Evil is as Evil Does

This awful departure from Afghanistan, the loss of our brave men and women, the loss of our Afghan allies, all of our expensive military equipment was clearly one of the worst military disasters in U.S. History. It is demoralizing, it is disgusting, and it is revealing.

They often say that a person’s actions speak louder than their words. If that is true, the Biden Administration, from top to bottom, is the most dishonorable, callous, and evil group of government officials ever. And I don’t say that lightly.

After the President yelled at the American people yesterday and took and then didn’t take responsibility for this mess and threw everyone except his dog under the bus, after he lied about knowing about the Taliban surge as evidenced by this July phone call with the President of Afghanistan where Biden openly bribed him to make things look better, after he spent more time at the ceremony honoring 13 dead soldiers looking at his watch and telling their parents about the death of HIS son, Beaux, people who claim they didn’t know what a soulless piece of crap this man is should know now. And they should stop denying the truth. He went so far as to roll his eyes and throw up his hands at a grieving mother who called him out. The gesture was the typical adolescent default whenever they get in trouble. Except adolescents would have more decorum and honor than this 78 year old child and feckless idiot.

And we didn’t even talk about his callous response to a plea from an Afghani citizen who saved Biden’s ass in 2008 when the Senator was stranded in a remote area of the country in a blizzard. The man wanted help getting his children and family out. Biden’s response through the equally soulless Jen Psaki? ” Hey, he’s very thankful for your help during a difficult time.. Good luck.” Talk about cold.

A close second in the shitty comment contest is when Psaki said that the Americans left in Afghanistan were actually those with dual citizenship, as if that made it better.

It doesn’t stop with Biden and his general staff. Let’s take a look at the top officials from the Pentagon, Sec. of Defense Austin, ( Idi Amin), JCOS Chairman Gen. Mark,” I’d like to be called Sweetie”, Milley; Central Command Chief General Frank McKenzie ( who was sporting a cute little mohawk type hair do), as well as the worst used car salesman in the world, Pentagon Spokesperson Admiral John Kirby, all displayed a total lack of empathy as they spewed their lies non-stop. Each one of these men should face general court martial and serious jail time. Their ambition, their gutless actions in the face of a senile President who put our forces, our citizens and now our country in jeopardy, qualifies as dishonorable at the least but mostly traitorous. They should have resigned when they heard his plans. As General Michael Flynn asked, “Why didn’t you throw your medals on the table and say, No?”

They are disgusting and I hope they end their careers breaking rocks somewhere. Perhaps we should send them to Afghanistan in exchange of our working dogs they left?

And finally, let’s talk about the so called Secretary of State Blinkin. He’s not only evil, but he is totally useless. Does he know anything about anything? I’m sorry, but isn’t it that State Department’s job to know how many Americans are foreign countries and to protect them? And that doesn’t mean sending them Tweets and Facebook messages that they should try to get through bands of evil murderers to get to the Airport.

Although, let’s not forget Mr. Blinken’s role model, Hillary Clinton, who left an ambassador in Benghazi to die. He definitely inherited her “what different does it make” attitude.

The American people have come to a point where we have to take a good, long look at what is going on. Democrats, you need to decide what is more important to you, defending this horrible man and his regime or defending our country. Republicans, especially you in D.C., you need to put your damn manners, the rules, etc. behind you and FOR ONCE, fight for us. I know some of you are. But there are a bunch of you looking around to see who will address this.

But understand this, if you don’t address this, the American people will. We are waking up and we have had enough.

I can promise you this. The people ARE waking up. We ARE seeing you for who you are. Ugly, soulless, hateful, and corrupt people without any sense of decency or honor.

Ben Shapiro nails it in this video linked below:


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