Bribing Kids to Get the Vaccine and Segregation by Health Status


“The highest form of witchcraft is not the lie. The highest form of witchcraft is the truth stated in the form of a lie.”

I heard that quote the other day during a podcast. It was a fundamentalist preacher whose name I don’t remember. I didn’t get it at first until he shared that sometimes a statement which is true can be used to promote a bigger concept that is a lie. By using the truth in the lie, many can be made to believe the lie.

I saw that last night at a County Council meeting. It was my second one, and I am really getting a great glimpse into the dynamics of this county and why we are in such a mess. Others are waking up as well.

Much of the beginning of the meeting was spent in recognition of some special people, those who have given so much to our county in service. This is always a special moment and it is a glimpse into what makes our country great. The body of the meeting was about administrative motions and votes.

Then the council was visited by the County Health Department Maria McGuire. Disclaimer, I am going to state some truths that may seem unkind. These truths are based on my observations and the observations of others. I’m sure Maria is a nice, highly educated, professional person. I’ll just leave it at that.

Her presentation began very professionally with charts, stats, numbers, statements about the “changing nature of Covid.” She lamented that our county seemed to be experiencing a surge in cases and that many of these cases were among the younger population. Then she went on to say that the surge was mainly among the “unvaccinated” and she made a statement that all countries with the higher populations of vaccinated citizens were doing much better than those that have lower numbers of vaccinated. ( This is a lie, see two links at the bottom of the blog.) She talked about how school had started and those darn little germ factories on feet were just spreading this crap to each other like crazy.

In her comments she slipped in a few comments about how mask mandates for everyone needed to be instituted and we need to continue to push that vaccine ( the one that doesn’t protect you or others and doesn’t last) for all ages so we could all go back to normal. I wonder where we have heard that before? Oh, and the booster. There’s always the booster.

Then, one brave council person, Laura Price, who was obviously really paying attention, asked a question. It was a question that Mary didn’t expect. Laura asked about why natural immunity wasn’t being addressed in any of the data.

The squirming started. Maria said that’s because the immunity was to Covid 1.0 and would not help against Covid 2.0. Insert screeching tire sound here.

Laura sat up a bit because she saw the problem here. So, she asked, “Well, then if Covid 2.0 is so different, why would the vaccine for Covid 1.0 work? Isn’t it the same thing as having immunity?”

Uh oh. No one was expected to question this contradiction. Second screeching tire sound.

So, squirming and giggling, Ms. McGuire started rattling off strings of so called “science words” that we poor dumb Eastern Shore bumpkins would never understand. And she closed it with this, ” We are still learning so much about Covid and it just changes constantly. And, science.” (paraphrase). That was given with a knowing chuckle. And she followed that up with something about “misinformation” from those who disagree.

Sometimes what a person doesn’t say reveals as much or more as what they do say. Not once during her presentation did she mention the adverse effects of the vaccine as detailed on the CDC’s own VAERS database. It’s hard to ignore 700,000 in nine months, but she did. Thousands died. Was the CDC spreading misinformation????

She also neglected to mention a new initiative in our schools that the Health Department has started. More on that later.

She did reference the county Health Department’s website. This is the very same website that, just a month ago, used the wrong colors on a graph. The graph showed that more vaccinated people were getting Covid than unvaccinated. When this was pointed out to her she claimed it was a clerical error. Uh huh. It was “corrected.”

She gave some misinformation. The most obvious was when she described the county schools sending kids home for quarantine after they had been tested for or shown symptoms of Covid. This is NOT what is happening. Ask the parents of children who have been sent home for ten days on the premise that they MIGHT have been exposed to Covid infected people. She also didn’t seem to know that they were not able to get virtual learning while home. It’s not her job. I get it.

Another strange omission was a program at the high school that gives kids $50 gift cards if they have been vaccinated. They have to show proof.

