“The Kids are Used to It” – A Terrifying Admission of Menticide

At a recent local school board meeting, the Superintendent, while unveiling her 2021 school district reopening plan, made this statement regarding wearing masks and social distancing at school, “The kids are used ot it.”

This may seem like nothing, but the comment struck me so much that I wrote it in my notebook. This statement says more about where governments are taking us than any other announcements.

Think about this for a moment. How do you condition an animal to do what you want? For example, when they teach puppies to be military dogs, the trainers play loud noises like gunfire sounds, etc. to get the dogs used to hearing them so they won’t freak out in battle. The more they hear the noises, the less they are bothered by them. By the time the trainers are done, military working dogs are able to ignore many frightening sounds and do their job.

Children aren’t military working dogs, but they are using the same tactics on them. In fact, they are using these tactics on many people. There are many terms for it, conditioning, brainwashing, etc. But, a term I found most applicable is “menticide.” Menticide is defined as “the systemic effort to undermine and destroy a person’s values and beliefs, as by the use of prolonged interrogation, drugs, torture, etc. and to induce radically different ideas. ” ( American Digest; “Menticide-Illustrated and Animated,” Vanderleun, June 21, 2021)

I know what you are asking me. Am I saying our schools are torturing our children to destroy their beliefs? That sounds like a pretty harsh statement.

Yeah, maybe. But think about this. How have we gotten to this point where school systems are MANDATING that our kids, who are at extremely low risk for Covid, are trapped in oxygen depriving, disease ridden masks for six hours a day? It started with the initial fear of Covid, the ramping up of the fear, the closing of schools out of fear, the lockdown of society out of fear, and masking of the public out of fear, and now the insistence of vaccination out of fear. There was a short time of respite when the government ” gave back” the rights they never had the Constitutional power to take. But now, a second wave of fear is on the horizon with vaccine failures and so called “variants”. This is part of the process that totalitarian governments use to subjugate a population through menticide.

Another excerpt from the American Digest article: “Priming a population for the crime of menticide begins with the sowing of fear. For, when an individual is flooded with negative emotions, such as fear or anxiety, he or she is very susceptible to a descent into the delusions of madness. Threats, real or imagined or fabricated can be used to sow fear. But, a particularly effective technique is to use waves of terror. Under this technique, the sowing of fear is staggered with periods of calm, but each of these periods of calm are followed by the manufacturing of an even more intense spell of fear, and on and on the process goes.”

Sound familiar? How about when we add this again from Vanderleun’s article: ” The use of propaganda to spread misinformation and to promote confusion with respect to the threats, and the nature of the crisis, helps to break down the minds of the masses. Government officials and their lackies in the media, can use contradictory reports, non-sensical information and even blatant lies, as the more they confuse the less capable will a population be to cope with the crisis.”

Wow. Remember Fauci? Covid is not that bad. Covid is horrible. Don’t wear a mask. Wear a mask. Wear two masks. Vaccines work and you can be free if vaccinated. Vaccines don’t work and you still need to wear a mask. You must get the vaccine. And on and on. The every day citizen is left twirling in a maelstrom of conflicting and non-sensical announcements and becomes unable to determine what the truth is. The default is to believe the “authorities.”

And then, of course, the truth is suppressed.

Eventually, the insanity of the declarations of the government and their actions becomes the norm. The citizens just accept it as “this is the way things are.” It’s the “new normal.”In that state, they can be made to do anything.

So, let’s go back to our local Superintendent. With her comment, she actually shows us what is being done by totalitarians in our government via the local agencies.

Do I think she knows she is describing how menticide is working in our community? No. I actually think she is a victim of menticide. She has been given the same fear generating information by those advising her, her lawyers, the state agencies, the health departments, and the feds. It’s clear that this is what is going on since when given alternate information she has no inkling that there IS conflicting information and refuses to acknowledge or read any of it when confronted.

“Logic can be met with logic, while illogic cannot- it confuses those who think straight. The Big Lie and monotonously repeated nonsense have more emotional appeal…than logic and reason.” – Merloo, The Rape of the Mind.

It brings to mind two events at recent meetings. One of them was a young parent who was pleading for the schools to mandate masks. She had a young child who had been in several surgeries for a serious medical condition. It was her belief that having other children without masks even if her child was in a mask, would put her child in grave danger. It was hard to watch her emotional plea without having empathy for her. Would it have helped to share with her study after study that show that masks have no effect on the infection rates of those who wear them? Probably not. Think about it, if there was the smallest chance that something could kill your child, you might not want to take that chance either.

Problem is, humans cannot live freely that way.

The second incident was the statement of the BOE President at the beginning of the meeting that she was vaccinated but she was wearing a mask for OUR protection, not hers. It’s hard to judge the intent of this statement by a person who is in the medical field, though not a doctor. Was she attempting to manipulate the group or just repeating another BIG LIE that she believed? Who knows.

But here we are now with county school system mask mandates being implemented through coercion by the state and federal governments through the condidtions of grants and threats of DOJ investigations for those who don’t comply. In our county, the decision was made solely by the Superintendent contrary to policy, though certain Board members claimed it was by consensus. ( Which is confusing. If they took the time to form “consensus” in some private manner, why not just take a public vote? Are individual board members afraid to go on the record? If so, why?)

And, oh, by the way, the mandates were announced in a manner and time frame that precluded any public comment in front of the Superintendent and Board. The Superintendent apparently thinks that the communication about this that she promised is a one way street.

And now the children are getting used to it. They are getting used to masks. They are getting used to social distancing stickers on the floor. What will they get used to next? Weekly Covid Tests? Telling counselors about their parents vaccination status and beliefs about Covid? Vaccines given at school? Excluding other children from their circle of friends based on vaccine status? Different class groupings or schools based on vaccination status? Fear of hugging each other? Telling on their friends about removing masks? Turning their parents in to the “authorities?” Vaccine passports for everyone to do anything?

It’s called the mass psychosis of totalitarian societies and it has been induced many times. Think Nazi Germany, the USSR, and currently Australia and China. And, by the way, this isn’t just about Covid, it’s a campaign including CRT in schools, the election, etc.

Fortunately, there are still many people waking up, particularly parents who are NOT taking the word of authorities as it applies to the best interests of their children. They are fighting; with researching the facts, stating their opinions, protesting, and even removing their children from government schools in favor of private schools and homeschooling. Those who are remaining in the public schools system are NOT giving up the fight. They are exploring school board and state policies and pointing out how they are being not only ignored but violated. Some are running for school board.

It won’t be easy. People with power rarely give it up easily, and those who are in a state of denial about their damaging actions fight even harder. Let’s not even think those with evil intent will go away quietly. And the population who are either misinformed, disinterested or too busy to find out the truth, will either dismiss them, shut them down, or ignore them.

” The masses have never thirsted after the truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”-Gustav Le Bon, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind.”

Sounds scary doesn’t it. Like we can’t win. But, I do believe there is something we have on our side. As I told a parent the other day, never get between a “momma bear” and her child or underestimate the amound in of fight in a parent. You will lose EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Link to the quoted article and a video on the topic of menticide:

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