They are Data Mining YOUR Kids

Earlier this Fall I wrote about how school systems are using enticements such as electronic free lunch forms to data mine information about you and your kids. (This is the link: ) Here’s what I posted:

The schools have now announced that any child can get free breakfast and lunch. BUT, they want you to fill out an electronic form to get it. Why? After reading this article, you know the answer. They get money for each child who gets free meals AND for every person who fills out the electronic form. They call that “e-rate” money. They were even discussing incentives to give to those who filled it out. What does that sound like? Vaccines anyone? To be sure that will be next up. Dr. Fauci even floated that one the other day as he suggested a “vaccine mandate” for all children, using a vaccine that is not proven safe for kids. Money. 

Anyway, this is a picture of the form: 

I saw the video below today and I realized a couple of things. One, the National Association of School Boards doesn’t want parents complaining about CRT or mandates, because they, like teachers’ unions, share in the big old pot of money the schools get. So, they write to Merrick Garland about how violent parents are at BOE meetings.

Any normal Attorney General would probably not promise to bring the FBI in to handle this problem. But, you see, Merrick has a special reason for wanting parents to sit down and shut up. His daughter is married to a company that not only provides CRT materials to schools, but who also do extensive data mining from surveys they have students fill out.

Why should you care? Watch the video below and you will learn why. It’s about 15 minutes and well worth your time.

And, if you don’t think this garbage goes on in our local TCPS, look at this from the Superintendent’s “Strive for 25.”

Notice the words “Social and Emotional” Learning. That’s it!

Nothing is a coincidence folks.

Time to question your local school boards about this.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

One thought on “They are Data Mining YOUR Kids”

  1. Jan
    Once again you are spot on! BITH my wife and I being former public school teachers, and a former Board of Education Members We BOTH can tell you that the public school system is soo corrupt at sooo many levels that the system must be dismantled and rebuilt.
    IF every Patriot would pull their children OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS it will implode upon itself. Then it MUST change.
    “They” will have to face what they have done and are doing… AND This wouldn’t take long IF we the people in mass will do this.
    We the people have the power if we will just use it.

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