliban would not kill them on the way. Their families here in America prayed that they would see them again.

There should have been a plan to get them out. Those had been undone by Joe months earlier. It was like he didn’t really want them to get out. And his generals let him do what he wanted.

While Joe was on vacation getting much needed rest and relaxation, he destroyed whatever good was left of a twenty year war that cost us trillions and, most importantly, American lives. On top of that, he showed the rest of the world that the United States of America was untrustworthy. He guaranteed we would never be safe from terrorists again.

I hope Joe enjoyed his vacation. I hope this selfish, egotistical, moronic man , sick piece of human waste enjoyed his time. Most of all, I hope we give him a much longer one soon. One that allows him a lot of alone time and time to sit and ponder. And a smaller room to negotiate so he doesn’t get lost.

We won’t forget Joe. We will always remember the evil you did, despite your wife’s pathetic tweets. There will be nowhere to hide. We hope you experience the fear and pain of those you screwed in Afghanistan.

Oh, and by the way, eternity is a long time. We know where you will be.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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