This is Not the Garden Club: So Learn How to Fight!

I watch NCIS a lot. I probably have some of the episodes memorized. It’s good background while I am writing, doing housework, etc. This outs me as a true baby boomer.

There is one scene where Gibbs is fighting Tony. Tony asks Gibbs, “Where did you learn to box, the Marines?” Gibbs’ answer is, “The Marines didn’t teach me how to box. They taught me how to fight.” And then he kicks Tony’s ass.

Right now, the Republican Party is using the “Marquess of Queensberry” rules to box an opponent that knows how to fight. If you don’t know, the “Marguess of Queensberry” rules are a code that boxers use to ensure sportsmanship and a standard, fair approach to boxing. Mainly they make sure that boxing is strictly boxing, that the equipment used by boxers is the same, and that fights should be stopped when certain things happen.

While the Republicans are sticking to those rules, the Marxists are fighting under no rules. They are somewhat like MMA, you do what you have to do to win.

I understand that rules are often important and that most of us want to be people who do things that are within the rules and ethics. None of us want to be charaterized as unethical, or worse, dishonest. For example, we want elections that follow the same rules for everyone, elections that follow laws that guarantee one legal verified voter, one legal verified vote. This is why many of us won’t let go of what happened in 2020 despite the urging of Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and various other RINOS. If we don’t figure it out and expose it, it will continue to happen as our country slides into Marxist hell.

Understanding that landscape, let me share something that happened to a friend of mine yesterday. My friend is the head of a local Republican group. She is energetic, committed and passionate for the cause of freedom and following the Constitution. I don’t know how she does it, because from what I see, many of the members of the group just want to sit around and talk about the old days and why they can’t do anything to make the group stronger now.

Before some of the current membership gets up in arms on my opinions, I know that there are members who were active for a long time, fighting hard and getting valuable info out to voters and constituents. I’m not discounting their efforts because frankly while they were doing that, my main contribution to political causes was my vote. They were “the voice crying in the wilderness.” I thank them for what they have done all these years. And quite a few of them are still working hard now!

But, my friend who is heading the group now sent out an email the other day giving information to the membership about how to donate to a certain candidate. She was inspired by this candidate and his strong stance for following the Constitution. Apparently, the rules for this group is that they don’t endorse any candidate before the primaries. So, my friend got a verbal slap from the state organization.

There’s no denying she did something that did not follow the group’s rules. The inconsistent part is that I know of other officers who support other candidates. How do I know that? I don’t have ESP. They have implied it by their actions and I have heard it through the grapevine. But, the candidate THEY support is the good old establishment candidate, the big money candidate, the RINO. Apparently that’s okay.

Further, I find this to be a stupid rule. Why not let committee members and officers support the candidates they think are the best, the closest to their values, prior to the primaries? Isn’t part of the problem the fact that the primaries produce such weak, RINO candidates that electing them is just electing Marxism light? Maybe if officers and members of the committees COULD support the candidates they believe in prior to the primaries, stronger candidates would survive, run, and WIN! Survival of the fittest and the best is not a bad strategy. Personally, I want the one who comes out of the fight bruised and bloody but ready to keep fighting a foe who is ready to get down and dirty. I want warriors, not diplomats. Diplomats are about giving in.

But I’m not sure the Republicans actually want that to happen. Look at Trump. If they could have kept him off the ticket, they would have. He upset their buttoned up, anal apple cart. He actually said and did what the citizens wanted while the establishment Republicans spouted niceities and statements that said NOTHING. They had to answer to their big money donors such as big pharma, big banking, etc. The people were just a side note on their “to do” list, placed well below pandering to illegal immigrants and big money donors.

So, the slap from the state organization is not just insulting, it’s laughable. While these committees are sitting around worrying about whether a local committee head is endorsing a certain candidate, the Democrat/Marxists are out there generating determination and passion among their members, regardless of which candidates they support. They are out there committing unethical actions in order to suppress the voices of parents at school board meetings and people that disagree with them at County Council meetings. They are demonizing Republicans with derrogatory slurs that actually define them more than any Republican. They are indoctrinating our school children, supporting unconstitutional mandates, defunding the police, and purging our military. Do I support those tactics? No. Do they work? You tell me.

But, hey, don’t you DARE support a candidate before the primaries. You make sure you toe our line, not your own principles and what you know is right. Ignore the fact that the Democrat/Marxists are fighting to win and we are holding our punches in a boxing stance while they kick us in the crotch.

I don’t support dirty tactics, but I can’t support tying the hands of those who want to get out and promote the Constitution. If we want to make the Marxists/Democrats stop doing the unethical things they do, we need people in power who can stop it.

To that goal, I certainly won’t support someone from the state reprimanding people in the trenches. My message to that person is that maybe you should examine why Republicans are failing in such an epic way and adapt the rules.

But, what do I know. I’m just someone who believes that our country is on a downhill slide and we have to stop it, in any way possible.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

7 thoughts on “This is Not the Garden Club: So Learn How to Fight!”

  1. You are so right!! It is not the garden club! It is a war and we are out of time. Witness the “ever so polite” and PC churches and civic groups that fail to stand up for 1st Amendment essentially surrendering our freedom of speech and religion to Marxists.
    Thank you, Jan!

  2. It’s not about fighting, Jan it the by-laws of the NFRW and the MFRW. By-laws that have served everyone well for 100 years. What’s wrong with your argument is that as an individual you can work for and support anyone you want. As an officer of the club, you can not use the clubs name or official correspondence to support a candidate until after the primary. Educate your members well, as we hope to do, and they will make the right decision. Transparency works!

    1. Unfortunately Fran, at this point it is about fighting. And those rules you talk about? You have people all over the Republican Party interpreting those rules to favor the Hogan machine. This is not the 70’s, 80’s or even the early 2000’s. As long as Republicans want to live in the “ way back “ machine, we lose, even if our so called fellow Republicans get elected. Diane chose to reprimand someone for something she and many others do all the time. This is why we have very few people on our side under 60. But someone reported Michelle explicitly to get her in hot water. Transparency? I’m all for it. Better make sure those who are casting stones aren’t the ones hiding behind rules to support certain candidates. They do what they want and shut down everyone else using their titles. Sorry Fran, I don’t mind rules, but not when they are written to shut down real competition. And if you don’t think we are in the fight of our lives you aren’t paying attention.

  3. Jan, to use the excuse that others are not living up to the by-laws and rules of an organization, does not work. It does not mean that we shouldn’t.
    When we had our Freedom Shoot at the Talbot Rod and Gun Club in Sept, everyone was invited to speak, and rightfully so. When we have our MFRW convention this weekend, everyone will get a chance to present their platform, as it should be. That’s the way it works before the primaries. The 5-6 months after the primary will be lots of time to support our Republican candidate. Hopefully, all Republicans will support our candidate once it is decided who that will be!

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