How Masking Your Kid, Firing Nurses, the Border and Afghanistan are All Connected

With all that is going on right now, it is so easy to get focused on one issue, one outrage, one nonsense decision. It’s like a game of Whack-a-Mole, where we try to hit each issue as it pops its head up. Eventually, in the game, the issues come faster and faster until we can’t keep hitting each issue because we are too busy with others.

But, if you take a moment, sit back, and leave the game they set in front of you, you begin to see the connections between all the issues and you realize the bigger issue at hand. More on that later.

Let’s look at each issue one at a time with a cause/effect lens. The cause tells us why government/private industry is doing what they are doing and effect is what happens as a result.

Taking a look at the whole mask mandate issue with the government schools, I have pointed out in previous blogs that it is all about the money. This is certainly true, since local school districts are getting millions from the government IF THEY WILL IMPLEMENT mask mandates as well as teach Critical Race Theory. ( If you don’t know what that is, it’s racism.) So, that is one motivation at the local level and it is why you see the school systems falling all over themselves to implement this nonsense while proclaiming it is ” for the safety of the children.” It’s why the parents’ voices are meaningless to them and no facts sent to them regarding the dangers of children wearing masks make an impact.

BUT, at the higher level, the intent is different. To see that, let’s look at the effects of children wearing masks, social distancing, etc.

Anectodal examples from parents tell us that their children are depressed, they are getting skin infections, they are frightened, they hate school, they are not learning, all from wearing masks all day. Science ( actual real science) tells us that more children are adversely affected by wearing a mask long term than children who actually contract Covid. In a study conducted by RESEARCH SQUARE, 53% of children suffer more headaches, 50% have more trouble concentrating, 49% are “less happy”, 44% are more reluctant to go to school, 42% suffer malaise, 38% have impaired learning, and 37% suffer increased drowsiness and fatigue. This is well above the 3% infection rate for teenagers and 2% of young children ( American Academy of Pediatrics).

Knowing that, why would the government be so intent on these mandates? Perhaps the results we are seeing are the ones the government wants. Think about it, kids with psychological issues warrant hiring more mental health counselors. And, in typical government school fashion, if the kids don’t achieve academically, the school systems will claim they don’t have the funding to improve academic performance. It’s the never ending snake chasing it’s tail. This is why Superintendents answer emails with these scientifically proven facts by saying, “I just follow what the CDC says.” But, there is a third result that is much more insidious. I’ll address that later.

THIS JUST IN: Check out this link about schools getting contracts for testing children for Covid:

And another link about who influenced the CDC to tighten school mask mandates. And you thought it was science!

Let’s move to hospitals and their mandates that all employees be vaccinated or be fired, or face testing every so many days and turned into a leper. In our town, the hospital is due to lose 400 nurses and staff. This is in a small hospital that can barely meet the needs of its constituents when fully staffed. This is happening all over the country. One Maryland hospital that is promising to fire staff is already advertising for FOREIGN nurses/staff. They will pay for their living quarters, food, moving expenses and in some cases give a large “signing bonus.” Why would they do this?

Again, you have to look at the bottom line. Many hospitals and doctors get money from drug companies such as Pfizer, Moderna, etc. It’s hard for these hospitals to encourage citizens to get the shot when their own staff won’t. That can’t make big pharma happy. So, if they get rid of staff and hire cheaper foreign staff, they cut their expenses, can mandate all new staff to have the vaccine, confidently tell the public that their entire staff is vaccinated, and the drug companies will continue to make money and kick it back to the hospital. Everyone is happy, well except for the fired staff and the patients getting substandard care.

It doesn’ t end there, but like I said, you’ll have to wait for it.

The Border. It is such a major issue it gets it own title with no explanation except it’s a tragedy. Sort of like Madonna and Cher. Millions of illegals stream over the border, no Covid testing, no vaccination, and thousands of unaccompanied minors who have disappeared suddenly. Everyone gets free benefits and some currently are living in hotels paid for by, guess who, the taxpayers. We can’t afford to help the homeless, even homeless vets, but we can do this. Again, what is the intent?

There are several. First, these illegals will become voters in states where no I.D.’s will be required and the Democrats are sure they will vote for Democrats. Second, they will spread Covid in states like Texas and Florida and hopefully make those Governors look bad as well as prolong the “Covid Cult Crisis.” But there is another puzzle piece that will be explored.

