Behind Enemy Lines

My father was in the Army Air Corps in World War II. It is where he started his thirty plus years in the Air Force. He was like most war veterans and never talked to us about his experiences in the war. Perhaps it was too horrible to relive it or he, like many others, had survivor’s guilt. Whatever it was, we didn’t get to learn that much about what happened to him during the war.

At least not from him.

My Mother was another story. She told us some of the things he told her. And, as she was dating him during the war, she knew things he told her while he was over there. And she knew the terror of finding out that he was missing in action for months. And she told us about what happened.

He had been shot down behind enemy lines. She didn’t tell us all the gory details, she may not have known them. But, she knew that he had escaped with the help of the French Underground. She even showed us a picture of him dressed up as a French peasant to aid in his escape. I’m not sure how that worked since he didn’t speak French, but maybe he didn’t ever have to use it.

But, he escaped and because communication was limited at the time, she didn’t find out he was still alive until after he got out. We are so spoiled with instant communication these days, I’m not sure we can really understand what she went through.

And, since he never talked about it, I don’t think I really understand what he went through either. It must have been terrifying.

So, when I named this blog post don’t think I am taking the subject lightly or that I am in any way comparing what is going on now to what he and others went through then. However, it’s the best way to describe what I and many others are going through right now.

Consider these recent events.

  1. The National Association of School Boards writes a letter to the White House and DOJ labeling parents who speak at Board of Education meetings as “domestic terrorists.” The Attorney General of the United States promptly turns the FBI away from catching real criminals and terrorists and has them focus on parents.
  2. The alleged President of the United States makes a statement that labels people who don’t want to take a dangerous gene therapy disguised as a vaccine as KILLERS. He states that freedom is not important.
  3. Protesters who entered and even those who didn’t enter the Capitol on January 6th are jailed without any basic rights for over 10 months. They are only accused of minor infractions. They are beaten and treated like animals. Their Constitutional rights are violated. Almost NO ONE in Congress says a word. Meanwhile rioters who burned and looted cities in the summer of 2020 are handled with kid gloves.
  4. In New Hampshire, the Governor brings 80 state troopers to a meeting with 150 constituents and 9 are arrested selectively. ( link to story and video below).

New Hampshire Governor Sununu Brings Close to 80 State Troopers to Public Meeting with 150 Constituents – 9 Citizens Selectively Arrested (VIDEO) 

On a personal note, I live in a town that could be characterized as “blue” and wealthy. And, while many people are friendly, there are those who would prefer I not exercise my freedoms of speech, association and travel.

More important is the fact that I, and many others, are now speaking in public, organizing meetings, and taking action. And, of course, we have my blog which I am being told is “being noticed.”

This is happening across the country and many of us are finding that those who want their agenda to be imposed without opposition are willing to go to extreme lengths to make that happen.

When someone is behind enemy lines, they are forced to be careful what they say and what they do. Sometimes they have to pretend to be someone else. Other times they need to hide so that no one knows they are there. So, in our times when people are afraid of what may happen to them if they speak, we see them taking the same actions. They have businesses, jobs, positions in government, and families that must be protected for them to survive. I believe this is why we see people agreeing to vaccine mandates in order to keep their jobs. The pressure is intense.

Problem is that if you never take a chance or fight back, you never get out from behind enemy lines. And with fighting back there is exposure of who you are, what you have, and what you care about. You also aren’t always sure you can trust. After all, there are people who will betray you in a heartbeat. In Germany in the 40’s, they called them collaboraters.

Don’t get me wrong. I trust most people, but there are always those little accolytes wishing to punish you or, better yet, want to make a name for themselves in the “party.” Some of them pretend to be friendly or normal. They are neither. But, maybe they want the reward of that wonderful Biden koozie to keep their papaya mango health drink properly chilled or the highly cherished title of Assistant to the Second Assistant of the Vice Poobah of the Local Democrat Committee. Climbing that ladder!!!

But, here’s the thing. If we don’t keep active, keep fighting, the enemy lines will shift and will include more and more of where we live. Before long, the agenda will have wrapped around all of us and choked us, our businesses, and our families.

You see, whether you fight or not, stand out in public or not, they will still hate you and want you gone, figuratively or actually. It won’t even matter if you don’t proclaim yourself as a Conservative, or even a Republican. It will only matter that you didn’t say you are not one. It will only matter if you are not out there promoting their sick Marxist agenda. So you might as well stand up for what is right, whether you are behind “enemy lines” or not.

But, if you are stuck in enemy territory, you can find help.

There are people everywhere that believe what you believe and who will stand by you in the fight. These are people you might not know yet, or some you may know only as acquaintances. They might even be friends and family.

Find these people. Talk to them. Share your thoughts and ideas. Band together with them. Bring other trusted people into the fold. I promise you that you will end up trusting some of them more than you do long time friends.

This is how it was when our parents and grandparents went to war. People they had never known became trusted family. They helped each other, had each other’s backs, fought with each other. And, while our “war” is of a different kind, it is defending something just as precious, our freedom.

From BAND OF BROTHERS: “They also found in combat the closest brotherhood they ever knew. They found selflessness. They found they could love the other guy in their foxhole more than themselves. “

And, just so they are not forgotten, a quote that describes the Marxist accolytes: “Chickenshit is so called-instead of horse-or bull- of elephant shit- because it is small-minded and ignoble and takes the trivial seriously.” -Stephen E. Ambrose

When those little twerps come after you, remember that. You might even want to share that with them.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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