Governing by Algorithm?

I’ve been banned from Facebook for thirty days again. This may be the fourth or fifth time this year. Here’s what I posted that got me banned: ( Please make sure chldren don’t see this image.)

There is something so awful, so offensive in this picture that Facebook decided to cover it with their little gray shade and call it “sensitive material.” I’m not sure why. Was it the message of standing up for your beliefs? Was it the picture of a flower? Was it the magnifying glass that is shaped like a “Q” if you really squint your eyes?

I asked FB about it. And then I was suspended for thirty days. Here’s the notice:

It was labeled “hate speech” because the word “Chinese” was next to “douche bags.” Or at least that’s what I think. In all fairness to Mr. Zuckerberg and his Chinese masters, I was sure they would be offended.

Except no human being saw either of those posts. At least not one with common sense.

Personally, in the universe of “hate speech,” the phrase “Chinese douche bags” is a 2 on a scale of 10 in severity. Nowhere near the ranking of most of the words people have called me on the platform. But, those words don’t get the people who posted them banned. I did appeal the ban, but with my history, it won’t get overturned. I showed no regret!

Moving on to today. While scanning my email, I came across a message from Dr. Mercola. If you don’t know who he is, go to He is one of the loudest, most knowledgeable, voices advocating for real therapeutic answers for Covid and against the vaccines. This is why he has been deplatformed and banned extensively.

An article he shared by Tessa Lena, “Algorithm, Soul and Medical Sovereignty,” caught my eye. In this article, the author analyzes the message of a book entitled, “The Glass Cage” by Nicholas Carr. The book explores the effects of automation on different industries, including aviation and medicine.

As I read the descriptions of how automation has impacted the way humans complete their jobs, I realized something. We are being governed by algorithms.

What do I mean by that? To know the answer to that question, we have to know that there are two types of people in this world. There are those who value freedom, spontanaeity, creativity, humanity and individuality. These are the people who appreciate that humans, as flawed as they are, can solve problems in amazing ways. They understand that allowing people to do this is sometimes time consuming and even risky, but the value of the human growth, knowledge, and innovation that comes out of it is what has allowed our world to grow and improve.

The other type person is the person who values control over freedom, programmed instead of spontanaeity, pattern instead of creativity, group think over individuality, and one size fits all over humanity. They want this for many reasons, fear, desire for power, and a dogged conviction that they, and only they, know the right way to do things. This attitude is what has fueled Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other dictators.

So, algorithms. These are basically computer generated finite, well defined scripts that dictate what will be done in various situations to solve a problem or perform a computation.

Let’s apply that to human actions. For example, flying an airplane. In the “old days” most airplanes were flown strictly by a human pilot who would perform the actions to fly that plane from point A to point B. To be clear, pilots had to know procedures for flying that plane and those procedures had to be completed in a certain sequence and manner in order to do so without crashing. So, if suddenly a gauge on the control panel shows that something on the plane was not working, the pilot would have to know the proper sequence to either fix the problem or get to a safe landing place. Pilots had to rely on their training, experience, etc. to do that. And, if something weird happened they needed to use their minds to solve the problem. The good thing was that during various combat venues in WWII and subsuquent wars, pilots learned how to problem solve under extreme pressure. Many of these pilots went on to fly commercially.

Of course, this didn’t guarantee one hundred percent safety. Humans DO make mistakes. But, overall, the times pilots saved planes from disaster outweighed the times they failed.

As time went on, many military trained pilots aged out of flying. In their place were civilian trained pilots. At the same time, computers became more prominent in the cockpit and eventually took over most of the flying decisions. And, while this isn’t terrible, it’s also been shown that sometimes computers actually got in the way of the pilot making a decision that would save a plane from crashing. Still, the algorithms took over the flying on most planes and pilots were relegated to more of a flight monitor status.

When you meet that pilot at the beginning of a flight, remember that during your time on that plane he may be reading a book or doing something else rather than manning the flight. He has a computer to do that.

This may not bother you that much. After all, the air travel industry has proven to be very safe. The problem is that pilots who don’t use their brains to problem solve while flying will not develop or, even worse, will lose their problem solving skills. What happens when the computer goes offline or spits out wrong information? It actually happens more than you would think.

Let’s take these algorithms to another field, medicine.

In the “old days” doctors and nurses went through extensive training that would allow them to handle almost any ailment a patient might present. If there was something they were unfamiliar with, they could consult other doctors, medical books, etc. to find the way to address the problem. They could look at each patient as an individual and prescribe actions that would match the patient’s physical and mental condition. As they gained experience, doctors would develop both knowledge and intuition. Patients knew their doctor and their doctor knew them.

Somehow, because of the mounting number of more medical malpractice lawsuits or just more advanced technology, doctors were subjected to dealing with illnesses in a “one size fits all” computer generated script that contradicted their own professional experience and intuition. As older doctors left the field, young physicians and nurses were trained to depend more on the algorithms than their actual problem solving skills.

Add to the scenario the need for hospitals, doctors, etc. to make more money to cover possible lawsuits and make a profit, the intrusion of Big Pharmaceutical Companies, and you now have every medical decision being made lock step with what computer generated algorithms dictate. With large social medicine programs such as those in England and Canada, to ignore the algoritms created and mandated by the state could cause physicians and other medical workers to lose their jobs and licenses or even go to jail.

