Trickle Down Inhumanity

I sat in a room with twenty nurses and other health workers and I was enraged. These amazing people, who, for their entire careers and through the entire pandemic, had sacrificed and risked so much for their patients, were being treated so cruelly by the health organization they worked for. All because they didn’t want to be forced to take a vaccine that is not safe in order to keep their jobs. Threats of firing, segregation, intimidation, and even shunning from their co-workers. Inhumanity perpetrated in the name of fake humanity.

It seems to be the hallmark of the Biden regime. From day one, I saw a total disconnection of the people in the regime from the people they serve, us. It was almost as if they were the monarchs of old, living in their castle, away from all of us. We were the serfs, they were the cold, uncaring masters. The list of inhumane acts are enormous. Destroying the jobs of thousands in a split second. Allowing hundreds of thousands of illness riddled, unvaccinated, unvetted illegals across the border unchecked to terrorize the local communities and strain the already depleted social welfare state. Leaving Afghanistan overnight and stranding allies and Americans to the brutal Taliban. Forcing our military into mandatory vaccines or face dishonorable discharge. Keeping hundreds of protestors jailed unconstitutionally in extreme, inhumane conditions. Working with social media to violate the free speech of millions. I could go on and on.

All perpetrated by a senile placeholder, his cackling side kick, and a cadre of treasonous generals, FBI, and cabinet officials. And let’s not forget the collaborative House and Senate. And I mean both parties.

The phrase “trickle down” was one coined in the Reagan years. It was applied to economics and was the theory that if those at the top of the economic pyramid did well, the positive effects would “trickle down” to those below. If a company did well, wages would be increased, more employees would be hired, etc. Another way to say it is, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” The Reagan Presidency was a good one for the American economy as the theory did work, much to the chagrin of the Communists.

We can apply this theory to the inhumane attitudes that are becoming more prevelant in our country. But now the trickle down is sinking our country. It started with the Covid scam in 2020; it has spread in a torrent this year under the Biden regime. In 2020, it was the occassional mask “Karen” or idiotic Covid cultist screaming at someone for a mask that had slipped off their face. It morphed into families not being able to see ill loved ones, loved ones in nursing homes, or go to funerals. Now it has ( to steal a phrase from race baiters) systemic inhumanity modeled by those in charge. The regime provides the script, the state and local governments read the lines.

In our state, the inhumanity was implemented first by our Governor, who, for whatever reason, decided to close our economy and ruin the lives of so many in twenty-four short hours. There was no regret, remorse, nor concern expressed by the Governor. Rather it was an uncaring attitude that all citizens would do as told or else. The attitude got worse as the year went on and the vaccine was created. Citizens were broke, businesses were dying, but state workers were getting paid. And our Governor totally checked out. Well, except for when he was patting himself on the back during television interviews on CNN et al. But the vaccine was the answer!

At first the vaccine would only be given to those on the front lines of the Covid treatment. Then the elderly were added. Biden and his minions, Wallensky and Fauci, began insisting that all people get the vaccine so we could go back to ” normal life.” Before we knew it, we were being prodded every day to “get the jab.” Commercials, statements by Hollywood, athletes, etc.At the same time we were told not to pay attention to the possible debilitating side effects and death hidden behind the curtain of the mainstream media and social media censorshp but listed daily on the VAERS reporting website.

But as the facts came out that the vaccine didn’t keep the vaccinated from getting Covid or spreading Covid, the inhumanity switch was turned all the way up. Why? Because the people were seeing the lie behind the curtain. So, people were being forced to show vaccine passports in big cities like New York and Los Angeles if they wished to dine out, get a beer, or go to a large event. VAERS? What was that? The vaccinated began to ridicule and even threaten the unvaccinated.

Locally, hospitals told their most loyal workers that they would either get the jab or be fired. The administration of these hospitals lied to the public, telling them that it was the rush of Covid patients that was now stressing their services. They backed that up with the allegations that the non-compliant staff had abandoned their patients due to their selfishness. Who cared if they ruined the lives of these workers? Got to break a few eggs, right? Inhumanity.

It wasn’t just hospitals. The local government officials, school boards, county councils, etc. decided it was time to ignore those they serve.