And finally, the disaster that is Afghanistan. While Joe Biden enjoyed ice cream, the favorite snack of the senile, our soldiers were killed, hundreds of Americans were left in a country controlled by the terrorist Taliban, thousands of unvetted Afghans were shipped to this and other countries, and over 80 billion dollars of high tech military equipment was left behind. Blinken, Milley and Austin lied about all of it and allowed the Alzheimer Patient in Charge to diminish our standing in the world and our safety at home. Why?

Some say Joe wanted to do it this way as a tribute to 9/11 victims. But, quite frankly, he is too focused on his own delusional ” legacy” for that to be the case. After all, he can only tell the families of lost service members about his son Beau and how he died. So, no empathy there. Some say it was to demolish another plan created by Trump out of spite. More plausible.

But none of these address the fact that the State Department stranded Americans and dual citizens of the U.S. and Afghanistan in favor of unvetted “refugees” who may or may not be terrorists and who bring “child brides” with them. And then we have the whole China thing and the vast mineral wealth of Afghanistan. ( Did I mention the fact that both Joe and his crack head son Hunter own part of a company that trades these minerals?)

And why the lying by Blinken, MIlley, and Idi Amin ( Austin)? It’s not like we can’t actually find the truth. Again, you need to see the entire game and not just the individual Whack-a-Moles.

So, let’s look at the puzzle as it all works together. It’s all about one word. Replacement. What do I mean?

Schools: The schools want two things replaced, mouthy parents and people who think for themselves. The mouthy parents will either give up or they will remove their kids from the government schools. What will be left will allow the schools to do whatever they want to the children. And the children will be taught to fear each other, to fear getting sick, and to blindly follow authority. The content taught in schools will be useless content, no math, no reasoning, just government propaganda. Just like China.

Hospitals: If hospitals can effectively eliminate all health care workers who question Big Pharma and it’s costly procedures and drugs, they can have a clear road to crash the medical system and implement universal health care. At that point, the American people will lose complete control of their health care decisions and will be subject to government medical intrusion. Can’t wait for the death panels, can you?

The Border: The border and allowing millions of illegals into this country is crucial in the bigger picture. It’s not like the illegal population is coming here ready to do needed occupations and pay their own way, well, except for the cartels. The cartels are fairly self sufficient with their drug and human trafficking businesses. They make billions. Unfortunately, that money only benefits them, not the economy, not the poor, not even the tax rolls. But, back to the other illegals. They will be a drag on the U.S. economic system that will devestate our country with their demands and need for schooling, medical care, housing, and welfare. But, don’t worry, the illegals will be happy with whatever the government gives them. They don’t know freedom, or independence, or Constitutional rights. A great group to indoctrinate!

By the way did I say anything about the US running out of cash in October? Ask Janet Yellen, she’ll tell you. But it’s okay, we can just borrow more. People five generations from now can pay for that!

Afghanistan: And while the other pieces are being put in place, our withdrawal from Afghanistan assures certain things that will help the government become more totalitarian. First, with this ONE event, Biden has alienated us from our allies, made us look like cowards, proven his weakness to China, Russia etc. , and demoralized our military. Like police in big cities, they will leave in droves and we will be undermanned and underprotected against attack. This is where the refugees come into play. Since they are unvetted, the regime can create it’s own police and military forces loyal to them, not our Constitutiion. They will be from the ranks of those who were evacuated. Again, they come from a culture where law really doesn’t exist unless it is Sharia.

And the regime, the New World Order, the PharmaTech oligarchs, they will have just what they wanted. Full and complete control over a managed population.

You might think this is crazy. After all, won’t these happenings hurt those currently in power? Not most of them. Sure the useful idiots among them won’t last long. Biden? I mean, come on, his usefulness is way past it’s sell by date. But the rest will be part of the ruling elite.

And that’s what the whack-a-mole is all about.

Wow. That’s depressing.

Except for one thing. Whack-a-Mole only works if we let it. If we give it power, feed into it, follow the moles as they jump up. But we don’t have to. There are more of us than them. We can challenge them locally, state wide, and nationally and block everything they try to do. We can surround them on all sides and work together to knock them down

And then we can pull the plug on the Whack-a-Mole game.

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