The sad thing is that this approach dehumanizes everyone. Doctors become disconnected from their patients and patients no longer feel as though anyone has their best interest at heart. We saw it at the beginning of the Covid “pandemic” when doctors were told the script for dealing with the virus, and it was a script that didn’t work. What’s worse is that the people generating the computer script were not practicing physicians and had no contact with actual patients. It’s what led hospitals to put patients on ventilators which not only didn’t relieve the symptoms of Covid, but in some cases actually made them worse. We are still seeing this being done after almost two years. Don’t think so? Ask an honest doctor or nurse and they will tell you.

What is even more damaging is that at the same time that the medical industry was being disconnected from patients by algorithms and government intervention, government was undergoing the same computer invasion. It’s the reason why so many government officials are stuck in a perpetual regurgitation of the same answers to the same questions over and over. Jen Psaki doesn’t create her responses, they are scripted for her, especially since she knows the questions before they are asked. The same goes with Biden, whichever version shows up each day. Only occassionally does he go off script. When he does, he even says, “I’m going to get in trouble for this.”

It’s why government agencies don’t have creative solutions to problems. And it’s why the statists hated Trump so much. He didn’t follow anyone’s script.

But, there are two questions. Why would a government official, doctor, pilot, nurse, any one of them, agree to shoving aside their own ideas for a pre-ordained solution?

Could it be the fear of making a mistake? Possibly. With the advent of social media, any mistake a public official makes will be broadcast across the world in seconds. Within minutes, a lawyer will be ready to sue. It could cost the official his job and a lot of money.

Or maybe it’s what they have been trained to do. For example, our County Health Department Head who has TWO Ivy League degrees, seems unable to acknowledge and process any data about Covid and the Covid vaccines that contradict the CDC scripts. Now, she is either evil or she is so trained to accept as gospel anything the CDC says that she cannot fathom there are is any other data. She is a true accolyte. I hate to say it, but I am not sure what the real answer is. If the state and feds are giving the county health departments millions of dollars for following a certain script, they will comply.

There is always the possibility that she, and others, have been coerced to do what the reigning government wants. The threat of one’s career going down the toilet can also be strong motivation. In a soulless computer driven society, the harm to others is a just collateral damage for advancement and job security. Hence, politics over health.

It could also be that these people are the ones who belong to the group that prefers easy order and safety to the more difficult lifestyle of independent decision making and responsibility. Perhaps somewhere along the way these people lost trust in humanity and decided that computers would do a much better job. It’s an idea that people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have embraced and foisted on the world.

And let’s not even discuss the loss of faith in a higher power. These folks see government officials as gods. And many of the government officials see themselves as gods also. ( They might want to remember that usually “gods” will turn on each other to see who the main “supreme authority” is. )

It doesn’t even matter when the algorithms don’t make sense. They just blindly follow. That’s why they look like hostages when they talk. They are hostages to the algorithms.

The second question is much easier to answer. Why would those in charge want their minions to be enslaved by the algorithms?

Remember that most Marxists value control of the masses. They don’t want independent thinkers, they want those who will blindly follow any command, regardless of how senseless, cruel, immoral or illegal it is. If you think about it, why would hospitals lay off thousands of employees for a personal medical choice? Or the military lay off the same number of experienced soldiers for not taking the vaccine? While the shortfall in staff will cause serious delays and lack of readiness in both fields, those making the decisions will never have to worry about it impacting them, they will be taken care of.

And, once the laid off are replaced by those who are desperate to do whatever they need to do to please their new bosses ( say, illegals or even refugees), it will be easy for the bosses to demand that they do the unthinkable. And they will do it. It’s how the Nazis did what they did.

The cost? The cost will be in the lives of patients, the elderly in nursing homes, and the citizens in our country who still think they are free. Look at Australia as a dark example. Police are beating and arresting people for being outside. The authorities are pinging citizens’ phones and if the citizen doesn’t send a selfie that identifies where they are within five minutes, they can be fined and arrested. Police are even showing up at the homes of citizens asking about social media posts the government doesn’t like. Algoritms have created a force of inhuman drone people. People who value full control over freedom.

There is hope and a defense against the algorithm government and those who are its followers. One thing is that sooner or later, those who live by the algorithm will “die” by the algorithm. Like the pilot who flies only where the computer tells him, they will experience a time when the computer doesn’t work and the algorithm fails. They won’t know what to do and will crash and burn.

Another possibility is that at some point, things will get so bad that those of us who are independent will have reached the limits of OUR patience and will fight back. There are plenty of people who know enough to disrupt the algorithms through technology or even human actions. What will the mindless zombies do when there are no scripts to follow?

We’ve seen what will happen. Everytime Joe Biden turns his back on reporters or Jen Psaki “circles back” you know the aglorithm as been disrupted by an action of question they didn’t expect. Everytime Fauci has to flip flop a position, you know the script has been flipped. Even better, each time you watch them attempt to clamp down harder, you know they see the code writing on the wall.

As normal, average citizens we can also break the algorithm. The best way to do this is to stand up to and expose the actions that make no sense. We need to “out” the incompetence of officials regardless of their college degrees. And, we need to get people in the system who still believe that human creativity and problem solving beats artificial intelligence any day. It might mean a little risk and facing the unknown of what might happen, but let’s compare that to where we are right now. The algorithms are destroying our country, our lives, and how we see our fellow humans.

At the end of her article, Tess Lane says,”We can decide, today, to trust ourselves and the universe and to stand by our instincts…We can pray as free participants of the dance, no scared servants.”

I agree, because God is not an algorithm. And in the end, God wins.

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