“The Knives are Out Now”

This quote from Steve Bannon after the Republican wins on Tuesday is an accurate description of where the Democrat Party is going now. He added, “These radicals out there are going to become more dangerous. They’re like wounded, cornered animals. ”

It’s nothing new. In 2016 after Trump won the election, it was the same reaction from the Democrats/Marxists. Among all the videos of Clinton supporters crying, screaming, threatening, wearing pink pussy hats, etc. there was a targeted attempt to attack Trump supporters and Republicans on the national and local levels.

And the insanity continued over his term and after, even after the installation of the placeholder, Biden. While Biden spoke about unity, Democrat/Marxists in government were actively working to divide the country and ultimately destroy it through the economy, the education system, and the medical system. In fact, they were almost frantic in their efforts, ramming through crazy executive orders, mandates, and new initiatives.

They knew.

They knew that everything they did to move us toward Marxism was going to make them less popular, less electible, and less accepted by the people. It was just a matter of time until their time would be up and the people would revolt and remove them.

Nationally, it started with the consistent decline of Biden’s national poll numbers until they ended up where they are now, in the mid 30’s, lower than any President in this point in their term. Democrats in Congress, Pelosi, Schumer, et al, had similar if not worse ratings. RINOS weren’t much better.

Now, with the election results throughout the country and specifically in Virginia and New Jersey, the writing is not only on the wall, it’s in big neon letters everywhere. The American people have had enough of the slide toward Communism.

As Bannon said, the Democrats are now like “wounded, cornered, animals.”

It’s not just nationally, though. It’s local as well. We’ve seen it in our own area. The Democrats know something is afoot. They see more people coming to Board of Education, County Council, and Board of Management meetings. As they impose mandates and harmful education initiatives in every institution and program, parents and community members are waking up and beginning to take back the power that is rightfully theirs.

The Marxists don’t like it. How dare this group of underlings start paying attention and calling the bureacrats out on their abuses and overreach. Don’t the taxpayers know that officials are the ruling elites who are smarter and better at spending tax generated funds ( the people’s hard earned money) and running everyone’s lives? All they want is for everyone to be safe, right?


In my area, I’ve seen this desperation increasing in the last few weeks. The indicators were obvious. Wealthy “philanthropists” sponsor “gift cards” to coerce teenagers to get the untested vaccines with or without verified parental consent, and definitely without full disclosure of the possible catastrophic side effects. They dupe local businesses, scrambling to keep the doors open after a disastrous two years, into accepting these cards.

Local management boards, in a rush to cram critical race theory and race based prioritization into family support programs, hide the action in closed meetings and unpublished minutes, thereby violating state law. ( Some of the heads of different agencies might be unaware of the law, but many know it and violate it in the service of their own political ambitions.)

We see “editorials” cropping up in local online publications decrying the actions of the “radical” Republicans in the county. In one case, the writer focuses attention on the “Trump” Republicans who are characterized as “fanatical” because they question how their children are being racially divided and indoctrinated INTO racism in classrooms. How dare parents think they have a right to question what their children are being taught by the schools their tax dollars support? How dare they distrust a system that blatantly hides information about staff training and classroom lessons? If someone says CRT isn’t taught in the schools, shouldn’t that be enough?

And, by the way, it’s not just parents who are worried about the racial division fomented in the classroom, it’s teachers and administrators as well. And not just the white ones. They don’t speak up out of fear.

Of course, in the typical Marxist/Communist “go to, “the writer accuses the dissenters of “institutionalizing lying” as Goebbels did with the Nazi’s. In fact, he basically calls those who ask for more information “White Supremacists.” He does this without knowing them, talking to them, or, God forbid, listening to them. I had no idea that wanting transparency was racist. But then, according to Marxists like Joy Reid on MSNBC, wanting a good education for your child and expecting your child not to be raped in school is racist. Talking about these issues is characterized by the leftist talking heads as using “dog whistles.”

This is why the left pushes critical race theory: Shelby Steele 

But the writer does defend Marxism, saying that the Marxists were not the liars or the ones who said ” the bigger the lie the better. ” Oh, thank God for that! Now we can all relax. Marxism isn’t that bad after all, right?” Well, at least not when you live in a huge house in a rich community. I guess white guilt and virtue signalling allows him to have that opinion.

The final indicator is that the Dems/Marxists are now employing young accolytes who wish to further their standing in “the party” as spies in various meetings where the public may be sharing their stories of the problems in the communities. The spies employ many tactics to intimidate the citizens and keep them from speaking. I guess it’s cool when you are white bread bland* and need excitement in your life. Even better if you can intimidate and ruin someone all at the same time!

Sadly, in most of these meetings, the accolytes could speak and share their views. We would listen and probably respectfully disagree. Are they afraid or just looking for “street cred?”

Yes, they are desperate. And we had better be ready. It’s only going to get worse.

We have something going for us though. First of all, the Marxists are going to find it harder and harder to sell Communism to Americans. And, with the senile fool Biden and his crew of lackluster support staff attempting to communicate anything beyond platitudes and scrambled talking points, people will see the lack of an actual plan to make this country better.

And we have something else.

C.S. Lewis said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What? You too? I thought I was the only one. ‘”

More and more as we fight this fight together, we will form bonds and friendships. We’ll stand with each other against this insanity and utter hatred for freedom. Already in my town, people are starting to come out from behind the blue curtain and speak out against Socialism.

Many of us are tired of the political hatred being spread by the extremists on both sides. We’re tired of being told we can’t speak about certain issues, issues we must be honest about if we wish to make change. And, we understand that freedom is what this country is about. Freedom for everyone, even accolytes and editorial writers. Even me. And you.

Change is coming. The Leftists may have sharp knives and unethical, divisive tactics, but we have big ideas and facts on our side. Each day, people are joining us in letting their voices be heard despite the threats. It’s a familiar scenario, one that occurred in our country in 1776.

That was about liberty and equality. So is this.

*Using this phrase may appear racist and judgmental. But, since I am White it’s okay. Well, that and anything anyone says about White people is okay under the Marxist rules.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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