2021 SHEEPISH Awards

After one year of existence, Radio Free Oxford, in conjunction with Freedom’s Reign, is proud to reveal our 2021 SHEEPISH Awards ( or Sheepies, as we like to call them)

These awards have been determined by the mail in votes of our readers. If you didn’t get your ballot, we apologize but… Covid. Better luck next year when we hope to have Mark Zuckerturd set up many collection boxes across the country.

The Sheepies are given to recognize exceptional stupidity, corruption, arrogance, fraudulence, and even some fatulence, in the areas of national, state and local communities. The results of the totally honest and uncorrupted mail in vote have been verified by the firm of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe and have been sealed hermetically in a big old brown envelope.

While we had planned a huge red carpet event, our budget and the horrible head cold called Omicron has prevented this. So, we will publish the results in this barely read and obscure blog.

The awards will be presented in installments. Today, we do the lesser awards. Oh, and by the way, we don’t distinguish between genders, so he, him, her, she, they, them, zim, zer to yer heart’s content!

So, on to the support awards.


First, the more obscure awards.

In the area of set design, the SHEEPIE for CREATIVE USE OF SET DESIGN goes unanimously to the White House Set Designers. Not only have they mastered the art of green screen ( after a few boo boos) this year, but they hit a home run with this outstanding use of containers through a window of the fake WH while Biden explained that he was not responsible for the supply chain issues.

bbb2.jpg (953×541)


Mark Zuckerburg in his commercial for META. Personally, this is such a great performance that the committee ( me) couldn’t tell when he was Mark and when he was his avatar. Well DONE!

He’s so CONVINCING! And funny!

There were a few runner’s up in this category. Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense, did his best portraying an AI “Wookie” but he just didn’t have the graphic support Mark did. Better luck next time Lloyd! I hear you have a great Idi Amin impression!!!!

lloyd-austin-ukraine.jpg (1200×674)

Finally, in the area of best Elevator Walk Off Music, we MUST honor the White House staff again. This is some cool jazz, it’s genius, come on man!


As we move into the secondary NATIONAL level ACTING Awards, we must give a nod to a perennial winner, someone who can act outraged at almost anything. This latest clip is amazing as Ms. Waters, who can’t even hear the questions through her plastic shield and mask, is able to express her outrage in such a convincing way! ( Many thanks to the podcaster Young Man Hood, scrub to around 5 minutes if you want to see Maxie Pad.) But you should really watch the whole clip!

Credit to Young Man Hood Channel

Close runner’s up were MSNBC’s Joy Reid, the 1619 Project’s creator Nikole Hannah Jones with her statement that parent’s shouldn’t be allowed to decide what schools teach their children.

In the newcomer category is Boston Mayor, Michelle Wu, who’s outraged that she was boo’ed while announcing medical apartheid in Boston. This led her to claim that the protesting was all because of racism and sexism. Nice play, Michelle, outraged about racism while implementing medical “racism.” No worries, Michelle, you’ll be up with the big girls soon! ( link to video below)


Our next award is one that will be around for the remainder of time. Best Performance by a Man Pretending to be a Woman. This is a tough category since we have SO many entries. Nominees were:

Rachel Levine:

page14_Dr-Levine.jpg (516×432)

She works at HHS. How clever!

Lia Thomas, collegiate swimmer, University of Penn:

11340521_121421-wpvi-upenn-swimmer-6pm-CC-vid.jpg (1600×900)

You have to give a TON of credit to Lia. She is kicking ASS as a female swimmer who is really a man competing with female swimmers! The East Germans of the 70’s would be SO PROUD.

And who can forget Laurel Hubbard, the New Zealand athlete who competed as a female in the 2020 Olympics.

A shout of female joy. By the way, where are her boobs?

This competition is SO close. Sorry to say, Rachel doesn’t really do anything, so it comes down to the two athletes. Who wins? The one kicking female ass or the one who did poorly even as a female?

And the SHEEPIE goes to…

LAUREL HUBBARD! The final determinant was the woke agenda that Laurel gave a boost to. Since she didn’t win, she allowed the transgender lobby to say, “See, it’s not unfair for men to compete with women!” Lia, you should have “eased” your way in with some seconds and thirds. Laurel proves that a shitty athlete is a shitty athlete! But she did get to go to the Olympics while natural, real women weight lifters stayed home. Good on ya!

On that note, we close the awards for today. This is a blatant attempt to get you to come back on New Year’s Eve!! You can do that during the “Virtual” First Night Celebration in Easton. Tomorrow, look for the MAIN National, State, and Local awards.

Bring the booze and the snacks!

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. Thank you so much, Radio Free Oxford!!!
    Since we are “attending” virtual EVERYTHING for two years now, I felt as though I was at the Sheepish Awards. I was wearing a stunning gown, Harry Winston Jewels, and a Tiara (you have to Virtually visualize it though!)
    Thank you so much for your inclusiveness and allowing even us pions to virtually attend this First Annual Sheepish Awards gala. We the People are truly happy!

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