People’s Republic of Oxford Strikes Again

I’ve been waiting to see when it would happen. It’s been over a year since the Town of Oxford went into full on Covid panic as people, squirrels, birds, rabbits, dogs and cats dropped dead in the street from this “pandemic.”

Not really, but you would have thought so based on all the restrictions, yellow tape, and closings. From the shoreline to the dog park, the citizens were protected from the contagion that would kill on contact. After all, allowing your dog to go into the dog park or walking on the shore line is deadly. Did I mention the town dock and the town park? All deadly sites as determined by…someone.

It’s what happens when people lose their common sense.

For a while this summer, the Draconian measures eased. People walked the streets, dogs played in the dog park, and the water gently lapped the shores virus free. But NOW, even with the most effective vaccination ever in the history of the world being shoved into the arm of every geriatric and baby boomer into town, (well almost) the deadly DELTA variant racing headlong down Oxford Road, the town had to do something. So, they sent this nonsense out:

“Here we are nearly 18 months later and still dealing with Covid 19 on a daily basis…And there is no doubt everyone is tired of living with the new normal as it has been referred to, but as we enter the holiday season it is important to note a few things, including the real concern with the contagiousness of the DELTA variant and the possibility of breakthrough cases in vaccinated person. For the most part vaccinated cases are not as serious as unvaccinated , but for our own safety and for the safety of those who do not qualify for a vaccine, who are immune compromised, and the very young who don’t qualify for the vaccine, we all need to do our part to reduce the continued spread of this disease.”

Whew. First of all, can we please find someone to serve as the editor of the newsletter? It’s as though the writer decided to throw every important point, every phrase and parenthetical, every warning in one sentence. Mention the “new normal?” Check. Mention the Delta Varient? Check. Talk about breakthrough cases in the vaccinated? Check. Make sure to point out vaccinated is better than unvaccinated? Check. Mention all those who might be in “danger.” Check. ( I think they did forget a vulnerable population or two.)

I always find the truth in what they don’t mention. There’s no mention of those who may have natural immunity from having had Covid. There’s no mention of the fact that the vaccines don’t actually work after six months. There’s no mention of how useless masks are in preventing Covid. Most important, there’s no mention of the 99.8% survivability rate for most people.

They don’t mention that people haven’t been dying in the street. Ever.

Let’s continue: “As Talbot County remains in what CDC refers to as a ‘High” contagion area, please continue use of a mask in public places, six foot of social distancing from non-household members, and when you can avoid large gatherings.”

I have to ask, is ANYONE reviewing the grammar and sentence structure here or are they just giving up on preparing professional publications? I know my blog isn’t perfectly written, but my goodness.

Sigh. I’ll let go of that one. Let’s talk about facts. After sending out a search party for data on cases in our county, which are apparently “high” I found the following: “There were 9 newly reported Covid-19 cases and 0 newly reported deaths on October 5. ” It appears from the Health Department chart that the high in the last month was on September 24th with 19 cases. The high for deaths is 1 on September 25th. After that, the rate has fallen. This is out of approximately 37,000. So, infection rate is 0.054%. Death rate is 0.0027%.

Now I know that I am not looking at long term data or even a seven day period, but even if you look at that, the HIGH in number of cases over the past six months ranged lower than those percentages.

And the CDC says this is high? I call BS. And I would say that to the face of the Ivy League educated county health officer. I’ve been told that the manufactured crisis is based on the fact that they don’t like the percentage of people vaccinated in our county, which is around 65%. Or maybe they need to justify the funds they are getting from the state. After all, Larry Hogan’s middle name IS Phfizer.

But, our town, filled with many D.C. transplants and scaredy cats, laps up this ominous data and uses it to remind residents that we need to be careful. It’s almost like Barney Fife warning the residents of Mayberry about the terrible surge in crime in their town. Better put a mask on Otis and shoot him up with some of that good old mRNA.

Where is Sherrif Andy when you need him? ( I’m looking at your Comrade Maxwell.)

In a time when we have been lied to and misled about the whole Covid 19 “pandemic,” one would think a little town like Oxford would wake up and realize that the world will not end if we actually go back to the “old normal.”

No such luck.

Common sense has died. Again.

But hey, it could be worse. We could be St. Michaels.

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