I wonder why this wasn’t shared? I mean, if you are a true devotee of the vaccine, shouldn’t you be shouting this from the rooftops? “Look at what we are doing, paying kids so they will get the shot!!!!” Wouldn’t she think this is something the council and public should know?

Funny how people don’t tell you things they don’t want you to know.

It’s okay though, because as one fawning councilman, not the person asking questions, made sure to tell everyone how many degrees from Ivy League schools Ms. McGuire has. And how accomplished she is. And how lucky we are to have her in this county. My question is, if she has all those qualifications, what is she doing in this little county? Why doesn’t she have her own medical practice? These are honest questions, not a questioning of her educational and medical pedigree. Maybe she just loves the area. I will say that sometimes degrees do not directly correlate with intellectual or professional competence.

Here’s the bottom line. Regardless of how many charts, stats, etc. people with degrees throw up on the screen, when they make contradictory and non-sensical statements, it’s not science. It’s just B.S. And it is the “party talking points.”

Funny thing is, later on in the meeting, nurses who work in the hospital and have for decades, some who will lose their jobs on October 1st after working non-stop with Covid patients since this whole thing began, gave more compelling, coherent, and honest presentations than the Health Department head. They didn’t need charts and graphs to tell us that they know this is not a pandemic. They know Covid is serious, but they also know that the media and others, have misinformed the public about what is actually going on. Hence the requirement for health workers who were once heroes to get vaccinated even when they question its efficacy and safety. The usual response from people like Ms. McGuire and hospital administrators? “Shut up and get the vaccine.” ( No, she did not actually say that. )

So, let’s talk about what is going on in the schools. The data from the local health department showed approximately 40 positive Covid tests in the schools this past week. Meanwhile, in a system of slightly over 4,500 students, 290 of them have been sent home for 10 days with worksheets and Youtube videos. Not the virtual learning of last year, but an unsatisfactory solution that will put these students behind academically. Is no one in the system able to see the problem and fix it? Or do they want it to continue?

Reports from parents are shocking about other things going on. Imagine this, your kid is sitting in their classroom, maybe homeroom, and the teacher asks for all kids who are vaccinated to raise their hands. Are you like me, wondering why a teacher needs this info? Is the teacher doing a poll? Planning to separate kids? Trying to convince kids to get the vaccine? Which content area would this question fall under?

I also wonder why a child needs to tell a teacher this information. Is this teacher giving medical advice? Hope not since I am sure none of them are medical professionals. At the very least this is an inappropriate activity. At it’s worse it is an invasion of privacy and a way to divide the kids. Do they also ask kids to raise their hands if they have had an abortion? Had an STD? Curious.

And then, let’s folllow that up with the $50 bribe for kids to get the jab. I’m not sure how this is being handled. I’m told the money is coming from the Health Department. Are they announcing it every day? Are they calling kids down to the office to show their vaccine card in order to get their $50 gift card? I also wonder if they list the possible negative health effects while making the offer. “Hey kids, come get your $50 for having gotten the vaccine. Don’t worry about the possible nasty side effects that could impact your health for the rest of your life.”

I know they don’t read the list because the Health Department website doesn’t list many of them, especially myocarditis. If it’s not on their website, they are not sharing it with the students.

Seems the schools and the health department might be bribing kids to take a vaccine without supplying needed info for informed consent. And, I’m not sure minor kids can give that. The concept sounds familiar. Tuskeegee anyone? Look it up. It was another “government” medical initiative.

Let’s not even mention the Nuremburg Code.

And, since the Health Officer didn’t mention it in the County Council meeting, I wonder if they just want to keep it a little secret between them and the kids. Creepy.

But I’m sure Larry Hogan, Joe Biden, and all the other vaccine junkies will applaud the effort. And I know that some of the council members, blinded by the dazzling light of fancy degrees, will give her a fancy commendation or something. Right after they institute vaccine passports.

(Oh, and by the way, why hasn’t this been included in Strive for 25 and announced at the Board of Education meeting?)

Posted on the Talbot County Health Department website. Doesn’t look like all the side effects.

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