2021 Sheepish Awards – Part 2

TODAY IS THE DAY! It’s the last day of 2021 and time for the BIG awards for 2021.

Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. I won’t review the process for selection, you can go read yesterday’s blog for that. Let me just say that no expense is spared, or spent, to make sure this is all very fair.

We have the National category today. So, put on your designer duds, your woke lapel pins, and read along.


First up, the Communication Awards. In the spirit of Joseph Goebbels, we have named these awards the “Big Lie Awards.” As he said, ” If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

First up in this category, “Best Lie Told About a Person Being Held Hostage.” This award goes to Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director. If you look at this picture of her below, you can see that she is talking while keeping her eyes squarely on her kidnappers who are obviously brandishing big, old, AK-47’s. Have you noticed how so many in the Biden regime have this look?

But, like a trooper, Ms. Wolensky marched on and told SO many lies about Covid. Remember? These are some of her top missives: “Wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart, get tested, quarantine for 14 days, the vaccine is safe, it protects you etc.” NOW, the CDC changes their tune. Right after telling people the PCR tests were basically useless and could show a positive results for more than two weeks AFTER a person was tested AND that they couldn’t tell the difference between Covid, a cold, and a dinner with garlic ( the last one is my creation), we now have the quarantine period of FIVE days. Why? Because people were getting pissed about 14 and even 10 days. Science, right?

BUT, the best lie of all was the vaccine lie. This was a lie that possibly killed tens of thousands of people and injured many more. It was that the vaccines were safe and would keep you from being infected, infecting others, etc. This preceded the realization that they WEREN’T safe and effective and now we need BOOSTERS forever. Even the most devoted Covid cultists started to look at this one with distrust.

A warning to the first recipient of this award, from Goebbel’s again, ” The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.” Watch out Rochele. Being held hostage is one thing, being held prisoner is quite another.

This next award will be split between two individuals. It is the most lies by a person in a government role. This is the Josef Goebbels Propaganda Individual Voice Award.” The first co-winner is known as “Fire Crotch” to her friends. You may know her as the Biden regime’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki.

Despite the fact that the lies she tells for Biden are often in conflict with reality, prior statements, what the President says,or even common sense, Jen perserveres and circles back often. Here’s a video of one of her epic performances:

You gotta love the look on her face when she gets ready to lie, don’t you?

The second recipient is someone who was in the running for SO many SHEEPIES this year, Mr. Science himself, Anthony Fauci. These two video clips show the master at work:

And this gem as he spars with Rand Paul:


The telling part here is when he calls Senator Paul a liar. When you know they got you, put it back on them Tony!

Our co-winners, ladies and gentlemen and any other genders out there.

And we cannot leave the communication awards without special recognition of the best liars of all, CNN, MSNBC and all the other mainstream media. The best part is when they ALL lie with the same language:

Synchronized news is the best, isn’t it? We didn’t forget you guys, you all get a SHEEPIE!!!

From communication we move to our next category on the national scene, the AIM SHEEPIE, or Absolute Incompetence and Mediocrity Award. For the sake of fairness, and equity, we cannot give one person the award. So, we’ll just give one to ALL members of the Biden regime! Contrats guys! And girls! And Zims! And Zers!

Finally, on the national level, we have to give special recognition to three people who have absolutely outdone themselves this year. These very special awards are for two very special people, in the strongest sense.

The “Bring Me to My Knees” Award ( sponsored by Hoover) goes to the forever cackling and gesticulating Kamala Harris. For almost a year, we have watched her hone her skills so that she is ready at any point to fill in for Chairman Joe. She has dialed back any tiny bit of intelligence she ever had, has perfected the art of speaking in a weird French accent and saying nothing and moving her artificial arms for emphasis. Keep those word salads coming Kamala! And don’t ever forget that you’ve got “skills” girl if this VP thing doesn’t work out.

Our next award is the “Nurse Ratchett Award.” If you have never seen “What Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” you may want to look it up. There is no other person in this world who deserves this more than Jill ” I’m a PHD” Biden. Jill, as you know, will be spending the next three years ( or more) tending to a famous nursing home patient whose senility makes it tough for him to know where he is, who she is, and what the truth is and isn’t. From guiding him to the White House door, walking on the beach with him and making sure he comes back with her, and distracting him from sniffing children at every opportunity, Nurse Jill is always ready with some ice cream and an occasional flurry of sharp hand claps to keep her patient focused and going in the correct direction. Hang in there Jill, it won’t be much longer. And, besides, you got a new puppy! Which one will be potty trained first? Joe or Commander?

Our final recipient is getting a lifetime achievement award in the area of mediority. He has been around a really, really, really, really, really long time. And he is good at screwing things up.

So, for him, Joseph Robinette Biden, we have saved the “Barack Obama Never Underestimate the Ability of Joe to Fuck it Up” Award. ( Sorry for the vulgar word, but it’s what Obama said. Accuracy is important.)

There are so many examples of how Joe has honed the skill to eff things up and be a fool, from asking paralyzed people to stand up, thinking his sister is his wife ( how creepy is that), falling down the stairs to Air Force One, speaking in gibberish, forgeting the words of you know, the thing, and making up stories of his life that are untrue and/or impossible. He’s made a career of being a fool. Here’s a good example:


So, here’s to you JOE! You earned this. And we are sure that you will work hard to earn it next year as well!!!!

So, tune in tomorrow for the State and local awards! We’ve had some AMAZING late entries!!!!

Happy New Years!

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