Big Talk Out of the White House: Will You Side With Freedom or Facism?

Remember that the NAZIS relied on collaborators. Normal, average people who did evil things in order to stay out of trouble with tyrants.

I really can’t stand Jen Psaki. Or Joe Biden. Or Kamala Harris. Or really anybody in the Biden regime. It’s not just their arrogant disregard for the Constitution and their lack of empathy. It’s really because they act like, well, Nazis.

I know, I know, they are Democrats so they can’t be Nazis. Only us redneck, Conservative, knuckle dragging Trump deplorables can be Nazis. Except if you put their actions next to ours you find that they fit the description much better. They have shredded the Constitution and our rights at every opportunity. They have actively divided people by race, gender, political beliefs, religion and now vaccine status. They are creating a new two tiered system where some citizens will be able to live their lives and others will have to either submit to the medical rape of their bodies or never be able to live normally again.( And, by the way, you want to get the vaccine, get it. But don’t force me to. )

You think I am exaggerating? I’m not. Jen Psaki, the annoying “up” talker who can’t answer a question without lying or contradicting herself, was announcing today that Biden( i.e. Senile Hitler) would be instituting new rules regarding Covid 19 and vaccine status and that they would ask private businesses to take more drastic measures. When a reporter asked if these measures would interupt the lives of American citizens. Psaki answered, ” Not if they are vaccinated.” Wow. Discrimination anyone?

Before I address the title of my blog entry, let me digress on Ms. Psaki, one of the most evil people in this regime. I wonder if her middle name is Goebbels. I say that because she KNOWS what is going on is wrong, it is false, and it is ruining this country. But, day after day, she runs her self out there and shamelessly spews the poison of the Biden regime. Ms. Psaki, I have one thing to say to you. You will look in the mirror one day and see your face, the ugly face of a twisted liar who traded her soul for a position of what she thinks is power and importance. You have NO power over me. NONE. At some point, you will be judged by a power you can’t even imagine. It won’t end well.

But, back to the point. Mr. Biden, who apparently is over the Afghanistan debacle, the death of thirteen members of the military, and the fact that Americans are trapped over there because of him and his state department, is going to suspend the rights of American citizens because, well because he thinks he can. And the drug companies want him to.

Perhaps Mr. Biden has brain freeze from all the ice cream he eats ( is that possible when you only have a few brain cells?) Or maybe someone communicated this next step over his ear piece. Or maybe he is just a tyrannical old man. Who knows. Occum’s Razor says the simplest answer is usually the correct one. Biden is just a psychopathic tyrant.

One thing I do know is that I will not comply with his illegal and stupid orders. I won’t put something in my body that I think could be harmful or deadly. I don’t care what he says or does. Can’t go to concerts? Okay. Can’t go to sporting events? Ho hum. Won’t be able to grocery shop? Delivery works. I will die on the hill of defending my God given rights.

That’s right Joe. You may have dementia fueled delusions that make you God, but I refuse to participate. Self proclaimed deities go by a different name, they are called “dicators.” We aren’t supposed to have those here.

Even more insidious than this regime’s total disregard for our rights is that some people, people I have sat across the table from, think this is okay. They have the nerve to call themselves Conservatives. They say they support the Constitution.

It happened recently. After some discussion of different mandates, vaccine passports, etc. this person made this statement, ” I know people who have gotten very sick or who have died from Covid. It’s serious. So, I don’t see why you are upset about these measures.” Hmmmm…so you have an asterick next to the Bill of Rights? Not me.

I was astounded, especially since this person, who is a lawyer, should be about protecting rights, not infringing on them for every emergency, real or imagined. What was even more amazing was that this supposedly educated person was totally oblivious to all the facts about Covid, masks, and vaccines. I guess the media censorship has kept him in the dark. Maybe he’s too busy to research. Or maybe he would rather not know. Ignorance is bliss?

So, why should I care if others get it or not?

Here’s why. If the Biden regime, the Hogan regime in Maryland, my county’s regime, or any public business decides that they can take away my rights and the rights of any other citizen, where will people like this guy be? Will they participate in the denial? Taunt and shame those of us who will not comply? Cheer while we are taken off to “Quarantine camps?” Based on our conversation, I think I know and it isn’t pretty. Problem is that once they infringe my rights for Covid, what’s to stop them from infringing the rights of others for some other “emergency”? This guy might find himself in trouble for exercising his freedom of speech or religion. And those of us who have been shunned and purged from society won’t be there to stand up for him. Based on his attitude, he’ll comply without so much as a whimper. Welcome to the New World Order, Bud.

Good news is that I have other friends and acquaintances who feel like I do. We will defend our rights and the rights of others with passion and commitment. We won’t comply with tyranny, no matter the excuse. I don’t know how many of us there will be. I don’t know if I will lose friends or relationships with family over this, but the Constitutional Rights and Freedoms of every American are CRITICAL for all of us.

In the most difficult of times, Americans usually come through. They won’t allow others to be abused by over reaching governments. We have seen it in other countries as well; Canada, France, Australia and Brazil have experienced tyranny much more than we have and they are out in the streets in droves. I know our citizens can do the same.

There was a quote last year regarding these dictatorial politicians and bureaucrats. “They won’t be able to walk the streets safely.” I’m not condoning or encouraging violence. But, those who wish to take away the rights of others might find their rights taken first.

Remember my statement about collaborators in Nazi Germany at the top of the blog? Many of those people ultimately paid the price for the betrayal of their friends, family members and neighbors, if not in this life, probably in the next one.

You may want to think about that when you choose sides. Biden isn’t the final judge, no matter what his deranged mind tells him.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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