You Are Our Last Best Hope, And You Can Be the Next “Greatest Generation”

To all of you wonderful people, you parents who are probably in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. You may not realize it, but you are waking up to a world that is at war. a different kind of war, a war by YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT against you and your children. You may not recognize it, because it hasn’t ever really happened here in our country. But it is here.

I don’t blame you for not recognizing it. I’m not sure I would have either if I was in your place. When I was your age I was so busy raising my kids that the only way I got involved in politics was to vote. And, we thought that was enough. We should have paid better attention, but we didn’t.

We taught you lessons. And they weren’t bad lessons. They were lessons about being kind to people, treating people with respect, listening to the opinions of others, working hard, making your own way but always following the rules and the laws.

What we never taught you was how to fight to keep your freedom. We just assumed that war had been fought and won. Sadly, we didn’t even win the first battle. We let other people tell you incorrect things. They told you that our country was bad, that all white people are racist, and that making a living by doing your best was wrong.

We worried more about whether or not you got playing time and a participation trophy in Little League than if you go learned in school. We allowed the televison to raise you and the internet to consume your time and mold your minds. We wanted so much for you to attend the college of your choice that we didn’t care about what they taught and how much debt they would put you in.

Luckily, many of you have escaped that with a shred of good values and beliefs. But, like I said, we never taught you how to fight in the war that will ultimately be about who controls your lives. For that, we are sorry.

But we can make up for that. And you can learn the lessons you need NOW when you need them.

You may not realize it, but YOU have the opportunity to not just sit there while politicians and bureaucrats take control of your lives. You have the opportunity to get involved, not just in voting, but in selecting the candidates, in holding officials accountable,in questioning every thing they do, in digging deep into the rules and laws and seeing what needs to be changed. I know you are busy. I know you may have to become tougher, more focused. And I know you have families. BUT, even if you give whatever time you can to getting involved, you can really change things.

Look around you; you have people with money, people who are career politicians, who are isolated from you and your families, telling YOU what is best for you when they don’t have a clue. They tell you that this is how it has to be for us to be safe. They tell you that you can’t make it on your own without them, their money, their schools, their rules. They are dividing all of us to defeat us and take complete control.

But, just like during World War II, the young people are the ones who can fight the battles and change history. That doesn’t mean the rest of us sit back and watch. We want to fight with you. We have been where you are!! And, despite our failures in teaching you how these wars are fought, we have the knowledge of our parents and grandparents. They handed it down to us. We never knew how valuable that knowledge was. And, we know how it feels to be a parent and to worry what will happen next to our children.

The good news is that America is waking up. YOU are waking up. The people in Washington think we are stupid. That we will swallow everything they tell us as gospet. But we aren’t and we won’t. And now we all need to take the next step beyond the protesting and the posting. You need to get in the game. BE THE CHANGE.

I know many of you hate politics. I did and still do. But, I have to put that aside because I have children who this will affect for the rest of their lives. Someday, they will have children and I don’t want them to live in the mess politicians are making. It doesn’t matter the party, believe me, I have been deceived by many in my declared party. We must find REAL people who really want to make things better, not just line their pockets with money and power.

A friend of mine said, ” the world is at a precipice,” and it is. We will either submit to the totalitarian technology, political, medical, and educational powers that want to strangle us with their mandates and edicts, or we will fight for the God given rights to our own destinies, our own lives.

And while those of us in my generation can help, you are really our only hope, and the hope of your children.

They call the World War II generation the “greatest generation.” But, you know what? I think you can be your own “greatest generation.” It probably won’t be a war like WWII, but it will be one just as important to win. You are in this time for a reason. God put you here to protect freedom.

I have attached a video about Couy Griffin, a man who was held in prison for the 1/6 breach of the Capitol. If you don’t want to watch the whole story, start at 40 m for inspiration. But if you want to hear how the Government violated his rights and the rights of others, watch all of it.

Political Prisoner: The Couy Griffin Story 

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