They’re Counting on YOU!

There are two groups of people in our country and our community who are counting on you, the citizens, parents, families. What you do in the next day, week, month, year, will affect them and their lives drastically.

You are their last hope.

Unfortunately, you can’t do the will of both of them. You have to choose.

Group One: Before I tell you who this group is, I must tell you what they want you to do. They want you to:

  1. Be very, very quiet.
  2. Do what the government tells you to do. Never fight back.
  3. Trust local, state, and national government to do what is best for our community, state, and country.
  4. Believe everything the government and its agents tell you, even when it doesn’t make sense and you know it isn’t true.
  5. Stop thinking for yourself.
  6. Stop researching for yourself.
  7. Stop calling them out when they do things that are wrong, unethical, illegal, and unconstitutional.
  8. Believe that YOU are the problem because of your skin color, ethnicity, family background, vaccination status, etc.
  9. Believe that you are helpless to change what the government does.
  10. Stop believing in God. Stop praying.
  11. Stop loving your family, friends and your country.
  12. Spy, turn in, decry and defame anyone you know who doesn’t do 1-11.

Group Two: This group wants you to:

  1. Speak up.
  2. Question what the government wants you to do.
  3. Understand that the county, state, and federal government cares more about their money, their power, than what is good for our citizens.
  4. Be sceptical of everything the government and its agents tell you.
  5. Think for yourself.
  6. Research everything they tell you and everything they do. Go beyond the mainstream media. Verify and source information.
  7. Hold them accountable for every action they take, every penny they spend, every statement they make.
  8. Understand that skin color, ethnic group, vaccination status, family background does not make any one person the problem.
  9. Know you have the power to change things.
  10. Believe in God. Pray. No matter your religious beliefs and who you pray to.
  11. Keep loving your family, friends and country, regardless of the flaws they have.
  12. Respect the Constitutional rights of others, regardless if you support their actions and beliefs or not.

Wow. Two groups. Totally different wish lists. Who are these groups?

To be blunt, group one is the totalitarian, Marxist, ruling elite in this country. And they are everywhere, yes, even in our county. They hope every day that they can intimidate you into following their wishes.

Speak out and they will try to “shame” you in public. They will actively work to harm you, your children, in any way they can. They will violate your rights to privacy and try to use your freedom of speech against you. They’ll write letters to the editor calling you racist, white supremacist, etc.

Make a personal medical choice for you and your family and they will try to fire you, shun you, eliminate you. They will call you stupid. When you point out the illogical nature of what they are doing, they will pretend they didn’t hear you. Point out their hypocrisy and they will call you a “hater”or “unkind.” Worst of all, they will deny you your rights as a citizen and human being and will even hope you die.

They’ll even try to hurt your family members.

It’s the same kind of rabid fight a sick, cornered animal engages in. They need you to surrender, submit, and give your power away. They are counting on it at every level of government. Just like ever totalitarian ruler has done since the beginning of time.

Group two is a different group. It’s the people in this country who want to be free, to make their own decisions. They want an accountable, transparent government. They want free and honest elections, freedom of speech and information. They want a watch dog press, not a lap dog press. They want to be able to interact with others of different viewpoints in a reasonable, logical manner and then work together for real solutions, not expensive, non-productive pipe dreams built on untruths and fantasy.

But, the most important people in group two are the children. The children are counting on us. They are counting on us to take care of them, protect them, and teach them how to think, not what to think. They want to be safe from harmful medical procedures, from people who want to use them to make money either via federal/state bribes or via illegal activity. They want to grow up to be a responsible adult in a country based on equality, not on division created under a fake paradigm created by Marxist intellectuals.

We have to decide which way to go. One way will be easier in the short run. All it will require is for you to reliquish all your rights so you can live in a “safe” country where you don’t own anything or have self determination because someone else will control your life. But, when it’s all over, you will never again be able to look yourself in the face or look into the faces of your children and grandchildren without the terrible guilt that you didn’t do all you could.

The other way will be harder. Many of us will be targeted. Our lifestyles will be threatened. The elite will attempt to make our lives a living hell. We’ve seen this happening locally and nationally.

But, when it is said and done and we have turned things around, you’ll be able to stand up and say to your children and grandchildren, “When you needed me, when my country needed me, I could be counted on to fight.” And there is no feeling like that in the world.

Ask all the patriots who came before us. They gave up everything for freedom.

Why? John Adams put it well:

“But a Constitution of Government changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever.”

And, this from Benjamin Franklin:

“Tis a Common Observation here that our Cause is the Cause of all Mankind; and that we are fighting for their Liberty in defending our own.”

Choose wisely. Our country and our children are counting on you.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. So true, Jan, and a perfect explanation of where we are today! This war has a long way to go and we need to understand the faceless enemy that is more deadly than even the elites understand!

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