So what if masking children was damaging to them physically and mentally? So what if they had to send students home for ten days for the sniffles or a brief contact with a Covid positive person? Did it matter that they no longer had virtual learning in place to support those students? No. That was what was designed to make sure the next mandate could be justified. And, we know that there will be a vaccine that even the FDA may not approve for use in children but the CDC will push. The FDA will be overruled by the monetarily motivated, big pharma owned CDC. And of course, there’s the matter of 8 million in federal grants to Talbot schools which will demand it. ( AS A SIDE NOTE: In a system of 8 schools, 290 students have been quarantined in the past week. That is out of approximately 4,600 students. These are not Covid positive students, but contact traced for possible contact. They have no symptoms.)

And please, don’t complain or send information. It is not worth their time.

And the local officials blame it all upstream and pretend they care. They smile and congratulate themselves with how THEY have dealt with the pandemic and made little children “used” to being masked and afraid. Kids will get used to viewing others as “dangerous.”

Meanwhile, the county council spends its time on the debate to move a piece of stone and statue from the courthouse lawn because it reminds some of a bad time in U.S. History. After all, perception is more important than reality; being inoffensive is more important than actually helping people use negative times in history to learn valuable lessons.

They don’t have time to deal with people who worry about the effects of the school board and health department’s mandates on children, or with medical workers who will be eliminated and replaced with foreign staff or staff that has not completed the necessary education to do their jobs. What does it matter if nurses who haven’t been in an operating room for years suddenly have to man those surgeries, with the hope they don’t kill someone by mistake. Inhumanity, spreading like lava.

I could go on. But I think we only need to look at Australia to see where this is going. Every day we see police beating people and shooting them with devastating rubber bullets for non-compliance with mask mandates or lockdowns. And they haven’t even implemented vaccine passports yet.

And that will be where the inhumanity will be on full display as passports are mandated. Already in cities like New York and Los Angeles, the vaccinated have become the socially acceptable; the unvaccinated, lepers. Some will relent and get the vaccine, but those who don’t will feel the constant tightening of the screws to either get them to comply or to kill them. Obedience is the goal.

Local officials have assimilated inhumanity well. After all, these are just faceless numbers of people who need to do what government officials say. NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED ! And the upper levels of government gave them persmission for this attitude. All in the name of safety from a virus that 99% survive with no after effects.

The bottom line of inhumanity doesn’t stop there, though. Get ready. Pretty soon people will begin taking sides against those who are unvaxxed. They are already on social media, wishing death on them, laughing if they die from Covid, banning them. They proclaim that they don’t care if someone gets beaten or can’t be part of society. They, the holy vaccinated are superior. The master race. Scary, huh?

I experienced a little taste of this recently. While at a party with my husband at an outside restaurant, a woman and her husband sat next to me. While talking, we somehow came upon the topic of the vaccine. She asked me if I had taken it. I don’t know why I even answered, but I did and said “no.” She actually picked up and moved her chair five feet away from me. She blamed it on her ” co-morbidities.” Funny, I have never met a person who blamed blatant rudeness on co-morbidities. Did I also mention that she walked around and talked to various party goers who were non-masked the rest of the time? Did she ask them about their vax status? She was certainly within a foot or two of each. Maybe she knew? Do they have little Vaxxed Only parties?

I’m not sure. Maybe she just needed an excuse to get away from ME, a non-believer. I’m not a member of the Covid Cult.

I will say this. It’s hard to fight people who have no humanity left. Look at those stuck behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, where they have resumed chopping off heads and other body parts of those who allied with us or adopted freedom. They have hung bodies in public to show the people their intent. Even harder when those inhumane people have money and power, i.e. Biden, Gates, Soros, Schwab, etc. and pretend to give a damn, when their real goal is to reduce the population and remove basic rights.

That doesn’t mean we give up. Remember, Hitler was inhumane. We defeated him. KIng George III was inhumane. We defeated him.

We will defeat them. We have to. I think of all those medical workers who have taken care of us for so long, and they deserve to have us fight for them. And I realize it won’t stop with them. Or the military. Or the first responders. It will be our children, regardless of the long term damage.

And they have not seen us fight for our children.

We will win because we have to. And, we someone on our side they don’t. God. And God always wins.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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