Oxford Housing Plan for Illegal Immigrants

For those of you not from the state of Maryland, this is in reference to my town of Oxford. It is filled with wealthy Joe Biden voters.

I have a super idea! It will solve the problem of where to put all the illegal aliens from Haiti ( who, by the way, are not the ones who were in the recent Hurricane, these are mostly ones who have been living in South America for their opportunity to come to the U.S. where everything is FREE!). Actually, this might solve our illegal immigration problem completely.

There are people living in the People’s Republic of Oxford who have million dollar waterfront homes that are much too large for them. And even some of those that aren’t waterfront but still big and roomy. They have no children, so rooms are empty. I know they also have guest rooms. They have big yards and are very well off. Did I mention that they were Biden voters and are totally on board with “no borders?”

Imagine if you will, the old lady on The Strand who loved Joe Biden so much, or the one who had a sign out that said, ” Joe Knows Us.” Or even some of the neighbors close to me who really don’t use their homes very much, just for an occassional visit. These homes would be perfect and could probably house two, possibly three families. I know a gentleman and his wife about a half mile from me who have a huge yard, room for chickens, and a wonderful garden. And, the illegals can learn sign making.

With their access to the water, the illegals would be able to go out and fish if they wanted, or get on a boat and cruise around. They might also help you get rid of that nasty squirrel problem you have! The yards are big and lush, and I am sure the illegals would enjoy a barbecue on the weekends.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Will the Trump voters in Oxford take in the illegals? Well. No. Do you really want these wonderful new Americans exposed to us evil, non-vaccinated, anti-mask Trump supporters who talk about freedom, being law abiding, and hard work all the time? Of course not. Why, the illegals might get the idea that ALL Americans are like us. We wouldn’t want that.

While we are talking about the vaccine status of citizens, there is something that will cause some hardship for the new host families. After all, Jen Psaki told us that the illegals have NOT been vaccinated since they “aren’t planning on staying here long.” I’ve seen many of you riding in your cars with masks on, walking down the street with your masks on and moving over when I walk by you, sans mask. If you are going to have these folks in your home, I’m afraid that even though you ARE vaccinated, you will have to wear a mask and quarantine when these folks come. And, until two weeks after they have had their second dose, it’s going to have to be that way. And please, since you have been exposed, don’t go out. Don’t forget to get your booster like Uncle Joe demands!

Oh, and if you get any of the unvetted from Afghanistan, you may want to check your measles and other vaccines.

I know you can’t wait to share your home, food, money, etc. with these illegals. I know that this might be a financial burden on you, but what the hell, you voted for that right? Or were you one of the people who just voted against Trump? Doesn’t matter. You got rid of mean Tweets. The least you could do is support the millions of illegals Joe is bringing here. Hope you don’t mind. After all…

Elections have consequences. Fraudulent elections have even bigger consequences.

Have fun with that.

BTW – Christmas is coming. You might want to buy some extra gifts. And recommend this relocation project to your wealthy friends in Easton who also voted for Joe.

DISCLAIMER: A word of warning. Many of these people who came from Haiti are used to a country filled with crime and corruption. You had better learn French Creole..

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