Avalon Apartheid

We have a local entertainment venue, THE AVALON, which is run by people who think that if you are virtue signalling, tyranny is acceptable. What is surprising to me is that the AVALON, which is all about the restoration of a small town movie theater, is their recent demand that people who attend their shows and events provide proof of a Covid Vaccine with a “vaccine passport.” I’m sure they will call it something else, but it is an app that shows if you have been vaccinated or not, so, yeah, vaccine passport. In a move that is basically segregation, the Avalon brings back the 60’s, a time when I used to walk by bus stops that were designated for “Whites Only” and “Coloreds.” All you have to do is change the words to “Vaccinated” and “Unvaccinated.”

You may deny that comparison because people have a choice to be vaccinated and people don’t get to choose their race, ( unless you are Kamala Harris.) That is true. But many of the people who are not vaccinated don’t feel they have a choice either. They have read the research and know that this vaccine has caused thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of debilitating side effects. They know that the CDC and the government have lied about its safety. So, they won’t take it no matter how many times the FDA pretends it’s safe. We’ve seen their incompetence before.

What’s interesting is that it seems this vaccine passport requirement violates the very mission of the Avalon. In that mission the foundation claims they want to “foster a strong community on the Eastern Shore by creating accessible, uplifting arts, education, and cultural experiences that appeal to the interests of a diverse population.”

I think they might want to revise that mission a bit. Maybe they could write this instead, “foster a strong community of conformists to government propaganda by creating accessible ( to the vaccinated only), uplifting ( for those who are vaccinated) arts, education, again, vaccinated only, and cultural experiences that appeal to the interests of a diverse ( except not the unvaccinated) population. It’s a bit clunky, I’ll admit, but it is more accurate. And no one will have any doubts about the beliefs and biases of the Avalon Foudation. And of course, they only do this for the COMPLETE safety of their patrons.

And while we are at it, they may want to add the words “segregate” and “divide” to describe what they will be doing to people based on vaccination status.

In that light, wouldn’t it be prudent for the foundation to extend their vaccine requirements? I think so. For example, patrons need to know there are no HIV positive people, mentally ill people, or people who have not had their MMR, TB, and Meningitis vaccines. So, let’s scrap that vaccine part and call it a “health passport. ” Better add the phrase “mental and physical health” there.

While we are at it, how can we use the passport to protect against people who might have eaten peanut butter an hour before arriving( that could trigger a person allergic to peanuts), have animal hair on their clothes or who have too much perfume on, ( that could trigger asthma.) ? Can we also scan for fleas, chiggers, or bed bugs? Shall I continue? Because if we can’t be totally safe, we shouldn’t leave home. Ever.

While I’m thinking about the Avalon Foundation, I think they had better check some of their other public events. They have a farmer’s market. Are they sure that people checking out the products are vaccinated? Do they have gloves on to protect others from germs? And, oh my goodness, when they do Plein Air, they let people from outside our community go into our towns from God knows where and paint landscapes and such. Have these people been checked for vaccine status? Maybe we should check them at the outskirts of our towns.

What I also wonder about is how are the governments that help fund the Avalon with our tax money, both from vaccinated and unvaccinated, with almost $300,000 worth of support ,allowing open and blatant discrimination against some of the tax paying citizens that fund the Foundation. Has the money of the unvaccinated taxpayer been removed from the support? Can I check a box to have that exclusion? Doubtful.

And, honestly, as I look at the Board of Trustees, I wonder how many of them are vaccinated. And I mean vaccinated against EVERY possible communicable disease which threatens our community. I look at a list that is filled with the art loving, elite of Easton. You know, the ones they take pictures of for the society page of local newspapers and magazines. Would they be willing to share their vaccination status in public so we know that no dirty unvaccinated are among their ranks? Wouldn’t want any unvaccinated making decisions about shows and programs. And, yes, I know some of you. So don’t think I won’t ask you the next time I see you.

I’ll be honest with you. I have set foot in the Avalon Theater ONE TIME in the 40 years I have lived here. Honestly, I don’t feel there is a void in my life because I don’t frequent their events. And I probably never will.

But I’ll tell you what, I value freedom and detest facism. I hate segregation by race, ethnicity, economic status, and yes, vaccination status. And I hate violating people’s rights so you can virtue signal to your cocktail party friends that you care about the health and safety of everyone. I know it’s a lie and so do you.

Next up: The Talbot County Free ( actually “unfree”) Library.

**** While we are on this topic, check out this website with a letter about electronic passports and the dangers they pose to society.

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