Who are the REAL Terrorists?

In thirty years of teaching, I never considered any parent a terrorist. And, believe me, anyone who has taught as long as I did will tell you, when parents disagree with you, they can get angry. Sometimes they get angry about silly things. But I would never have called them terrorists.

Recently we saw the National Association of School Boards send a letter to the Department of Justice whining about how awful parents have been; complaining, yelling, and in some cases, “threatening,”school board members. They are demanding action from the Attorney General to stop these “domestic terrorists.” And, in the fashion of any good government hack, Merrick Garland, Attorney General of the United States, without any concrete proof or examples of said terrorism, unleashed the Keystone Cops, I mean the FBI, on these parents. After all, what else do they have to do? It’s not like there are real crimes going on.

But, I guess when the AG of the United States is too big of a wuss to fight real crime, he finds other targets.

I digress. But you have thought that too, haven’t you? This guy seems more likely to be on 90 Day Fiancée than be in law enforcement. I know, not kind. Neither is denying people their rights. ( If you haven’t seen that show, search it. He’s just the kind of loser who would participate.)

Anyway, I decided it was important to research this sudden rash of violence against school board members.

Like everything else the Democrats do, we must first change our definition of violence. I think most of us know what violence is, we saw it clearly on display in the summer of 2020 as Antifa and BLM rioted, beat people, and burned down buildings. Strangely, Democrats don’t think that’s violence, it’s just “frustrations.” No problems there.

What they think is violence is clearly defined in the letters from the NASB and the response of U.S. Attorney General. According to examples given by both, violence is yelling mean things, expecting to be able to speak in a public forum and getting angry when someone won’t let you exercise this basic right, trespassing on public property that you shoud be allowed in, writing mean letters that tell board members they will be voted out, mocking school board members when they lie and promote mask mandates, etc. You get the idea. If you, as a citizen and parent, dare to get passionate about how your child is educated, that is scary violence. You are a terrorist.

But, who are the real terrorists? Well, let’s see. Who is masking young children when they know masking doesn’t work and can actually get kids more sick than Covid? Who is teaching young children that they should consider getting surgery to change from the gender they are to the gender they may or may not want to be? Who is sending children home for ten days because they “might” have been exposed to someone who may be positive for Covid, and sending them home with worksheets and videos on Youtube, no instruction? Who is making kids so scared of their classmates and a virus that is 99.9% survivable that some of the children need counseling? Who is telling a child that they, the principal, will talk to them about their gender identity rather than their parent, implying that the parent is not to be respected or trusted?

Who is bribing kids to take vaccines? Who is using a school issued laptop to coerce, bribe and cajole kids to take a vaccine that they don’t necessarily need and has harmful side effects, including heart problems? Who is using a police escort to bring a parent to a meeting with a Superintendent? Who is the principal who throws up his/her hands at the student violence in his/her school? Who is limiting public meetings to ten people due to “Covid” restrictions even though the meetings could be moved to larger locations, thus shutting parents out?

And worst of all, who is ACTIVELY denying and infringing on the meaningful education of our young people so that these young people will enter adulthood without the needed skills to get a job?

Shall I continue? I could, but to do so would probably get me into trouble with the FBI and the DOJ.

The parents I have watched in person and on video are NOT violent. In many cases, they are the ones being threatened with violence by teachers’ unions, by Marxist activists, and yes, by Board Members. Board members cut their microphones off before they are done. Vocal parents are being doxxed and stalked. But, I guess those actions don’t constitute terrorism. Caring about what your children are being taught and how they are being indoctrinated does. Mao would love our DOJ.

It’s interesting that this should happen now as it appears the CDC will be forcing the FDA to approve the Pfizer shot for kids, which means school systems will start requiring it. I guess boards know how parents will feel about this.

It’s also interesting that AG Garland’s son in law owns a company that creates and provides educational materials and surveys to schools about, you guessed it, CRT. Weird huh? Isn’t that one of the things parents are upset about?

Coincidence, got to love it.

In two weeks, we have a local Board of Education meeting. I and several others have been scheduled to speak. I wonder if I will be escorted in by police? WIll I be arrested for saying the wrong, unkind, or truthful things? Will I be silenced for asking questions? I hope not, because I have so many questions. I hope our local school board won’t sink to that level. I don’t think they will. I also don’t think my words will matter to them. And, I doubt my questions will be answered.

I hope that they won’t buy into this weaponization of the DOJ and the lies of the National Association of School Boards. At this point, we need more openness and less fear of each other.

I think that if they do and if the federal government keeps this nonsense going, the end result will not be good. ( Oh, can I say that? Is that a knock at my door?)

They won’t silence us. Ever.

*As a postscript, a mob attacked Senator Paul and his wife the other day. These people sent him death threats, etc. They will not be prosecuted by the FBI. Do you see the problem? I sure as hell do. If only he was a school board member and not a Senator and the attackers were concerned parents.

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